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  1. I completely agree, I can sort every column but reminders, but when I click "all notes" then "reminders" I can sort the reminder column. Why even have a clickable button to show reminders the better way is just to be able to sort the column.
  2. I agree, insert date shortcut should either follow OS-system setting and/or be customizable in EN.
  3. i have tenfold friends whom use Evernote and also reminders, none rarely re schedule to an hour, next day or next week. And if that was the case, it's still quicker to use the scroll wheel for that than the delay it causes if it's not supposed to be rescheduled to in an hour, next day or next week. Thanks for letting me know it's not only me thinking its not great.
  4. So to reschedule a reminder to a specific date and time on the IOS you need to perform 7 quick steps, this could be reduced as described below, won't do much if you're having one reminder but if you like me, like to plan the day for the IOS device it's very annoying with these extra steps. https://www.evernote.com/l/AOtZyaW0JGBAvZ-zl1IGeP8J8RyyffiO2qY How often do you actually want to set the reminder to "in an hour", "tomorrow 08:00" or "in a week 08:00". And if you actually want that it's as quick to just scroll the date and time wheels. Suggestion is that after swiping left and pressed the reminder button, get below screen immediately, where you could either scroll the date and time wheels, clear, mark as done or cancel. I think it actually used to be something like this before the big IOS update. https://www.evernote.com/l/AOsIElkaKnlN6Le-OrzRlGK9qK2zoSNZpeA Hope this makes sense.
  5. Time to perform and time format on Mac. I've started using time boxing as an productivity tool, it works pretty well with Evernote Windowns at the moment. I have all reminders I'm supposed to do today, I set the the time for when each should be started and then I'll use a tag for how long it's supposed to take (estimated). This gives me a pretty good view of my day and is quite easy to replan. Unfortunately on the mac the format of the reminder is useless, it just says "Today" also I can't view the tags in the same view as the time of the reminder. Suggestions are first to change the format of the reminder to just YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM (this is European standard). At least then it's possible to view when to start performing the reminder. But an even better improvement would to actually be able to set when a reminder is supposed to be done (or how long it will take and the done time will automatically be set). So then there'll be two columns one for reminder start and one for reminder end. If also a keyboard shortcut is added, the time boxing routine could be very effectively executed. Also seems like Evernote is leaning towards more professional users, I'd think this would be very appreciated. Hope this makes sense.
  6. Hi, At the moment when viewing the reminder list for all notes or for a specifik notebook or stack. It's either "today" "tomorrow" etc. I would like to see both date and time for this list ie: 2016-11-18 20:00, is that possible? Something similar to what windows client offers.
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