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  1. phils's post in Auditing - Access History - more detail required was marked as the answer   
    Ah, sorry for the confusion in my reply - yes, the Access History includes views.  What I should have said to be more precise was: "Evernote doesn't track that level of information - a view-only access without an update - at the individual note/notebook level."
  2. phils's post in Push Stack and Notebook organized structure to all Business users in one company was marked as the answer   
    No, not currently.  This is by design - the Evernote team feels that different people have different organizational styles and needs, and may want to organize their information differently from coworkers - so they don't want to impose a particular structure on others that they didn't choose.  (I'm not saying I necessarily agree with this design, but wanted you to understand it.)
  3. phils's post in Moving Notes from a Personal Notebook to a Business Notebook was marked as the answer   
    You didn't mention which platform but since 6.0..3 is a Windows version (Mac is on 6.6), I'll assume Windows.
    There's no one-step move to Business but you can copy to Business and then delete from Personal.
    To do that, select the desired note or notes in the notes list, then right-click and choose Copy to Business... from the context menu.  Then you can just hit Delete to remove them from their current Personal notebook.
  4. phils's post in Convert business notebook to personal notebook was marked as the answer   
    There's no automated way to do that.  The way to handle it is just to move the notes in the Business Notebook(s) into Personal Notebook(s) and they will no longer be shared.  (Depending on what client app you use, you can do this by dragging-and-dropping, or using "Move to Notebook..." on the menu.)
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