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  1. Thanks for your helpful post. I can now use full-screen at least on a per-session basis, if not as a default setting.
  2. I opened Evernote in my desktop computer only (not open in any other device) to copy/paste the 4 copies of the same note into Word, and while doing that, Evernote created 2 additional copies of the same note. At that point I decided to just lightly review the 6 existing copies in Evernote, and delete the 5 that appeared the least up to date. I never started the procedure you suggested. My guess is that the copy/paste process from Evernote to Word must have caused Evernote to create the 2 additional copies of the note. Thank you very much for your assistance.
  3. @logandb While trying to follow the instructions you provided, Evernote created 2 more copies of the same note, which added to the pre-existing 4, totaled 6 copies of the same note. At that point I decided to just lightly review the 6 existing notes, and delete the 5 that appeared the least up to date. I may later find that sections are missing in the one copy I kept, but the incessant duplication of the note became simply unmanageable. Thank you very much for your assistance.
  4. Thank you @logandb, @gazumped, @jefito for your responses and suggestions. Since I am not tech savvy, it is essential that the comparison tool I select be as simple as possible for me to use. Of the ones suggested (Word, Winmerge, Beyond Compare), I have only used Word, therefore my questions refer only to Word. However, one of the other two may be easier for me to work with than Word. @logandb: "try copying the contents into Word documents and use a progressive 'Compare versions' to resolve the differences." Although I use Word (Microsoft® Word 2002) daily, I only work with its very basic features, so I am not familiar with the 'Compare versions' element. I did a search on 'Compare versions' within the Help section of Word and the results were: “● Compare and merge documents ● Compare documents with the Legal blackline option ● Troubleshoot mail merge ● None of the above, search for more on the Web.” I read the instructions for "Compare and merge documents" and for "Compare documents with the Legal blackline option". They both refer to "comparing the two documents" when I have four documents to compare, and it is not clear to me which of the two methods I should select for my specific situation. Do I copy/paste each of the four Notes from Evernote into four separate Word documents? Or do I copy/paste all four Notes into one Word document?
  5. Evernote Web Firefox 49.0.2 Windows XP SP3 (1 desktop, 1 laptop, 1 notebook) and Windows 10 (1 netbook) 1.5 Mbps DSL internet service with strong, steady signal strength (1 desktop wired, 3 portables on Wi-Fi) Multiple browser tabs were open with the note being edited - YES; for example, 1 Evernote Web tab open in the desktop and 1 Evernote Web tab open in the laptop, inputting different text in each one at various times. However, in other instances I have had only 1 Evernote Web tab open in only 1 device, yet multiple copies of the note were still created. Windows Evernote client was open with the note being edited - NO; not installed in any device. Other people were looking at the note at the same time you were because it was shared - NO, share is never used. You lost the internet connection while editing - NO I first experienced this issue of multiple copies of one note 6 months ago. I currently have four copies of one note, and since this note is lengthy and detailed, I estimate that it would take two hours or longer to compare all four copies and determine which one is the complete version.
  6. Windows XP SP3 Firefox 43.0.4 Evernote Free Online Web Version (not download version) Is it possible to hide or collapse the left column where the list of all my Notes shows? If it is, please detail how it is done.
  7. I do not think that the Windows desktop client would be useful to me, since those saved settings would only appear on my desktop computer, while I also need them to show in my Android devices and Windows laptops. Is there a workaround? Thank you for your assistance in clearing this issue for me.
  8. Desktop Windows XP Pro SP3 Firefox 41.0.2 I only see Options, I do not see File. Where would I find File? Are my selections under Options not saved? If they are saved, are they saved as cookies in my computer or are they saved in the cloud?
  9. How can I make the following selected options permanent? (They are returned to the defautl settings every time I turn off the computer and then turn it back on.) Notes Options Sort By Title (ascending) (to remain selected / check marked) View Options Show Images (to remain deselected / no check mark) Show Text (to remain deselected / no check mark)
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