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  1. Sadly not. Seems the Penultimate experience is still some way off for Android users.
  2. Unfortunately not. This Android development is a very long way off the Penultimate experience on iOS. Perhaps it will improve in time, but I don't find it useful at the moment.A further annoyance is that those notes created in Penultimate are visible in the Android app (sync'd no problem) but they cannot be edited or otherwise manipulated by the Android app. I suspect they are appearing as images rather than as an editable file type. I'd be pleased to hear of a workaround for this.
  3. After all this time, after all the platitudes and assurances, I think you'll find Evernote is being paid by Apple to delay development on the Android platform as with so many other applications. Even Sky TV has had to offer significant rhyme and reason for delays in development of their SkyGo app for Android and none of those make any sense given their budget and developer skills. I don't have any axe to grind with Apple or Evernote, I use an iPad at work and Penultimate is the best app for note taking on the fly. However, I prefer Android devices and need cross-platform synchronisation.
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