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  1. I'm running WebClipper 7.4.1 in Chrome on my Mac and cannot save a web clip. No matter what option I choose for clipping the save dialog just spins and the clip is never saved. Any other tips I should try?
  2. I'll have to give that a shot. The new update to this chrome add-in is quite nice. Edit: Sadly this does not work The way the page is built it just doesn't lend it self well to snippet.
  3. I'm using a product called Zimbra email. Yeah pretty much that's what I'm looking to collect in the way of data.
  4. Exactly. This way I can look back at the emails and copy the person's address into a new email if I have to get back to them. OK in a wonderful world I would have this person's information all nicely logged into a system and I could just go back, look them up and get what I need but I'm just not that organized plus a lot of time I just need to see who I "responded all" too so I can understand who I sent the email too. Your example is what I'm looking to do. Also as gazumped mentioned, the forward does this correctly but I need this to work from the original email and would rather not have to constantly look into my sent folder to push emails into evernote.
  5. I'm not putting any evernote information into the subject. Let me give you an example of an email. Customer sends me an email asking for pricing. I reply to that email with the pricing in the the email and add my evernote email address into the bcc line so it gets logged into evernote. I don't want to put evernote information into the email subject because the customer is not going to understand what it's all about. This is also the case when I'm the first person sending out an email to a customer that I want logged into evernote. Again, I cannot put evernote information into the subject line because the customer won't understand what I'm doing and it just don't look correct. Does this make sense? Hope I explained it correctly for you. Thank you for responding to my question
  6. Yes the emails that I have forward to Evernote have the header in the body of the note. The issue with the rule is that every email will be sent to Evernote or I have to make up a ton of rules. Now I just put the evernote email address in the bcc when the email is important. The company I work for also uses Zimbra as the email client and it's not really the most functional thing in the world
  7. When I send an email into Evernote I get the subject of the email in the subject of the note and I get the body of the email in the body of the note. Where does the header go? I know this might sound silly but I use the header to see the email address of the people I'm talking to. If I need to email them back I normally go back to the email to get their address.
  8. I can't believe how many people are having issues with this? I just did the upgrade via the Apple Store and nothing happened? Now I'm stuck! Working from a hotel and really needed the space for this event I'm at. I created a ticket and just missed the live chat time. Please upgrade my account.
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