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  1. Thanks for the information. So do I take it from this that there is no Windows solution for Surface users? Specifically it's not useful to create hand writing in Evernote you cannot edit like you can in OneNote. I'd be interested to know why there's no plans to offer this feature given it's available on the iPad from Evernote themselves...ie Penultimate.
  2. I can see this type of question being asked by many people, although I cannot find an answer from Evernote staff. Evernote is brilliant, love it, used it for years, properly invested with regards my professional/personal workflow. However I've now got more and more devices that use a digital pen, ie iPad, Surface, Note 8. Microsoft's OneNote is terrible compared to Evernote with one glaring difference, their pen support is amazing! The rest is terrible. Evernote is a mirror of this, everything brilliant except the pen support. Seems like Evernote are leaving themselves wide open to Microsoft, yet again, coming a long with a generally poor product that has one killer feature which starts to convert people whilst they play catch-up on the other features. Evernote need to fix this problem, set expectations or wither....
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