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  1. Fully agreed. No tracking cookies of any kind, at least not for paying customers. If you must do it for "free" accounts, please make sure that paid accounts don't get cookies. And no excuses.
  2. I'm not sure whether it is relevant, but I sometimes run into similar problems. I'm using Windows, the Legacy App ( (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) I'm having the problem that sometimes clipping / copying / pasting or whatever I did to get a note has not copied the image into the note as an attachment/resource or whatever it is. Instead, it is a hyperlink. I'm not sure under which circumstances this happens, as I usually see it only when I'm offline and some pictures are shown as "broken" in a note I took ages ago. Sometimes it happened only for a few images. I have
  3. I'm alarmed by this: One of the attractions of Evernote is that your note has persistence independent from changes to a site from which you clipped content, you can access your note offline. Even with classic Evernote I had cases where images inexplicably were referenced instead of inserted. While I never could quite reproduce that problem (I was assured that that was not the standard/expected behavior), I'm worried that this could become the new normal.
  4. Thanks a lot. I was wondering, and this may indeed be an explanation I never thought of or saw mentioned. I have fiber connection so I would not be so much worried, but I guess the limitation could be the data on the Evernote side. Sadly, v5.33 has bugs, such as sometimes changing my created date, which I have then to reset in another version. I do enjoy the new editor (beta in v5.33), which has a lot fewer problems and limitations. I's a bit of a challenge keeping up a reasonable workflow between all the versions with their limitations, features, bugs, and performance challenges. I
  5. I'm still stuck on v5.33.0 on Edge
  6. I still have the problem. For whatever reason, my web client with editor beta is still on v5.33.0. It's happening "I-don't-know-when" for some notes. It's annoying, as I rely on the web editor for some things while waiting for the dust to settle before migrating to Windows 10.x 😱
  7. I had this happen in the past as well, so this is not new behavior. See also this thread: Missing image in note - General Technical Issues - Evernote User Forum. It was suggested I report it as a bug, which I did. but it seems I did not accomplish to convey the problem, and all I got were some well-meant suggestions on how to create, edit or fix a note. My problem, however, is that I don't know which notes are affected in the first place. In the editor you never know until you are offline. Most of the affected or edited notes are old (you'll notice when the original source moved, but then it's
  8. Just here, the way it looks. While the history is correct, the "created date" is updated without reason; I was just happily editing away the text in the web interface with the beta editor when, at some point in the process, the "created date" must have been updated. But it's not always updated; later edit did not have an effect. Here the screenshots: From the note history ... .... and from the note Info:
  9. I have the same problem. I am not referring to the sorting. I am referring to the fact that the web client beta, and for what I know, also the Windows Beta, sometimes change the create date to the update date for unknown reasons. I cannot reproduce it. But it happens, and I know because I always sort by create date. So suddenly, an old note I touched/edited turns up on top. I think I reported it as beta feedback for Windows Beta 6.14. It happened to me with the web editor beta again today.
  10. Sme problem here. Note shown, sometimes a progress bar appears for a bit, nothing ever happens. Windows (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)
  11. An ancient problem I have the same problem, and it is ancient. It seems to me that some of the "formatting" of "simplified articles" was hardcoded into the client rather than into the note itself, which made further simplification (applying "simplify formatting" on a "simplified article") at one point in the past completely impossible and stopped me from using it. Nowadays it leaves (I'm using the Windows client) this spurious line. This is more usable, but still annoying. But the mileage on "simplify formatting" in various clients seems to vary, also depending on releases.
  12. I'm puzzled and would love to get a clarification or some insight. I'm used to "webp" images not being shown in the (standard) Windows client. It's kind of a drag, since many web pages and corresponding clippings or copies may contain them. I did create a note in the Windows client ( (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)), into which I clipped some images from a web browser, and of course they showed up as a "webp" inline "attachment" rather than an inline picture. OK, the Windows client never had web support, so I'm not surprised. However, I was surprised not to s
  13. In addition, what _IS_ beta. I am currently using the web editor beta, but get ~ version 5.30, so I'm not using the same beta, which may make any supposed beta feedback irrelevant or confusing. On a related note: The Windows client has a beta option which I enabled. But that seems not to work anymore. Realizing that, I signed up to the official "beta program" , was accepted into the program and am waiting for new versions.
  14. Thank you for your fast reply. OK, will do. Although it's a beta, so I was not sure if they're expecting that.
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