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Penultimate for Android tablets?


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It it is true (see below post #199) then hooray! I still don't know why the folks at Evernote have been so lax in responding about what they are developing when soooo many Android users have been asking for an Android like version of Penultimate. 


We've moved Ink for Android out of alpha and into beta testing, available here: https://plus.google....054128618368971

You'll need to register and be approved if you want to have access to the beta.

Essentially takes Penultimate functionality and moves it directly into the Evernote experience on Android.  To create a handwritten note: select the pen button on the note editor to insert handwriting in a note. You can select different width and colors, erase, cut and undo / redo.

Again, this is in beta, so it's going to have some rough edges that need smoothing out, but if you'd like to try it, it's available.

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Hey all! We are excited to announce the launch of Handwriting on Android as well as the new version of Android! Head over to our blog to get the latest version: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/03/05/handwriting-arrives-evernote-android/

To celebrate, we'd like to see the best that the new Handwriting feature has to offer. Post up to Twitter or Instagram a screenshot of your Handwriting using #EvernoteHandwriting

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So does the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus work with this?  And I assume that this new writing feature in Evernote for Android has all the features that you would find in Penultimate.

Unfortunately not. This Android development is a very long way off the Penultimate experience on iOS. Perhaps it will improve in time, but I don't find it useful at the moment.

A further annoyance is that those notes created in Penultimate are visible in the Android app (sync'd no problem) but they cannot be edited or otherwise manipulated by the Android app. I suspect they are appearing as images rather than as an editable file type. I'd be pleased to hear of a workaround for this.

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I don't understand how Evernote can ignore the android community for so long about such an important feature as pen support. You have it for iOS but you have overlooked the massive android user base. Please rethink your position and release a digital pen for android devices.

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3.5 years since this post and many other posts were started regarding the same subject.

Everything has been said, requested, noted and only 1 word I can find from Evernote stating the release of Ink which is good but it's not Penultimate. Penultimate is like having an A4+ notebook in your pocket with the ability to zoom, highlight etc. Ink is great, but it's a tiny black book in your pocket, just big enough to take a single sketch or list per page.


The key to great customer service is keeping them informed, no matter what the message. Even if the message is "we are not working on Penultimate for Android because of x, y, and z", it would cure much of the frustration currently held by obviously a lot of people.


A great point keeps on getting put forward in these discussions. Why pay for Evernote premium when it is a different experience on different platforms? Should Android premium users get a discount for a lesser service?


One word Evernote... "yes", "no", "maybe" pleeeease!

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