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Where do I find the setting to download all notes?

I use Mac and Win11 and in both it is not working.

Yes I use the latest version on everything.

I open a note, wait for it to display. 

Move to another note.

Switch off WIFI.

Go to the previous note - it does not open 

I contact support 7 days ago, no reply!


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In v10, export is notebook by notebook.  In the left hand pane, right mouse button on the notebook name to see the export option.  This is available on both the Mac and Windows app, but not on the web version.  If you have many notebooks there is some code on GitHub, Evernote-backup, that is helpful.

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You don't need to "download" all notes to use them offline.

The desktop client will download a full copy without any doing from your side. Just make sure that you haven't disabled the option to "keep a local copy" in the app settings.



After installing the client it will take a while until the download is complete. Let the app run in the background to allow it to fetch the data.

The last provision is you must be logged into your account before you go offline. You can close the app, you can turn the computer off. Just don't log out of your account.

Opposite to the desktop clients, on mobile devices you must set up offline download yourself.

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I have this setting activated from the beginning. EN is open for days/ours. As soon as I switch ogg WLAN it doesn't open most of the files (W11 and OSX). I get this message (German text):



Drives me crazy. I want my money back put I can not get anyone from EN.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Confirming a majority of my notes are not available offline on my M1 Mac.

The evernote directory is over 40GB so the size suggests the notes should be there.

The Mac with the problem sits with Evernote open almost all the time, is on wifi as well as wired internet connection all the time at home. Utterly no excuse for this and I'm really worried about my next long trip.

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Interesting observation, that I can confirm (MBP 14“ M2Max, Sonoma, EN 10.75). I tried on a timeline - it seems that all notes before roughly (but not exactly !) January 2023 are not available offline. We can only trigger support (whatever it is worth, my last experiences were not encouraging).

As a workaround: I have full downloads of note both on my iPad and my iPhone. On the mobile platform, all notes I tried were available, including all attachments.

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I can not imagine how something can remain unsolved after so many days. Evernote becomes more and more an unreliable note keeper that depends on "workarounds".

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Unfortunately support is a shade of what it used to be (and even then I wouldn’t have called it great). I even think some of the last answers I received on tickets were generated by an AI - a lousy one, don’t get me wrong.

So not really an easy way on this - sort of out of ideas myself.

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Given the impossibility of diagnosing what data may be corrupt, I decided to nuke my Evernote install and download the lot again.

Watching the folder size grow, it seems that sync will populate at approximately 1GB/3 hours so it will take around five more days to download all my notes. I really hope that they are actually accessibly stored locally after that and I don't then find the warning that they are not available until I'm online.

Watching the folders grow, it seems some binary storage format is used for the contents of notes. So there's little to explain why so many of them previously were classified as unavailable until online, unless it's a metadata corruption in a sync state database. Sync is obviously throttled through some API that's treating the populate from scratch scenario identically with normal sync with the need to coordinate.

Hmmmm - I'm gonna run an experiment today of quitting all my Evernote clients (2 other Macs and my iPhone) and see if that changes anything. Will feel really stupid if that helps dramatically!

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There was a comment from @Federico somewhere a while ago which suggested that the download speed for new installs had been tweaked,  and I had an experience more recently that seemed to indicate a download was completed in less than a day for a 30GB database (must confess I wasn't carrying out a comprehensive check). 

Even back in the 'old days' before tweaking a new (Windows) install was working almost immediately for me,  with requested notes being -presumably- preferentially downloaded if not locally available.  It did take a couple of days for the local on disk size to convince me the process was complete,  and I'll admit I didn't check for full offline working at any stage.

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I just checked. This has nothing to do with a download not being there. I have an Evernote folder size on the Mac that roughly matches the app data size on iOS. The number of folders in the directory roughly matches the number of notes in my account (the difference is for notes shared to me, I think). Everything is there, when I look it up on the drive.

But when I go offline, I get this - and it is simply not true, because it IS on the drive. But the client refuses to show it.



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Just tried on Windows and get the same... went into flight mode and vagigated to a really old note and it wouldn't load.

I'll send in a bug report.

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@AndyDent About the dev tools: Hold down the alt/opt key before opening the Help menu. There is a new Troubleshooting submenu. But I saw a toggle to check the different status of syncing was recently removed. What still is available is the Dev Tools toggle, which for example shows this nice download waterfall. It can help when on opening a note things take too long.

About the download status I use the Mac's Activity Monitor to check if there is traffic while the app is just in the background.

Dev Tools Network View:

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A shame of Evernote not being here and fixing this issue. I bet a lot of people have the problem and don't know about it, until they are on the road and need a document!


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I have contacted support on several issues. No reply! One of them was that I activated Evernote business on a wrong email. Now I have two Evernote subscriptions. Here is the answer I got, with NO reply until today. SO BAD!


Hi there, 

Evernote Customer Support here!

We are currently restructuring the Evernote Customer Support department to ensure we can deliver a better service to you and all our customers. Some delay in response time is expected. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

I feel like I am working for them reporting obvious issues.


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4 hours ago, LVRK said:

Here is the answer I got, with NO reply until today.

That's a standard response intended,  as it plainly says,  as an apology for the delay.  If you've told them that you have two accounts and need a refund for any payments made,  you'll get a more specific response as soon as they are able to look into your query.

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On 2/11/2024 at 10:21 AM, AndyDent said:

Hmmmm - I'm gonna run an experiment today of quitting all my Evernote clients (2 other Macs and my iPhone) and see if that changes anything. Will feel really stupid if that helps dramatically!

No, it didn't seem to help at all. Keeping Evernote in the foreground seems to run a bit faster. The Evernote folder is now up to 11.28GB with 111,171 items. Only about 4 days more of sync to go.

I have 175 notebooks so not really looking forward to trying to use export to force a download but it's worth trying for the key ones, prior to my next trip. Thanks @Boot17 for the suggestion.

Wearing my battered aged-developer hat, just to bust people's preconceptions, it would be completely, frustratingly possible for there to be a bug which manifests simultaneously as:

  1. Can export an entire notebook (whilst online), yet
  2. When offline, many notes show as unavailable offline.

Without getting more than 2 finger's worth of single malt creative, I can think of multiple ways such a bug could be occuring and they mostly would be such pains to fix that they will be pushed too far down the priority stack to ever get seen.

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  • 1 month later...

It is pathetically broken.

Evernote 10 is no longer a solution for people who want travelling notes without continuous connection.

I let my entire 55K+ collection re-download again thinking that may fix things. It took days, more than I had roughly calculated, to get back to a similar size of data.

So I know Evernote has downloaded around 43GB of notes.

But none of my notes are available offline!!!

I tried two ways:

  1. Evernote not running, take laptop offline, launch Evernote
  2. Evernote running, given time to ensure latest changes from other desktop sync, then kill the wifi



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I noticed about 4 weeks ago - mainly older notes were not available offline. But even with younger notes, I had a mixed situation. In one case one note was available, and the next, created only minutes later was not. Online both are working.

Support told the same „passed on to the devs“, and that was it. I doubt they really investigated, unless they already know what the problem is.

And then it shouldn’t take a month to fix - this is core functionality, not a gimmick that’s not working.

No idea where this will take us. Currently when going offline, I use iOS devices, with the known restrictions of the mobile client. Fortunately I bought my iPad and iPhone with enough memory …

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I have a partial fix with cookies!!!!!

This seems very much a side-effect of Evernote's new web-based apps (speaking as an experienced dev).

  1. Quit Evernote desktop
  2. Go into Chrome and delete all the cookies  for evernote.com 
  3. Quit Chrome
  4. Relaunch Evernote desktop
  5. Disconnect network - many notes, most recently edited, are now available offline.

However, scrolling through the Notes list and randomly clicking as a sampling mechanism seems to get about 10% not available offline still.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, I completely nuked Evernote on my laptop and gave it weeks to download all my notes again (takes up over 43GB) but there's something weird about them.


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Thanks for posting, it’s an interesting observation. Can’t have an effect in my case - I run mainly on Safari, second browser is Firefox. I  never had (and never will) Chrome installed.

For everybody else it’s for sure worth a try.

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On 3/31/2024 at 7:12 PM, PinkElephant said:

Thanks for posting, it’s an interesting observation. Can’t have an effect in my case - I run mainly on Safari, second browser is Firefox. I  never had (and never will) Chrome installed.

I'm not sure about how the web tech used by Evernote "desktop" works in terms of where cookies are stored. It may be that it's a side-effect of the Electron tech that it stores them in something Chrome can see, or it may be where the default browser stores them.

If Safari is your default browser, check the cookies in there. Or if not there, try installing Chrome so you can see if any cookies are shown. You don't have to continue using it!

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