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  1. I jumped on my PC a couple of times today (lately been living more on the iOS client than anything) and, ugh, I DO NOT like that new distraction at the top. I echo what RMRuby says; please let us turn that thing off. Thanks as always for listening.
  2. "I see," said the blind man! That screen shot now helps me tie together @jefito's and others comment. Thanks for that, @CalS. Yeah, lol, I never turn that thing (the Search Explanation) on. I'm more the "command line parameter" type of guy!
  3. Curiosity / Cat - where in the old (well, current I guess) UI are you selecting Notebooks? That "Notebook" drop down wasn't there before - as far as memory serves.
  4. That is perfect! Thanks for providing that @CalS > That's a great comparison and shows all the extra Real Estate that is being consumed. > Why that drop down for Notebooks? Isn't that what the nav on the left is for? I only skimmed all the above awesome posts (sorry; trying to "multitask" at work), but I think my sentiment is the same - why the UI change - especially to something that is not a value add. Thanks all and thank you Evernote for all you do.
  5. You bet. In this screenshot, I simply did a CTRL+Q, entered "Evernote" and selected my "Evernote Notes" notebook. No "search" active.
  6. After I installed the beta, I was immediately struck by the size of the "Search Bar" - it's taking up a LOT MORE real estate than it used to - I'm pretty sure. I don't see the "value add" to breaking out all the functions on the right - I prefer it bar not taking up as much real estate and the more compact "all functions on one menu/button" functionality. Any chance for a fix/redesign? Thanks as always.
  7. I know it’s not Apples to Apples, but this doesn’t fit the bill when it comes to mobile? It doesn’t 100% mimic the larger formats, but I don’t think mobile ever does. (In some ways unfortunately - like trying to post here via mobile, lol! )
  8. I wanted to take a second and echo this. This is a real PITA. Ever since the change, I've really struggled with and been frustrated with PDF's. I so want the PDF viewer to resize so I to the size of my window allowing me to have better use and viewing of the PDF. As you can see in the attached, the un-re-sizing really doesn't help. Thanks for your consideration, Evernote. Appreciate you all!
  9. Using: (307192) Press F6 Start typing "Notebook:journal" You won't be able to finish it; the cursor loses focus and a new note actually gets created with some of the letters after the Search Option (in this case, "notebook:") Crazy, I know, but driving me nuts. Same if you try to use "intitle:" Sorry for the quick note - gotta run but wanted to get this reported.
  10. This still happens in; just upgraded hoping it would fix it.
  11. +1 I certainly get advancing the application; such is greatly appreciated. But you can't sacrifice core features that people expect in an application. FWIW, you also can't Right Click / Ignore Word to make the red underline go away. All said, I still love Evernote (especially over OneNote ) and have faith they will fix spelling - making it better and stronger than before.
  12. +1 I have to admit; I'm surprised this hasn't had more traction. I am (kind of was) a religious, long time user of the Windows Client. I utilize the "Side List / Top List" option a lot to be able to see "Lists" of notes - to see all related notes; to use the list as a To Do list; to see an overview of the notebook. Now, at my new job, I don't have access to the Windows Client and have been using the Web Client. The fixed size of the note list is a real hindrance. I'd love to see this thought about some more. Thanks as always!
  13. +1 Started using Evernote Web for awhile (I'm a frequent Windows Client and iOS Client user), and this "week starts with Monday" is really a brain *****.
  14. I did some searching and only found a similar issue over on the Mac side. Sometimes when I create a new note, the Card View shows a Blank Card for that note. Opening that note shows the note correctly. It's like I have to close and reopen the app to make the card "not blank." (Screen shot courtesy of Skitch - Long Live Skitch.)
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