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  1. That may be the explanation, and is how it should work. It may be a challenge to get drag/drop/copy/paste to work on all browsers and platforms. Thanks!
  2. Good for you. I can and it looks OK, but the images are not part of the note itself. Therefore, I can't rename, either, although the menu shows. I like tables, too, but first I want to make sure I have the image in the note. I had the problem on Windows with Edge Chromium. What are you using?
  3. As an additional comment, copy/pasting images at least works in this discussion forum 🙂
  4. I have reported the problem several times over the years to support. As mentioned above, again with the new web client. After being handed through several people I was assured the problem was relevant and had been discussed by the team etc. Thereupon, I guess the problem was closed since I got an invitation to rate the quality of support. While waiting that a solution to finally address the issue, I can assure the problem still exists in the latest version still exists in the latest web client. Two additional points While the classic windows version reports the number of images in a note in the status bar and in the note info, that information does not appear in the V10 web version. (I don't know for the Windows version, since will wait some more before using it). You get only: An interesting issue is that, besides showing the pictures as if they were part of the note, the web client even gives you an option to rename them. However, nothing happens, as the image is not in the note. In my legacy version, the images are not reported as part the note, and looking at the note size, indeed they are not. I'm wondering whether I should go again through the trouble to report it....
  5. I did raise a support ticket now. Note that sometimes other clients may have done that as well; I think it was the Windows client. Sorry if I don't know more exactly; I first encountered the problem a couple of years back when offline and facing several "broken" images. I reported it, to support and in this forum, but that didn't really lead anywhere. Other people may have encountered the problem in the context of "... cannot annotate an image....". Obviously, these images may be lost when the original source ceases to exist, but they cannot be annotated, are not indexed, don't turn up in thumbnails, etc. Note that embeded images can be found in the search syntax with the "resource:image/*" search syntax; these "referenced" images not, at least not as far as I know. Note that in the ENEX file these images turn up as "<img .... src="http.....>". Check your exported ENEX files; you may be surprised how many you find.
  6. Sometimes, sometimes not. Older clients sometimes had bugs, too. I'm not sure whether that depends on the source. I tried various sources, and copy/paste, drag/drop. It also freaks me out that it's not easy to see whether pictures are in the note or just references to the original page, other than clicking on each picture and see whether it can be annotated. Currently on web v 10.13.4 web 249 Editor: v123.0.15939 Service: v1.34.4 I'm attaching Test2.enex (pictures somehow are just links) and Test3.enex (pictures are embedded), both created today with the web version, copy/pasting and drag/dropping images, Test2 from the Wikipedia main page, Test3 from this forum. Test2.enex Test3.enex
  7. As a senior Evernote user with plenty, sometimes faced with questions about the future, let me complete your train of thought and suggest that these PDFs should be printed on paper and stacked on the desk. For the slightly more forward looking also using the forum to solve problems, not just evading them --- there may be few old Evernote users that still have that spirit --- could I suggest that one could agree that the reasonable behavior of having an image in a Evernote note/document and showing as an image means that that image is IN the note as an attachment, not just as a reference to an image OUTSIDE the note. Same as the expected behavior in, say, MS Word or PDF. (I did not check the PDF specification.... the suggestion to print the PDFs on paper and stack them looks now even better.) Pasting links and showing them as images, confusing users in myriad ways and exposing them to "data rot" or "Alzheimer at the tender age of 20" should be classified as a bug and fixed Note that bugs in old clients, not just v10 web, have caused such such problems. Notes that contain such external images should be easy to find and fix, potentially with a search key like `resouce:image/png`, which I don't think currently exists.
  8. When copy/pasting an article with images from the browser to Evernote, I'm not given the choice whether to paste the real content or pate the link. It does not depend on me. It seems to depend on the client used, and on whether I used drag/drop. I follow this problem because usually it works, and I want to find a solution for the very few cases where it does not work. When using the web clipper, the images are attached to the note, not just referenced. I see them as note resources. Like the article with an image, I clipped this morning. Therefore, the article will be complete when the original site goes down. The image can be annotated. It was my experience that the normal behavior is to include the images into the note as attachments, rather than keep them as references. Indeed, in this forum, I was told that this is the expected behavior, and I should contact support. See the thread in Missing image in note - General Technical Issues - Evernote User Forum Again, I'm not given a choice, my experience as well as the supposedly expected behavior is to copy the image INTO the note. Indeed, if the standard behavior is to just copy image links, which would result in The image cannot be annotated. There will be no menu entry for that. For an image to be able to be annotated, it needs to be part of the note. Note that questions such as "can't annotate my image" have been around in this forum and may be caused by the missing resource in the note. The images will not be available off-line. The image will not be processed by Evernote for character recognition and the like There will be "data rot" that will hit you at some time in the future when the original site changes or goes off-line. Yes, creating your PDFs rather than just clipping (which according to you creates just references, not copies), copy/pasting or drag/dropping may be better, but also a lot more work, and you can't simplify notes. If creating PDFs and saving them.
  9. Can't see the "post below", am getting this: "Data Rot" in a message on potential "Data Rot"?
  10. Maybe Evernote for MAC copy/pastes differently. On Windows, I remember to have seen different behavior for copy/paste vs drag/drop. I didn't check that behavior in the latest version. It may depend on the image type, as I have notes that have both pictures as references (cannot annotate, also not available off-line, will disappear once original link disappears or changes) and pictures as embedded data (can annotate, available off-line). Still considering automated options to detect and fight this potential data rot.
  11. 20k, small and large. It was quite slow to load, but then my line is not good: Currently I'm in a kind of rural setting a bit away from civilization. So, I won't try out too much, and can't comment too much on the speed, but the impression was OK. On a high-speed line, v5.33 was OK, so I would this expect to be workable.
  12. I was checking, and then got a pop-up message that I should upgrade by adjusting a preference. There was a warning that it might be slow. Looks now like the v10 version, including "Home Page". I can't really comment on usage yet, and would be happy to hear more experiences from those with many notes.
  13. Fully agreed. No tracking cookies of any kind, at least not for paying customers. If you must do it for "free" accounts, please make sure that paid accounts don't get cookies. And no excuses.
  14. I'm not sure whether it is relevant, but I sometimes run into similar problems. I'm using Windows, the Legacy App ( (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) I'm having the problem that sometimes clipping / copying / pasting or whatever I did to get a note has not copied the image into the note as an attachment/resource or whatever it is. Instead, it is a hyperlink. I'm not sure under which circumstances this happens, as I usually see it only when I'm offline and some pictures are shown as "broken" in a note I took ages ago. Sometimes it happened only for a few images. I have no clue whether it was due to the web clipper, copy / paste or drag-and-drop actions to get the image into the note. You will see in the "Note Resources" that there are fewer images in there than there should be. Also, the "Open" and "Annotate" right-click menu entries will be missing. When the image is just a link, not a part of a note, it will be shown just fine as long as you're online. Touch luck when you're offline, want to annotate it, or worse, the image disappeared from the URL that was referenced. There's AFAIK no easy way to tell in a note whether a particular image is "included" or not. It would be nice if there was an easy bulk/batch way to find and fix those notes. Edit: Here some info I put into an older thread Unable to Annotate images copied from the Web - Evernote for Windows Requests (Versions 10.0 and above) - Evernote User Forum
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