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  1. Aaaaany day now, I tell myself. I literally check a couple times a day, peeking into the EN blog, doing news searches, etc. Nothing, nothing and nothing. I've been pondering a move to something like Simplenote, but I just KNOW that as soon as I get it set up, the EN client will launch. Maybe I should do it for that reason alone.
  2. The year is coming to a close. Will we get Linux for Evernote this Christmas? I'm sure we've all been real good this year...
  3. Man. This problem went away for me after a while without explanation. I'm pretty sure nothing I did is what fixed it. Must have been an update on either the EN or browser end. Who knows. Mysterious stuff. Hope you get it sorted.
  4. Interesting. I'll give that a go the next time it happens. Right now, it's working for me. This morning, it didn't. Goofy.
  5. Well, I could understand if it simply failed to work in Vivaldi, but for many years, it worked just fine. We're offered this vague message about our browser configuration, but no hints at all about what part of that configuration might be contributing to the issue. It's just odd. Exactly this. Nobody's really crying about this problem, but it's damn strange, considering EN web has worked for years without issue and suddenly there's this ominous warning about browser configurations. For me, this thread was helpful just in letting me know that it wasn't my problem alone. I'm incli
  6. Ah, shoot. Sorry to hear that. Wish we had some explanation, anyway.
  7. For what it's worth, today I popped open my browser (Vivaldi) and Evernote web was working fine. I have no idea what fixed it. There have been no Vivaldi updates, so I suppose it must have been on the EN end of things. Whatever. Happy to have it back again, but still waiting for the Linux client.
  8. But if you shut down the browser and start it back up, does it still work? Mine doesn't survive a restart.
  9. So, that implies that it's a browser thing, right? Makes me think I should be checking for Vivaldi updates. Something in Evernote's latest release must have broken it for certain browsers. Evernote goes years without giving me any grief, but I use it so much, that any grief at all is going to be life impacting. Glad you got yours sorted, anyway.
  10. The plot thickens. Annoying problem. I've been keeping my browser open after a reboot, but obviously that won't work forever. Very mysterious issue, this.
  11. Yeah, and the other platform updates have been rolled out so it feels like it could be any day. Can't wait.
  12. I check just about every day to see if the client for Linux is out yet. I love Evernote, but I've started looking at some of the alternatives lately. A Linux client would definitely keep me here. I really have no desire to learn a new program and go through the tedious work of importing all my notes. I wish we had some kind of time frame on this. It would be a real kick in the shorts if they abandoned the idea.
  13. Reboot doesn't fix it? It does mine, but only for one browser session. I'm using Vivaldi as a browser. I don't have this problem in Firefox.
  14. I wonder if your problem is related to an issue some of us others are having. In our case, we get a message vaguely explaining that EN can't be opened due to unspecified browser settings.
  15. Would love to know if anyone got this sorted out. This is a problem for me on Vivaldi, as well. Reboot does the trick, but as soon as I close and reopen the browser, I'm blocked again. At this point I don't know if the problem is the newest version of Evernote or Vivaldi.
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