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  1. It it is true (see below post #199) then hooray! I still don't know why the folks at Evernote have been so lax in responding about what they are developing when soooo many Android users have been asking for an Android like version of Penultimate. We've moved Ink for Android out of alpha and into beta testing, available here: https://plus.google....054128618368971 You'll need to register and be approved if you want to have access to the beta. Essentially takes Penultimate functionality and moves it directly into the Evernote experience on Android. To create a handwritten note: select the pen button on the note editor to insert handwriting in a note. You can select different width and colors, erase, cut and undo / redo. Again, this is in beta, so it's going to have some rough edges that need smoothing out, but if you'd like to try it, it's available.
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