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What happens when I hit 100,000 notes?

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I went through this forum about the posted topic, I do not want to post a general question here is the data that will help you appreciate that I will get 100k limit in few years on my notebook.


Past two months I created 7k notes with about 200 tags.


Little bit of background.

1. I am learning Sanskrit grammar which has about 4k rules and 2k verbal roots. Based on these two every word can be derived. There are no exceptions to that.

2. it is very structured language just like mathematics.

3. I am creating 1 note for each word derivation. in past two weeks I created more than100 notes.


I know to exhaust 100k limit in a year one has to create 275 notes per day. Seems like a lot but when lot of people are contributing then that number gets smaller.


My best guess is within two years as a team we will reach the limit, then what?

I tried to see if I can use hyperlinks to link from other notebooks, it works in native Mac app but does not work in web version or on shared devices.


If no one came across this limit then I guess I have to reach that limit and see myself :)

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when you reach the limit, you're done, and you have to either merge stuff or open another account. share all of your old (current) notebooks with the new account (once you make it), and you will have 200,000 notes available. i think the notebook limit still applies, though, so i'd personally recommend relying more on tags than notebooks.

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If no one came across this limit then I guess I have to reach that limit and see myself :)


No one really knows for sure.


I've posted this question several times over the past few years. 

Especially after a whopper of a forum post started to take off. (recently renamed to ALTERNATIVES TO EN DISCUSSION.) It was formerly known as POWER USER DISCONTENT - Best Alternatives to EN ?


I've asked if Evernote quality control has ever tested the program to 100,000 notes. If yes, what types of notes were used? Just simple short texts, or more complex notes with longer PDF's, photos, web captures, etc. 


No answer from Evernote, but there have been several power users who "hit the wall" between 30,000 and 60,000 notes.  When I started encountering problems at 30,000 notes, Evernote support suggested the normal steps such as erase, re-install, debug, re-index, etc. The final suggestion was to create another account to spread the load.


After using Evernote for the past 7 years, I changed my cloud data storage substantially.

Rather than try to put most of my data into Evernote, I am now using: 

  • Workflowy for multi-step tasks and project management
  • Flickr for photos
  • DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive for file storage
  • Google Keep for quick tasks and reminders
  • Evernote to store reference info, web clips and some old data
  • Specialized apps for specific tasks (example: grocery shopping)
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Thanks for your replies, I was under the impression that it is 100k notes per notebook but looks like it 100k per account.

Once I reach the limit I have to create another account. I guess I will have to try it and find out. My notes are simple short 100lines max text notes. so hopefully I won't run into sync issues

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Please do let us know how things work out for you.  I think this would be of high interest to many people.


There has been considerable discussion about scalability of Evernote.

A number seem to begin encountering significant performance issues between 30K-50K notes, while others have not.

If you don't mind, it would be really helpful if you could post a report here on your progress and performance about every 10,000 Notes or so.  I hope that's not too much of a burden to ask of you.


Thanks, and good luck!

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This is really disappointing that there is a limit 100K notes per account even for a premier account holder. I have not even using my monthly quota which is 10 GB and Evernote is branding product as notes for lifetime and unlimited storage. This is really a ridiculous product except having web clipper.

Even web clipper storing less optimized images even for a premier account holder. 

This is not even worth of a penny for paid members.

Rather I will create my own development with these features.


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1 hour ago, dvg_notes said:

This is really disappointing that there is a limit 100K notes per account

There's an entire set of limits (notebooks, notes, size etc)

No disappointment because I never even get close to the limits (premium account)

Are you close to 100k notes?

I suppose when I get there, I could open another account; developing my own EN clone is beyond my skills

In the meantime, I'm a happy user at 8GB and 10K notes, and consider EN good value

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Thanks for replying to over 5 years old question. I was Making more than 50 notes a day. I could not Pursue the project because of time constraints but just to give you an idea I created over 16k notes in less than 3 months time. 
I was worried that I would hit the wall lot sooner but I stopped around 28k notes.

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Who do you address ?

Just users here, and we answer if we want to answer - no obligation.

The question could have been answered at any time by a simple search in the EN help documents ...

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