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Is it possible to hide or collapse the left column where the list of all my Notes shows?

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Windows XP SP3      Firefox 43.0.4       Evernote Free Online Web Version (not download version)

Is it possible to hide or collapse the left column where the list of all my Notes shows?   If it is, please detail how it is done.

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On my Mac, I can click on the top menu View and select Hide Sidebar

At the top right of the notes list, there is an option box. I can have the notes list on the top, and I can resize it.

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Is there any reasoning behind this lack on the web version? I work on a number of machines during the day and I don't (or can't) install a desktop or mobile app on all of them. It does not seem like something that comes with the upgrade either, although I would be happy to be proven wrong. This seems like a fairly big lack. I am guessing it is something I might be able to fix myself with some injected script, but I would prefer not to spend the time if I am just missing something obvious. 

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There's no way to switch the left column off AFAIK - the 'old' web version seems to allow more shrinking than the new layout (change back in "settings").  Depending on why you want to change the layout,  another app that displays note content might be an option - off the top of my head CardDesk and MohioMaps offer very different views of notes;  there are many other integrations which may suit for your purpose..

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Not a built in feature but you can manipulate the css on any web page using your brower's built-in developer tools. Right click on the page and select "inspect" to display the inspector window (I'm using google chrome but ie and firefox are similar). Find the tab that says "console", paste the following in and hit enter:

$('#gwt-debug-NoteView-root').css("margin-left", "0")

 The left side bar is actually not "pushing" the main content window, rather the main content window has a margin on the left that allows the notes side bar to be seen. The code above simply reduces that margin to 0.

This isn't a permanent change to the page, just your current session view. You'll need to repeat any time you refresh the page. I don't always need full screen so it works for me on the rare occasion that I need it.

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I had this same question.
I'm trying to watch a video on half my screen and take notes on the other half.

Yes, I just found the answer not form this thread but by seeing no solution has been presented and looking harder.

I think I have the web version especially since I use a Chromebook and its hard to find apps for it but I'm not sure.
Forgive me if I am assuming incorrectly.

I navigate my browser to evernote.com 

There is a button on the top right that has two arrows opposed diagonally - it makes the notebook list of notes disappear to the left so that only the current note is in the browser window.

Here is a 22 second video demonstrating this - https://youtu.be/g7F-gUMITsk

Acer Chromebook  R11
Chrome OS Version 69.0.3497.95 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Good it still works - threads from 2018 describe the old, since 2020 deprecated apps.

In v10 you can both expand the note over the middle panel, and collapse the left panel to a narrow band only showing icons.

On the desktop clients you can open any note in an extra window as well - for several notes at the same time, if needed. This shows the least amount of visual elements.

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