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  1. So I just signed up for Evernote business and setting up notebooks and tags for the business. Are you saying there is no way to create business tags and organize them in stacks like I do with my personal tags? I create dozens of tags in my premium account and now want to share them to the new business account users. Is that possible, so they can see the tag stacks like I have them in my personal tag stacks?
  2. I know exactly what you are talking about and very surprised this function doesn't exist and nobody has addresses it. I can easily zoom in and pan around on the ipad and iphone. There is a vertical scroll bar for the desktop version, why not a horizontal one? This should be a simple add on, similar to every other software that allows zooming. @gazumped, the annotate command is within evernote. When you hover over the PDF, the tool bar appears up top. The annotate button is to the right of "eyeball" button and looks like "@".
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