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  1. Doesn't seem to work any longer in v.6... Maybe it is worth including this feature also in your roadmap of v.6
  2. Yes. There might always be a workaround. I'd I was likely to underline the current printing functionalities in Evernote, which imho needs some strong improvement. It't not really a problem in fact. My Use Cases regarding Evernote are especially to avoid printing, meaning just working on electronic documents, either on Windows or my Smartphone. But I think it's important anyway to underline the issues I mentioned in Printing functionalty.
  3. Hi out there, Working with Evernote on Windows really rocks... But Printing Functionality, I think, should be rethinked... Here are some issues that I'v noticed Underlined Text is not printed as underlined but normally Strikethrough Text - Horizontal is complete bad placed Checkboxes have a vertical offset, and are not alligned with the line See the Screenshot to point the 3 Issues.. Don't know if it's only on my PC, or a general problem... But I just wanted to let to know....
  4. Evernote has become an essential tool for may daily work. Tags are great, filtering is great too. Sometime, I have a note opened / selected, that has been tagged with a keyword (see Screenshot... Tag = Hugo)... Then, I want to filter all my notes with the Hugo-Keyword... I know, this is possible of course by selecting the keyword in the left handed total Tags-List. But my list becomes bigger and bigger, and it's getting more an more time consuming to find that specific Hugo-Tag in the tags list. I would it find a very handy functionality, that if one click on the tag it self on the note page (see screenshot) to filter all notes having this Tag... Clicking on a tag of an opened note is imhomuch more efficient that finding the tag in the complete taglist. thanks for considering the idea.
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