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Tags view should have both options, - new one, which will be well aligned with mobile look and feel, - and old one, - full screen view(expand button would be great!), - which is an awesom automatic table of contents, if you use TAGs to organize yourself. Also, the quick preview of the tagged items as I show in my screenshot was a splendid feature. 

People were doing this kind of TOC since 1685 and for a good reason, - this is the way our brain feels comfortable! Evernote made it perfect, - you had it automatically after tagging, with all the benefits digital world gives you, - please consider the idea of bringing back full screen view on tags! 
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Clicking on Tags in the list should open a Tag view as it does in 6.25. Nested tags should be expandable and collapsible. Sometimes you need a broad overview of your tags. I just spent a bunch of time putting tags into nested groups. These were mostly tags created as I clipped things so they weren't organized yet. Doing maintenance on tags in a list is a real pain with the constant scrolling because of the limited view.

If you don't have a need for that broad overview of tags, just don't click on Tags, expand the list and do what you need that way. Taking away the broad tag view and a bunch of other features because they aren't needed by everyone or not as useful on small screens drives users away, leaving them easily accessed, but avoidable doesn't hinder those who deem them unnecessary.

I want to see counts next to tags and notebooks, I'm perfectly fine with that being an option in the list view for those who don't.

This whole drive to make all platforms the same is going to far. When I'm trying to do something on my phone and it isn't available, ya it's a bummer. Taking it away on my desktop so that it is the same as my phone makes me start to look for alternatives. 

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11 hours ago, mavt88 said:

Please increase the field of view of the tags panel.

Happy with this as an option e.g. make the width draggable. I wouldn't want the default to be any bigger as my tags are very very much shorter than @mavt88's

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The question is, why is it so,sometimes for the worse.
On the one hand, the simplicity and speed of the application, or on the other, an overpaid package.
Maybe the rough fast core of Evernote could be addressed by "plugging in" plugins, let everyone use what suits them. 
I needed to "rearrange" tags, in the new version really tedious.
I used Evernote 6.25 to do this, it was the version of Evernote I was quite comfortable with.

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I'm looking around to see if I missed something, has this not been added back into the product? I'm trying to organize my tags and not having the full screen makes it quite difficult. 

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You can get a list of tags, and you can sort it for example by the number of notes using that tag.

For my simple use case this is sufficient to keep my tags aligned - however I second the old tag overview, that was significantly more compact than the long list we have today.

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