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Add blockquote formatting to editor



Feature request to add blockquote/quote formatting to the editor so that blocks of text that are typically quotations have distinct formatting such as indent, line prefix. This is useful since may websites/blogs use block quote styles when referencing sources, it saves from having to manually style quote sections with italics etc, and helps any future export/formatting improvements (e.g. blockquotes style can be customized for all notes, export to HTML or markdown is more logical).

Functionality includes

  • Automatically enter blockquote formatting if the start of the line begins with "> "
  • Allow not going into blockquote format by pressing undo immediately after entering "> "
  • Continue blockquote format on the next line if already in blockquote
  • Exit blockquote format after entering two new lines
  • Allow 'quote' format in drop down menu
  • Automatically detect quote regions when simplifying article from web clipper
  • Support some other formatting elements within a block quote e.g. headers, bold, images, tables, links
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