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  1. Yeah, I always stick with classic when I can. In this case, if it easily fixes a bug, I'll make the upgrade. Hey, thanks again for the help.
  2. I have not tried that, so thank you for this tip. I'll try it right away and see if it makes a difference. What a nice easy fix THAT would be. The text is gone for good once it vanishes. It doesn't appear at all on my other devices. But if I enter text in EN on my phone, for instance, it will stick across all platforms. It's only in the web version where the problem exists. I'll try that beta and see if there's any difference. Thanks again. Update: Well, huh. Text seems to stick in the Beta version. That was ridiculously simple. Good call, D-in-D.
  3. Strangest issue I've ever encountered in EN. I recently installed Linux Mint on my machine and since I can't use the Evernote desktop program in there, I signed into the web. Now, whenever I add text to a note, it vanishes as soon as I surf away from that note. I mean, it's immediate. For the life of me, it seems like it's waiting for me to hit "save" or click the little checkmark like you see in the Android EN app. I'm completely stymies by this. I've searched the forum, combed through the settings and can't find anything addressing the problem of text that won't stick. I can't imagine it's a Linux thing because everything else works as expected in the Firefox web browser. Again, it looks like it wants me to save every time I enter new text, but there's no option for that anywhere. A syncing issue? I have no idea. I'm stymied. if anyone has any insight, I've love to hear it.
  4. Hope that fix sticks for you. The 'not responding' issue is Evernote hell. Some of us had to go with nuclear options. Me, I installed an SSD drive, which had worked for others. Never regretted it. Still seems like EN has been weirdly quiet on this problem, though.
  5. I went the SSD route, too, and love it still. Super fast startup and program loads and no more issue with Evernote. In spite of that, I'm still dying to find a solution to the old freeze up problem. I need closure or something.
  6. Well, hell. This produced SOMETHING. The check found old two notes with lost resources. EN tagged those offending notes so I could easily find them. Not sure if they were the buggers in question, but I deleted them completely and now we'll see. Good tips here tonight.
  7. Huh. This sounds intriguing, as well. I shall give it a try. I like the advanced help menu that comes up this way. There's some good stuff in there. I'm after "fix all notes" for the time.
  8. Hey, I was happy to try it. It's nice to find a possible fix that doesn't require me to uninstall anything, delete databases or do any of that tricky stuff that always seems to result in chaos. No harm, no foul with this little trick. Nothing broken, no significant time spent. Worth a shot.
  9. Huh. I tried this (highlighted all note and clicked ctrl+sync) but it seemed to simply sync as usual. No error reports or anything like that. Too bad, it would be great to isolate the trouble making notes in such an easy way.
  10. Interesting. I've heard it suggested a time or two that corrupted notes might be the cause. What I wonder is: how did you determine which notes were the culprits?
  11. Yep, tried all those things, plus database rebuilds and several things I've completely forgotten about. No go. Back to version 5.6.4 for me.
  12. That's nuts. I use the newest version on my machine at work. I haven't noticed any features that are so awesome that I can't live without them. Back to 5.6.4 I go. I'm sure I'll be back in here in a year or so when I forget about the issue again and go for the update. Heh.
  13. This problem is back for me, so if anyone's monitoring the thread and has found a solution, I've got my tin cup out here...
  14. Oh, dear God. Today, I finally sucked it up and paid for the premium version. While I was at it, I decided to update the EN version. Couldn't remember why I hadn't done it in so long. Now I get it -- with the newest version, my notebooks are wildly out of order. They haven't fixed this problem yet? It's been years! Looks like back to 5.6.4 I go.
  15. A few years ago, I had an annoying problem with EN freezing with alarming frequency. I ended replacing my standard hard drive with an SSD just to fix that damn problem. Worth it! But before I made that move, I tried several times to simply leave Evernote for one of the other options. It seems like I tried everything and as I recall, nothing came close to doing what Evernote does for me. Some of those other products are just as good, maybe, but they're different – wildly different than what I've become accustomed to. And since it impacts almost every waking hour of my day, I decided it to do whatever was necessary to get Evernote working again. The point being that as tempted as I am to make a move just on general principle, I think that after I'm done stomping my feet and calling Evernote management terrible names, I'll probably go ahead and pony up the bucks to keep them around. I'll hate myself in the morning, perhaps, but at least I'll be able to write my feelings down and stuff them into the proper notebook.
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