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  1. Hi, I've no way to start a new workchat in the Windows Desktop version. I've attach a desktop image that shows the link and the top of workchat and then a web versoin that clearly shows the new chat option in the top right. Client Version Thanks, Scott
  2. sjrixon

    REQUEST: Evernote Archive

    Flag a notebook as hidden from the standard search, done! I hate to agree with Patrick, as Evernote make lots of good noises, but they don't appear to listen
  3. sjrixon

    Pen and Handwriting Support

    Love the drawboard workaround. Now evernote, get on and make it really work.
  4. sjrixon

    REQUEST: Evernote Archive

    Would be much to ask to be able to flag a notebook as an 'archive' and then not be in the default searches. Make house keeping much, much easier. When I want to shutdown a project I'd like to move the content out of 'view' and you just can't.
  5. sjrixon

    REQUEST: Evernote Archive

    Hi... I'm about to switch jobs and have as you would expect a couple of dedicated notebooks for my old role. I've marked the notes as Archive, moved them all into one notebook. Then my plan is to use Evernote2Onenote http://stefanstools.sourceforge.net/Evernote2Onenote.html to export and then import. The nice thing about OneNote is that it is easy to attach a notebook when you need it and drop it when you don't. As they are files they can just live in a cloud storage location. If I didn't do this, my searches would keep bringing up old notes that I don't want to see. But I don't want to delete them and when someone asks for some old information, I can just load up the file. Simple!
  6. sjrixon

    REQUEST: Evernote Archive

    I'm tempted to export to OneNote.. I can then just open the OneNote database should I need to try and find something that is in the archive.
  7. +1 I hate having notes with huge images, it's just silly.. Also, formatting templates.. Yes.. I love Evernote..
  8. sjrixon

    windows Presentation Mode on Windows

    Still no live update? And still no, present to the other screen?
  9. sjrixon

    windows Presentation Mode on Windows

    Live updating looks so cool! Can we also have a way to select which monitor you present on? I move the note, present and then can't edit the note because it's hidden behind the presentation.
  10. sjrixon

    windows Presentation Mode on Windows

    As others have said.. PDF not opening is a big show stopper.
  11. sjrixon

    Penultimate for Android tablets?

    Registered for the beta... Looking forward to some good testing
  12. sjrixon

    Evernote Plug In for Outlook 2013

    Agreed.. Working fine here for months..
  13. Help.. I hadn't realised, when you copy a note, it doesn't keep the tags. Am I missing something? I re-use a few template notes and now have a bunch of notes that I expected to be tagged the same, with no tags.. Just installed the Beta, and it appears the same.
  14. sjrixon

    windows (Archived) V5 Beta 2

    Odd one.. When you have the main window open with the note open on the right. If the window is a little small, you cannot manage the tags. It's blank. You drag the window just enough and you get the first tag and the down arrows to add others.. At first I thought my tags were broken, until I enlarged the window slightly..