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  1. I'm with ya, I would like to see that manual sync also to make sure it's completed. Trust but verify. Edit for update: boy, as I'm getting back into my evernote habits after recently coming back from onenote--I sure do miss that force sync button when emailing docs into evernote!!
  2. I wondered this to.. from the help pages: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053951453 (I'm assuming that the reference to the sync button is for a previous version?) Changes made to a note are periodically saved automatically. To sync immediately, click the sync button at the top of the app. Note: The option to sync immediately on demand is not available in the new Evernote for Windows, as changes will be saved automatically. You will see "All changes saved" in the bottom right corner of Evernote once changes have been saved.
  3. Hey all, I'm coming back to evernote (onenote just not doing what I need), and am willing to change my process to accommodate my main evernote complaints. Since onenote vor windows 10 refuses to allow notebook export, saving offline, conversion, etc., I've installed evernote's legacy app (6.25) and installed onenote 2016. Evernote legacy will see and import my notebooks, seems like it's going ok. Several of my onenote notebooks hang and won't transfer. Onenote stops responding and I get a message stating "onenote notes cannot be imported at this time. try opening onenote and then impo
  4. You might try liquidtext. I have moved away from evernote (about 1 year ago) because of the stupid lack of apple pencil support. However, I'm thinking of changing my workflow and coming back because onenote simply doesn't do what I need. Currently, I use liquidtext to annotate pdf's, it works really well. Am guessing I'll do my handwriting in notability and pdf work in liquidtext, and export those to evernote.
  5. This has been a ongoing request for years. I recently left Evernote for OneNote, because I work so much on a iPad with pencil. They don’t appear to be interested in adding this function. If they did, I would return immediately. As it is, it’s been a topic for years with no movement.
  6. Update to include Evernote's response to my support request. After a handful of back-and-forth describing the problem, answering a few questions and providing them a log...here is their response: Thanks for getting back to us. I appreciate the logs you've sent. This is so helpful in isolating the issue. However, this is a known issue and we're working on it with no definite time frame. I understand you don't use Chrome. However, I suggest you to use the Web Clipper on this browser if you want to clip a PDF as a workaround. Hope this helps and let me know if there's anythin
  7. Just had firefox updated to version 65.0 and still same issue. Filed a support request, will share back with the group when I know something. Might be good if more than one of us submit a help ticket all at the same time...might elevate the response from evernote.
  8. Gonna chime in and add my request to a fix. Still broken. FF updated version, windows 10 all updates.
  9. Have this problem also. on win10. Works fine on ipad, webclient. Followed a FAQ in user forum.. hold down CTRL while accessing 'help' menu in evernote. Choose 'optimize database'. Exit and restart evernote. Seems to work for now. Edit for update: the above solution worked for a few minutes. 😞 Seems to be deeper than a database issue, am getting tons of lag in general, having to force quit, and then it won't restart. Rebooted the pc, tried jonathon's suggestions below. Fingers crossed. Update: This happened several more times recently. Found that by res
  10. I know it's an older post, but did the OP find a fix? I left Evernote this spring for a couple of reasons and went to Onenote. This weekend, I switched back to Evernote. Imported a dozen or so notebooks, many notes with .pdf files or attachments. They either did NOT import, or they imported as *.onebin files. I can change the file extension manally to .pdf and it works, but that's a lot of effort. I re-upped my premium account, and imported after that purchase. Repeated syncing and a restart does not fix anything. Any fixes? If not I'll consider a bug report. thanks.
  11. I'm not trying to sound like a scorned user, but this is one of the reasons I will probably switch to one note next month when my premium account is up for renewal. It's a fairly mundane request to be able to secure private notes, imo. To be fair to evernote, I'm starting to like to more free form nature of onenote and the ability to sketch and handwrite (such that it is on an iPad) than enote allows for as well.
  12. (edited to remove topic possibly misunderstood) I realize that there may be valid reasons for EN to not provide a locking or private option for notes or notebooks, but I come back to my reason for supporting the request. EN is my 'one-stop-shop", where I also keep employee notes, etc. Yes my PC is locked when not in use, however some of my use is on a projector with others viewing. I can't use EN in this mode, because of the related content and notebook/note names that can be seen by other employees. A simple 'private' setting or pin to prevent those notes and their content from being acc
  13. I would add my hearty support for this request. I use evernote because of it's "all in one" idea. I have one place to put all sorts of stuff, rather than some email, some folders, some etc. However, I also have things that I don't want anyone else to see when my laptop is displaying on the projector or with co-workers on my desk. It's not just the note contents, it's also titles and the related notes that show in the different views. Even something as simple as a 4 digit PIN to open a notebook, or display it in the related notes, or have the search results show it. My android phone copy
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