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  1. I have similar problems. I was offline for an extended period and was using old notes for reference; I guess that's partially the purpose of Evernote: A database where you have all your web clips, notes etc. When exporting the note as ENEX, , I see that in many, if not most cases pictures are "integrated" into the note as <en-media hash="a0326cc8186ec1a28773e5bf95e88e57" type="image/jpeg"/> but in other cases they are just referenced as in (### is part of a web address) <img src="https://images.#####.com/####> which of course does not work when offline. Also, if the web site referenced should change or disappear, it will be definitely too late to fix it. How do these references arise? What forms clipping. Is it from copy/paste? Copy/pasting such images seems not to help, as only thel link seems to be copy/pasted. What is the criterion. I cannot recognize a clear strategy. I see them when I'm offline. How can I see what images are not "integrated into the note" when I'm online. Is there a script to find the notes with those occurrences? I have thousands of notes, so anything manual involving checking individual notes is not realistic. Similarly, exporting notes in ENEX and checking whether some images may be included or not is not a realistic way. Is there a way to fix them, other than manually? Are there other resources that are typically lost when taking/clipping a note, and related problems? Btw, I also have sometimes corrupted images, Windows, copy/paste. The picture shows up OK on top, but at some point starts becoming noisy, offset, discolored or is just disappearing. It may be that only JPG pictures are affected; I did not investigate that. Does Evernote have any form of check or warning for notes that are getting corrupted. I'm highly interested in Evernote being the "elephant memory" that the Evernote philosophy suggests.
  2. Just completed it as well. Congratulations to the Evernote team. For the first time in decades I have actually been asked about something, and I can see progress. It's great. The new web client (beta) is really really good; I switched directly from the original web client and am quite happy that. From the very little use I gave it (still mainly using the native clients on Windows and Android) it looks very well designed. Formatting is more powerful now, and the editor seems to have a better feel than the Windows client.
  3. Premium user since like forever. Too many legacy notes to make a switch worthwhile at this point. Support experience: Being made to jump through some hoops, then getting a message that the ticket was like being taken over by development and therefore closed. Never heard of it again. That includes data corruption (a big nono, note that there is no note integrity check) problems on iOS which I reported repeatedly. Saw then once, much later, the problem being addressed in a release note for iOS. Had really stopped using it by then actively on iOS, due the corruption problems and UI changes that made functionality worse. In 10+ years practically no progress on the apps, apart from misguided attempts to follow Apples latest misguided iOS design trends (remember Scott Forestall or so, I stopped use after whiteout, low contrast, minimal information density). Web interface still not fully functional (the old one is still the best)... Do we have highlights in the new one now?... I'm tired of checking. Windows : torn between using antique and beta versions, and between a little bit of useful functionality versus new, often old bugs. Long periods of "spinning beach all" or whatever the Windows equivalent is, making use a chore rather than a pleasure. The editor had some improvements, but still sucks. Don't know why some people classify it as a note taking application. Using it only for web clips and looking up legacy notes these days. The only product I'm using where I check a user forum, in hope of good news... Still waiting. Doing productive work elsewhere...
  4. Another point: I just mentioned how I think that Evernote is rather a filing than a note-taking app. That said, it's not really perfect for that ever. I did get corruptions such as - Missing attachments (sometimes, I don't know why, an image goes missing. It's also not clear when an image is really in the note and when it is kept on the web; one of the lost attachments turned out to be one that was only a link to a web site that went the way of the dodo later.) - Mixed up attachments. Would you believe it? I got the wrong pictures attached to a note; that was on iOS. For random notes. I reported the problem repeatedly (at least two times), went through the usual hoops, and the tickets was closed again without anything happening. Doesn't bode well for note consistency in general. (Way down the road I saw a release note that something along that line had been fixed, but I had already given up on iOS by that time, because things just didn't work.) There is no functionality I know of to check the integrity of the database and find inconsistencies between the Evernote-Cloud and my local copy. Yes, as a premium user I can try and get back earlier versions from backups if I'm aware of it, but what if I don't note the mistake. Same problem if I do my own backups. It's Evernote that should take care of it, not me. And yes, DTLow has an elaborate backup system, which I would also recommend, but that wouldn't protect me from corruptions creeping in. I guess such functionality is missing from other cloud services as well. Caveat Emptor.
  5. Here's the Link: Looking for Evernote Google: https://www.google.com/search?num=40&amp;source=hp&amp;ei=6lkmXKyzPOOrrgTKt4Bo&amp;q=evernote&amp;btnK=Google+Search&amp;oq=evernote&amp;gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l10.2730.4141..4318...0.0..0.454.1212.5j3j4-1......0....1..gws-wiz.....0.vF-GpYhtxHM Bing: https://www.bing.com/search?q=evernote&amp;qs=n&amp;form=QBLH&amp;sp=-1&amp;pq=eve&amp;sc=8-3&amp;sk=&amp;cvid=088C33B11A8645AC8E6274E4C179F0BC And the screenshots I got now, and yes, I checked before posting, are attached. Regarding note taking, I tried to use Evernote for that and am usually avoiding it for that purpose, which is why I'm always surprised seeing it promoted as a note taking app. I use it mainly for web-clipping (clipper is the best), as well as for tagging (nothing else has such a good tagging/searching) functionality for organization. I use it as a better, shared, searchable file system in which I can dump things and organize as I go. This is why I do get worried when people talk about Evernote as a note taking app. I did like other slogans better. Was it, like "Organize your life" or something like that? What ever came of the attempts to use AI to organize things, and "inference" things between notes. A bit more than the "context". I did like the basic idea of the Evernote Bubble Browser (or something like that), which should have taken further. (It was 3rd party.). So I'm still in love with the Evernote idea, but it has been painful watching the company and worrying when it would bite the dust.
  6. Well said. I'm a premium user of Evernote for 10 years, and while I appreciate the idea of the functionality and am kind of stuck with it because of the many notes I have in it, it has been painful to watch such a train wreck of management and development incompetence. If it were just bloated, that would be OK, but basic features are horribly inadequate. DTLow, "Super Guru", really vents his utter resignation by recommending alternative "note taking" apps for an app that, if you google it, promotes itself --- would you believe it --- as "Best Note Taking App". Evernote does take up disproportionate time in my life: 1) for usage, 2) there is no other app that needs so much of my time trying to debug problems, jumping through hoops to provide support tickets that are then closed because the information has been "forwarded to development", with rarely anything happening, and trying to evaluate alternative that would allow me migrating without losing/investing too much work. While Evernote is useful and I hope I can keep using it: Yes, it is on borrowed time. I am happy to jump ship once somebody provides a good alternative with easy migration.
  7. That was ticket 2262102, and I went through the usual hoops, such as providing an activity log. The latest reply from support, before the ticket was of course closed, was: I am able to reproduce this exactly as you've shown it. I've gathered all of the very helpful information you provided and reported this to the development team. I'm going to close this ticket while the development team investigates the issue. We may reach out to you if we need more details. As a possible workaround, you shouldn't notice the issue when using a different browser like you mentioned - i.e. Chrome. I also did not not notice this issue on an older version of Edge (40.15063.67l4.0). I don't have an estimate for when this will be fixed but keep updating so you always have the latest fixes when they are released.
  8. Same problem here ( (307551) Prerelease (CE Build ce-48.0.5483)) Corrupted in the built-in PDF viewer, looks about the same problem as yours, with the text columns all over the place Thumbnail in snipped and card view looks OK Opens correctly in Chrome Opens correctly in other viewers This is the PDF: https://ac.els-cdn.com/S0370269309008594/1-s2.0-S0370269309008594-main.pdf?_tid=7210c579-856b-49d4-9659-43a9a56290b2&amp;acdnat=1532784799_d89fd54f8eb117c7917a50cc7c5f2892
  9. I'm getting the same errors all the time, usually associated with long time-outs. Sometimes notebooks and tags are not updated. 17:10:19 [ERROR ] [14648] [12048] 50% EDAMUserException: errorCode=PERMISSION_DENIED parameter="ResourcesUpdateRequest" 17:10:19 [INFO ] [14648] [12048] 50% Failed to update the note contents and/or failed to add resource(s) to note. uid = 7885 I'm on Windows 10 Pro version 18.03 OS build 17134.112
  10. Redownload the whole database? Is there a possibility to download only possibly corrupted notes, based on a note integrity (eg hash) check. Integrity checks may also be useful when you're worried that some (of thousands) of notes are corrupted (this was not the only problem ever) and you can't search for them one-by-one.
  11. Evernote, give us some note integrity check already... I had many such issues over the year. It's frightening that you have no possibility to see problems other than when they're obvious, and when you remembering that the note is supposed to be different.
  12. Reported once as Ticket# 2190306 - Notes don't display on Windows (6.6GA, latest version as of today). Not explicitly resolved, but could not find any affected notes after upgrading to 6.8 or so. Seeing the problem in 6.10GA
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