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  1. 3.5 years since this post and many other posts were started regarding the same subject. Everything has been said, requested, noted and only 1 word I can find from Evernote stating the release of Ink which is good but it's not Penultimate. Penultimate is like having an A4+ notebook in your pocket with the ability to zoom, highlight etc. Ink is great, but it's a tiny black book in your pocket, just big enough to take a single sketch or list per page. The key to great customer service is keeping them informed, no matter what the message. Even if the message is "we are not working on Penultimate for Android because of x, y, and z", it would cure much of the frustration currently held by obviously a lot of people. A great point keeps on getting put forward in these discussions. Why pay for Evernote premium when it is a different experience on different platforms? Should Android premium users get a discount for a lesser service? One word Evernote... "yes", "no", "maybe" pleeeease!
  2. Hi Evernote There are a couple of threads dating from 2012 and 2013 on this. I have regularly checked in to see progress or at least a word from Evernote but not a word about Penultimate on Android save for a job advert posted a while back for an Android developer. Is there ANY chance we can get some kind of word on Penultimate for Android? You may not have a release date but to know that it is at least being worked on or not would be good. If there is a particular (set of) problem(s) then what are they? Bottom line is that silence is massively frustrating. Any information you can supply would help all us Androiders know what the score is. Thanks in hope........
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