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Hi out there,


Working with Evernote on Windows really rocks... But Printing Functionality, I think, should be rethinked... Here are some issues that I'v noticed


  1. Underlined Text is not printed as underlined but normally
  2. Strikethrough Text - Horizontal is complete bad placed
  3. Checkboxes have a vertical offset, and are not alligned with the line

See the Screenshot to point the 3 Issues..


Don't know if it's only on my PC, or a general problem... But I just wanted to let to know....


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Yeah - Evernote's print quality is ~variable~ at best.  They do seem to be improving the editor in Windows though,  so maybe some more functionality will come through.  Meantime the standard suggestion is:  use  a word-processing app that has the features you need,  and will work on the platforms you use.  Save your formatted work to a file and attach that file to a note. 


You can then open it on any device with the 'local' app and the synced file for editing/ printing,  and save it back to the note for later work.

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Yes. There might always be a workaround. I'd I was likely to underline the current printing functionalities in Evernote, which imho needs some strong improvement.


It't not really a problem in fact. My Use Cases regarding Evernote are especially to avoid printing, meaning just working on electronic documents, either on Windows or my Smartphone.


But I think it's important anyway to underline the issues I mentioned in Printing functionalty.

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EN's print rendering is appalling and has been for years. They've acknowledged the various faults as a bug (when I reported it at least), but there's been no sign of any improvement. Obviously it's way down the list of priorities.

There's no workaround from within EN itself, you need to either copy+paste your note to something more capable (of basic 1990's-era print rendering) or you might find that printing from the EN web view is adequate.

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+1 / Bump / Hello?

Now, I don't want to get grumpy, but I know the "bump" may be for "not."  But, lately, I've really needed printing.  And, to say printing is ~variable~ is, with all due respect to gazumped, is the understatement of the century.

Please, please Evernote.  Printing should not be that hard or a big development task.  Please save us from disasters and useless stuff like the example I'm attaching.

I say this with genuine love.  I LOVE and LIVE in Evernote all day everyday.  Please keep pushing this great product forward.

Example of Evernote Print.png

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15 minutes ago, JeffreyC said:

But, lately, I've really needed printing.

I think we're all agreed that Evernote printing is a problem, and in some cases it's buggy.

I don't do much printing but if I need something, I copy paste into another app that's more print featured.
Mostly always, because I'm usually disappointed with the Evernote print results.

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16 minutes ago, DTLow said:

I copy paste into another app that's more print featured.

... and that's what I had to do - with some formatting and adjustment.  

Awful that the extra work (and waste of time) has to be done.  One should be able to do all their work inside the one tool.  i.e., I took the time to use the right tool to capture my notes; they look great in Evernote - just that one last step is the step of doom....

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Updating this in August 2017.  Print quality in Windows is still absolute garbage.

Come on Evernote!  You're not going to win over the business market if you can't print :D



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I use spreadsheets,  mindmaps,  photo processing software (lighroom and photoshop),  infographics,  databases and web-design software in my business. Plus word-processor and page layout design stuff like Publisher.  Oh - and I can also design business cards with another package.

In all cases there's some input from Evernote in terms of background,  contact details,  drafts and thoughts I captured while out and about.  I don't think it's unreasonable that I have to copy and paste content between applications.  Evernote is where I keep (and can easily find) all my notes and background material.  Everything else is where I polish and present the output.  Works for me.

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I'm with @gazumped on this one. Admittedly I don't have much need to print from Evernote anyway. But that may be because I don't expect to. This is a subset, it seems to me, of the debate between "I want a limited number of tools, preferably just  one, to do all the tasks I need" and "I want specialized tools to do specialized tasks, even if I have to use a lot of different programs." My guess (and this is only a guess) is that Evernote was designed and is still intended to be a note-making and information-gathering tool for material that would be properly organized, formatted, and finalized elsewhere--a transit station for data, as it were, rather than a final destination. Therefore its editing and printing tools are weak, and in some aspects too primitive to be really useful. (Printing italics would be an example, along with other print issues mentioned here.)

So it's kind of a philosophical difference about what to expect from the program. I think this partly arises from the fact that Evernote is so very good at certain things that we inevitably expect it to be good at everything.

All that said, there are situations and reasonable uses for the program in which it should print better than it does. If improvements are ever made, we'll all be happy. But clearly, for whatever reason, other improvements have priority.

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