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Not Sure What to Do

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With all of the posts that I am reading, with all of the concerns and problems, I'm a bit panicky about my EN account. If I were to switch to another app, what would, could, or should I do with all of my notes and notebooks? I personally would like to export them all out into pdf forms for my pc storage, but I don't think you can do that from EN. Am I correct about this? I hate to leave my 3rd brain EN, but I don't want to lose everything or something to go wrong. I've been with EN a very long time.

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17 hours ago, Mom2fourgifts71 said:

I personally would like to export them all out into pdf forms

For backup purposes, I use the Evernote Legacy product to export my notes (20k+)
I use the html option, with attachment files exported in their native format

For switching to another app, enex format has become the de facto standard

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Don't Panic!!

I'm currently happy where I am,  using the original public versions of pre-v10 apps and have no immediate plans to upgrade.  If I do decide to move to a different provider I'd most likely leave my notes where they are in a 'free' account - they'll be safe in Evernote until I need them - and start my new life elsewhere with completely new notes. 

Rather than generate hundreds (or thousands) of files by exporting all my existing content,  I'd wait until I needed some history from my Evernote notebooks,  and export just that,  if and when it's required. 

The only 'downside' I can see would be the ongoing need to search in two places rather than one - but again I'm saving myself a ton of work up front by not trying to convert and reorganise my existing notes into a new format (and probably finding some time-sucking incompatibilities along the way). 

So I should be able to spare a bit of extra search time now and then.

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13 hours ago, Mom2fourgifts71 said:

With all of the posts that I am reading, with all of the concerns and problems, I'm a bit panicky about my EN account.

Is Evernote v10 working well for you right now? If so, I think you are going to be fine.

It works very well for me -- I don't have any issues that are preventing me from being productive with Evernote. I'm really digging Evernote (v10) now. I suspect that's the case for most people and so they have no reason to say anything. They have no need to come to the forums and talk... they probably don't even know the forums exist! (I didn't know the forums existed until I first moved to v10 back in October and had a few concerns, but it's been pretty smooth sailing for the last couple of months.)

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people have used Evernote for a very long time and this v10 is probably the biggest change that has ever happened. Some people don't adapt to change well.

There are legitimate issues for some users that need to be addressed -- but I have none.

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Well, actually v10 is working pretty good for me as well. I use it now appr. 90% of the time, the rest is done in legacy. Import folders were a big step to boost v10 for me, to facilitate moving content into EN. First thing was to put an import folder on my Macs desktop, change its logo to be an elephant (green, of course) and use it to simply drop any file I want to have as a note, indexed and all.

Some things still run better on legacy, which serves as an additional client for me: Printing is one of them, I still prefer the helper, and no scripting with v10.

On mobile (iOS) v10 is the absolute best EN version I ever had. Still leaving things to improve, especially on the iPad, but better than anything before. What I am still missing is the Apple Watch app, not forgotten.

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When I switched back to EN from onenote this spring, I was very worried about losing info or spending time recreating notes.  I spent a couple of days worth of time over a week exporting onenote notes into EN by either html or using a curser to copy and past content from ON to EN.  In the end, I got 90% of my content and found that the 10% I was stressing about was really unneeded data that I was keeping just for the sake of it.

My recommendation would be to "not stress" about it.  Back it up as mentioned above, and if it's working for you now--continue to use EN with confidence.  I've really come to enjoy V10 and the constant progress it's making.  FWIW

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