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  1. For me, any notes added/deleted today (January 10th) are not being indexed. So text search, tag search etc will not pick up any new content on various platforms (web, iOS, Mac) Likewise on some platforms, searching will return notes that have been trashed and deleted. Notes from last night and before work fine.
  2. Feature request to tie captions to images. Many images imported via web clipper have a caption associated with it that when imported is just a separate line of text. It would be useful if there was a caption element that displayed with the image, was removed if the image was removed, could be edited/added/removed from within the main editor window rather than going to the image annotation tool, and was styled uniquely to distinguish from other parts of paragraph text before and after an image. The webclipper should also automatically detect image captions for simplified articles.
  3. Feature request to add blockquote/quote formatting to the editor so that blocks of text that are typically quotations have distinct formatting such as indent, line prefix. This is useful since may websites/blogs use block quote styles when referencing sources, it saves from having to manually style quote sections with italics etc, and helps any future export/formatting improvements (e.g. blockquotes style can be customized for all notes, export to HTML or markdown is more logical). Functionality includes Automatically enter blockquote formatting if the start of the line begins with
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