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Evernote down!!

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Evernote not working at all on Brave browser for 3 days.


www.evernote.com redirected you too many times.

Try clearing your cookies.


It's working on Chromium. Heard something about randomising user agent.

However this is not acceptable. Denying access to all brave when it was working for the last 10 years.

I do not have access to a PC and Chromium is slow on top of Evernote web being very slow anyway.

Please help!!

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. I assume you cleared out cookies, and it would not be bad to clear the cache as well. I doubt that Evernote is denying access to Brave; it sounds more like Brave is denying access to Evernote. This could be the result of a recent update to the browser, or a change in security settings, or something that is happening in between your computer and Evernote's computers. I'm not an Internet expert, and I've never worked with Brave, so I can't offer detailed suggestions. Does Brave also have help forums? It might be good to raise this question there--it could be that other Brave users are experiencing similar problems.

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29 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

it could be that other Brave users are experiencing similar problems.

Nope - also a Brave user here,  and Evernote seems fine to me..

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Everybody using one of these "super safe" browsers should be aware that there may be a local problem with any web based service. This is - sorry - self inflicted, by the browser decision.

You can check if EN has a problem at this website:     https://status.evernote.com/

If EN is up, it is either your local network connection (then try mobile data for a change), or your local config (any update recently ? Firewall settings changed ? ). Nothing to blame on EN.

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1 hour ago, mpmaxwell said:

I get this fairly often and also use Brave. I cleared cookies and cache today and it didn't work. So per this website: https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/how-to-fix-err-too-many-redirects-error/  I went to the Edge browser and it worked.

...and ironically Edge is now also a Chrome-based browser...  (and my current browser-of-choice - what can I say?  I'm fickle.)

This browser is made possible by the Chromium open source project and other open source software.

Microsoft Edge

© 2022 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Nope. It's been a year and Evernote web is still not working on Brave on Linux. It's working on other browsers like Chrome for Linux



This page isn’t working

www.evernote.com redirected you too many times.

The suspicious login message implies that it has an issue with the Brave browser itself
- Clearing cookies
- Private window with no prior cookies and no extensions
Did not try:
- Brave on Linux on separate machine. Don't have another machine.
Do help in any manner possible or perhaps forward the concern to developers. Any other user with the same ongoing error on Brave ( on or not on Linux ) will go a long way. 

Brave on Apple does not appear to have the same issue on the login page. Apparently it's a Brave on Linux issue with a sample size of 1 ( and another user experience posted here). 


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Use a browser that works …

Brave is one of these very security oriented browsers with a close to zero market share. You are free to use whatever you want, but you can’t expect every dev to release a version working on a close to zero OS, and then for a close to zero browser.

The standard on Linux would be Firefox.

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So Evernote web is physically disallowing the Brave browser from accessing Evernote. Hence the:


message. No technical reason has been provided so that Brave can perhaps do better ( if at all it was doing something questionable, like redirecting websites or something ).

Any help forwarding this request to Evernote developers so they can remove the "non technical Brave block" is welcome.

Or at least give a statement that they have made a corporate decision to disallow Brave browser from accessing the site.

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OK, wish you luck explaining this to support. I am sure they will be very empathetic and welcoming. I am not so sure anything will happen, but give it a try:

P.S. They don’t need to „disallow“ any shady browser a user may choose. There are maybe 4 browsers with a relevant market share (Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox). The rest is statistical chicken feed.
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Disabling the Brave shield for evernote.com seems to be working. 
There were though some messages about suspicious login. 
Although this has happened in the past. Allowing access when the Brave shield is disabled. But in a few days the suspicious login message comes back.
I'll monitor and let you know. 
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49 minutes ago, idcrisis said:

Evernote web is physically disallowing the Brave browser from accessing Evernote.

Or Brave is disallowing Evernote. I suspect the problem is on the Brave Linux side.

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For the record I used Brave for a while and liked it - apart from the fact that it just didn't work with several sites I used.  Brave is so violently anti-malware / anti-advertising that they have inbuilt protections against various processes that other sites use for 'normal' activities. Brave themselves at one stage said - "if you have problems with a site,  please report it to us so we can investigate".  So I'd suggest you start with them and see if Brave support feel that Evernote is blocking them.

I now use Vivaldi by the way - another Chrome clone - which deals with most things (including Evernote) pretty well.

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Yeah, disabling the Brave shield seems to be working.

And I was able to log a ticket with the Evernote developers.

Although this has happened in the past. Disabling Brave shield let Evernote web work on Brave Linux. Although that joy was usually short lived for the next few weeks or so before the website started showing the "suspicious login" message again. And one would have to switch to Chrome to access the site.

It's probably both the browser and server that are playing games with each other. Else the text: "suspicious login" from the server wouldn't be bandied around so much.

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Personally I don’t need anything of that.

I run a Pi-Hole that covers my whole home network. There is rarely any issue with websites, and an average of 25% of network traffic is send to Nirvana, big G leading the list.

Since I sometimes switch browsers I found all browser based concepts a real PITA. It is practically impossible to keep blocking and filtering on one level for all browsers - and email traffic like newsletter is not filtered at all.

IMHO the far better solution - should be a piece of cake to install for anybody who is on Linux anyhow.

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I experienced this today. Been using Brave for years and Evernote never faltered. Today, EN won't open in there no matter what I do. I cleared the data, disabled shields and ad blockers, etc. Just won't open. It's curious that it opens fine in Chromium (I'm on a Linux machine) since Chromium shares a base with Brave. Usually, if something doesn't work for me in Brave, it doesn't work in Chromium, either. I'm stumped. Would be curious if any of you with the same problem ever worked it out. Brave is my Goldilocks browser. It's juuuuuust right. Well, except for today.

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