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I've used Evernote since 2009. Paid. 

The current versions on iOS and Android are now unuseable.

And yet Evernote brag on Twitter/X about the latest feature they're working on.

How about getting the core function of capturing a note and syncing to actually work quickly.

Jesus H Christ it's absolute pants.

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iOS is perfectly usable - it is the most feature complete, most reliable and fastest version we ever had.

If you have a problem, log out, uninstall, if asked dump all data. 

Now make a forced restart of the iOS device. Then open iOS, install fresh from the AppStore, open, log in.

Can‘t tell about Android.

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43 minutes ago, Mozzer181920 said:

I've got a brand new S24 Ultra - so it's a fresh install on Android. 

I've got over 10k notes - is it optimised for that scale?

Should be OK. How long have you had it installed?

It can take a while to sync all the notes down as the app only works when open.

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I'm new to this forum, though have had EN for well over a decade (always paid, currently Pro).

I tried to replicate all the crashes and stall problems I've seen here, no issues on my end. Samsung S22 Ultra and Tab S8, Android 14 & EN 10.76.1 on both. I did do a fresh install on both last September.

Is it device specific? Why does it appear to work flawlessly on some devices and get buggy on others?

Just curious -- have I just been lucky?

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Getting this white screen @Mozzer181920 points out from time to time when opening a note from "home" or "shortcuts" immediately after starting the app. Do not get it, when the app has run a while and opening a note then. Maybe a racing condition on app start / sync they fail to handle here. Unfortunately support seems offline. As I only get automatically generated answers to the tickets I doubt the devs even get input from our tickets. So not worth the time invested in reporting bugs 😞

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10 minutes ago, Alxa said:

Getting this white screen @Mozzer181920 points out from time to time when opening a note from "home" or "shortcuts" immediately after starting the app.

I've seen that on occasion too.  Deleting the program and data and reinstalling seems to fix it.  

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