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  1. Really slipped up with this last update. It's a shame as it felt like it was going the right way again...
  2. Glad you have all posted about this, I thought I was going mad this last week, I've had to create a bunch of new notes as I couldn't update existing! Poor slip this one Evernote!
  3. Add some tags so you can filter. But so far, so good. Like it.
  4. Evernote used to work quite well in Dex. But version 10, the note formating and insert menu doesn't draw correctly. It's shrunk down in the corner and you can't see it all. With the explosion of Samsung tablets with Dex, Evernote, you need to look at this!
  5. Same.. UK Note 20 and no version 10. Slowest rollout in history. Get this out and then maybe a home screen to rival the pc and I might, just might, consider a subscription again........ 😀
  6. That's not intuitive. Found it, thanks. And, note counts for tags, I can tidy up some tags now..
  7. This was the killer feature that made me move 90% of my work to OneNote. I love being able to have formatted text and then make notes around it. I take someone email, or project list and can then make free flow notes and tasks from it. Sorry Evernote, but until this is a real thing you are going to be an archive for me
  8. Well said! I don't like most of the solution proposed here, we need something more technical. I'm still an active premium user, but right now I won't be renewing in 5 months when it's due. This won't be tough to do!
  9. Hi, I've no way to start a new workchat in the Windows Desktop version. I've attach a desktop image that shows the link and the top of workchat and then a web versoin that clearly shows the new chat option in the top right. Client Version Thanks, Scott
  10. Flag a notebook as hidden from the standard search, done! I hate to agree with Patrick, as Evernote make lots of good noises, but they don't appear to listen
  11. Love the drawboard workaround. Now evernote, get on and make it really work.
  12. Would be much to ask to be able to flag a notebook as an 'archive' and then not be in the default searches. Make house keeping much, much easier. When I want to shutdown a project I'd like to move the content out of 'view' and you just can't.
  13. Hi... I'm about to switch jobs and have as you would expect a couple of dedicated notebooks for my old role. I've marked the notes as Archive, moved them all into one notebook. Then my plan is to use Evernote2Onenote http://stefanstools.sourceforge.net/Evernote2Onenote.html to export and then import. The nice thing about OneNote is that it is easy to attach a notebook when you need it and drop it when you don't. As they are files they can just live in a cloud storage location. If I didn't do this, my searches would keep bringing up old notes that I don't want to see. But I don't want to delete them and when someone asks for some old information, I can just load up the file. Simple!
  14. I'm tempted to export to OneNote.. I can then just open the OneNote database should I need to try and find something that is in the archive.
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