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My yearly payment is coming up, and...

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My yearly payment is coming up and with all of the changes to the plans, AND since they are making it so difficult to contact, should I just expect them to just upgrade my payment without my permission OR will they downgrade me??? CAN NOT find any answer to this! I have used all of the links and such that have been suggested and I am brought into a continuous circle of logging in and taken to forum. Logging in and forum.... I DO NOT  want them having any access to payment IF they are making it difficult for their loyal subscribers. Should I just delete my account all together because of this ridiculous behavior on their part. The only thing is I have over 10 years of info and work.

Someone PLEASE tell me what to do. I have searched and tried every stupid link to no avail. SHAME ON EN!!

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Okay, I found this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314118


As of July 2021, Evernote Premium is no longer available for purchase. If you cancel or change your Plus or Premium subscription, you will not be able to re-subscribe to them again. Note: Current Plus and Premium subscribers will maintain their subscription as long as their subscription remains active.

So, I'm guessing this answers my question. ?? However I will say, they shouldn't make it so difficult for people!! I had to search and search. Instead of constantly sending you to the new plans page, they should make it clear and plain for those who do NOT want to change anything!!!! I still say, Shame on EN!!!

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Another thing: When you click the "manage your subscription" on your account, it takes you to the new plans page!!  There's nothing to manage!!!!  Usually you, as the account holder would be taken to credit card info to change or delete, payment records, or something. But no!!!

I am so frustrated with these people!!!!!

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You will renew automatically on your current plan at the previous price. If you were upgraded to Personal then you will get Personal on the price you previously paid. This was all in the announcement of the new plans that were sent out by Email at the time. You can always get support for account related issues at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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53 minutes ago, agsteele said:

This was all in the announcement of the new plans that were sent out by Email at the time.

I would say that I agree to that, but I can not. I NEVER received that email. I have searched and searched me email and can not find a single one. But thanks for responding. I'm just frustrated that they have not made it simple enough. I'm pretty computer (internet) savvy and yet this has been a struggle.

Thanks for the reply.

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56 minutes ago, agsteele said:

You can always get support for account related issues at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Plus, I will say that no, you do not get support. I have tried that link over and over and it takes me to the same stupid page. I have to log in AGAIN, then it sends me to the SAME page again, then it says I have logged out. So I log in again, then it sends me to the SAME page again saying that I have to log in.... on and on and on... So, NO Support!!! I call that TRASH support!!

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Not sure what'd causing your support login problems are   
I have successfully opened many support tickets   
As to your original question   
You've already provided your payment details for auto re-enrollment; no action is required    
If you wish to downgrade (or upgrade); use the Manage Subscriptions page 

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As @DTLow - sign in to https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action and you have access to your payments details and the ability to upgrade/ downgrade membership. 

Evernote did publish their intention to preserve existing subscribers' payment levels, and a quick query here in the forums on the topic would have seen several of us confirming that unless you need to upgrade or to cancel your subscription,  there's no need to take any action.  The new app has broadly the same features as the old,  though the menus are different - most desktops have the option to install the older "Legacy" app,  either alongside or instead of the update,  to preserve the previous menus and processes.  

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Not sure if this is related, but I just restarted my EN account at the monthly to try it again.  Today I got a 50% for the yearly price and was going to pay for the year.  When I follow the 50% off link it won't let me upgrade to yearly at the reduced price but will let me upgrade to Professional.  I would like to stay at personal and pay yearly at the discount, anyone know how to do that? Thanks for any help!


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22 hours ago, BCNap said:

I would like to stay at personal and pay yearly at the discount, anyone know how to do that?

The small print in that offer email says:


Evernote Personal Annual discount offer good only with Evernote Personal purchase. Offer available to Evernote Free, Premium, and web-based Plus users only; offer expires January 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT. Offer has no cash value, is non-transferable, may not be sold, and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer can only be redeemed on Evernote’s website or through the Evernote app. Offer not valid for Plus users who originally subscribed to Evernote via an iOS or Android device. Also, offer may not be used to extend current paid subscriptions. At the end of the discount period, the Personal Annual subscription will automatically renew for a one-year term and your method of payment will be charged the full price unless you cancel prior to that date. Offer is void where prohibited by law....

Don't know where your situation sits with all that,  but if you want to query it,  you need to raise a support ticket.  It's the year-end holiday season so it'll take a while for a person to respond...

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@BCNap All current discounts are limited to one year - they are initial offers. Even for the student discount you need to reapply every year.

The second main restriction is that they only apply to upgrades. Be Free, get personal. Or Plus, old Premium to Personal. Be Personal, get Professional. Or no discount, so sorry.

All this is in the fine print - if you grew up outside of North Korea, you should know how this game is played by the sleazy snake oil doctors in the spin departments calling themselves Marketing or Customer Relation

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I need to update my credit card card information.  The payment screen requires a postal code.  When I say my country is Thailand the postal code entry box goes away.  If i try to submit without the postal code i get a message that the postal code is required.  Previously I used my US Dollar credit card.  The address on that card is Thailand.  I have left numerous messages with Evernote asking for help but only get an email saying my account is about to expire.  Any suggestions as to how I might make the payment?

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