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  1. @DLStreit - thanks for posting this. Didn't realize it would go F11 - full screen mode and I was like 😮. I was stuck in this Full Screen mode not realizing I was in Full Screen mode or knowing what to do.
  2. +1 on this. In the old versions of the Windows and iOS apps, a change to a record that changed the Save Search results immediately showed up. Now, you have to force it (sometimes several times like several refreshes / reloads) to get your Saved Search / Search Results to reflect changes. Even a deleted note will still show up in a search result for some time.
  3. Agree. I used several saved searches. When I update a note that should not be in the search results, it used to be removed from the results. Not it continues to stay there, even if you go out and come back into the saved search. This seems to happen on all platforms.
  4. Agree with this thread. I would love a widget to show a list of notes from a Saved Search. i.e., so I could see everything tagged with "Radar" so I can have my "To Do Today" list right in front of me. I like the "Quick Note" idea to - I do miss the "Long Press" to get to actions like "Note" or "Take a Photo." I use "TagWidget" now - which is an "old school" widget on the Today View. It works, but, a new iOS 14 Widget would be awesome.
  5. +1 - missing Date/Time stamp CTRL+SHIFT+D (I think, LOL, I can always "just type it).
  6. I'd love to see a widget that allows you to pick a Saved Search or a tag* to display all notes / results for. I do this with Shortcuts - keeping a Saved Search to show me all notes with the tag of "Radar" to show me everything that needs attention today. If "Home" could do this, that would let me and others build a great "dashboard" to drive our worlds. Thanks again for listening. Appreciate you all. * of course, a Search could be saved to search for all notes with the Tag. So, maybe, just a widget to display the results of a Saved Search.
  7. Came across "Home" today. I'm liking it; it's growing on me. Request: If a Stack is in your Shortcuts, can it "expand" instead of just immediately going to all notes in that "Stack?" I've used two Stacks in my Short Cuts for years - in the Legacy Web Client and on the current iOS client, I use these to quickly open and go to the notebook under that stack. If that could happen in this new Shortcuts module, that would be cool. Thanks as always for listening.
  8. I'm not one to gripe, but, I've been so frustrated on this topic I'm going to chime in. Evernote - I agree with the above, please, please bring back the old app until this new app can "finish baking." I've been a member since 2011. I was lured by great tools, and a promise that Evernote wanted to be the 100 Year Company. A promise that this would be my trusted companion for all my information. And, it has been that. My records system, my to do list, my journal - that I could use anywhere. Then we were promised "modernization," which, sure, things for sure look "dated" - but the
  9. +1 (regarding Import Folders) Similar to what @turbolenz said, I scan documents and let Import Folders bring my documents into Evernote.
  10. I created a brand new note in the version before 10.0.4 1104831(I updated hoping the note would magically come back) When I was done with the note I did the “Done Check Button” and returned to the All Notes list. The most recent note just said “Untitled note” and was blank. I was sad as it was a thoughtful and desired note. But, also, that trusty Evernote up and lost something. At the time I was using a different WiFi and noticed connectivity was lost, so I don’t know if that was related. (Was thinking the note would, of course, be local and only sync when it could.
  11. I also agree. (LOL; probably stated such earlier but memory doesn't work well - hence why I use Evernote 🤣) iOS 13 is when I think things went down hill. I'm on 13.2.3 and life is still not good with Evernote. 😪
  12. I had hopes the latest iOS 13 update would fix or help with this being they state one of the bugs they fixed was apps unloading from memory too quickly. Alas, sigh, no.
  13. Opening a Support Ticket right now. H-O-L-Y C-O-W! I always use Evernote in the store when I shop with my list - but haven’t been in awhile. Obviously, something in Evernote has changed - I think since iOS 13 came out. Today, every time I came back to Evernote (I.e, the phone timed out or I had to my message my wife with questions about the list - always questions!), the app had gone clear back to “All Notes” - making me hunt for my Errands notebook and open my Shopping List Note. EVERY. TIME. Was not that way in the past.
  14. +1 For me, I noticed this behavior (app reloading a lot) after the iOS 13 update. Definitely messes with the mind. :-)
  15. I jumped on my PC a couple of times today (lately been living more on the iOS client than anything) and, ugh, I DO NOT like that new distraction at the top. I echo what RMRuby says; please let us turn that thing off. Thanks as always for listening.
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