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  1. The number of updates is beyond frustrating. I want to be able to use the app without getting a notification that a new version is available once a week (and since I am working on multiple devices, I get this message multiple times). Evernote used to be an amazing program, but it has messed up so many of my notes (bullet points got messed up with one of the updates, so the majority of my notes are now a mess); the program hangs/freezes frequently; and the system is generally slow. It's great that you guys are working on improving the product, but I would prefer fewer yet better updates.
  2. This feature existed, but Evernote decided to remove it in a recent update. It's annoying, because it messes up the format of some of my notes.
  3. I don't have much to add to this other than: +1. Please provide an option soon.
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