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How to see the amount of storage space I’m using in EN (via iOS, either app or web)?

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I’ve searched the web and not found any recent info on my question. I’m wondering what my total amount of storage space usage in Evernote is (not my monthly bandwidth usage, total disk space used). And I’m wanting to check this via iOS - either the EN app or the web is fine. I cannot seem to find this info, however, in any of the profile/settings/user data info. I hope I’m overlooking something but I fear that EN simply doesn’t make this information available via iOS/iPadOS but only via a true “desktop class” OS like Win/Mac. I really hope I’m wrong.

Does anyone know of a way of finding this info out? I’d so appreciate hearing anything you might know on this.

Thanks SO much in advance for your assistance in this regard. I really appreciate it!


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Hi.  Pretty sure there's no option available.  The mobile app doesn't use storage space as such - notes are downloaded on demand (unless you have some accessible offline) and the disk space used by your desktop isn't reported back (AFAIK) as part of a sync,  so is inaccessible to either mobile or web.  The only place to measure usage is actually on the desktop itself.

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There is an option in iOS to see how much space the app is using locally on the iPhone or iPad.

This is relevant when you use the option to set notebooks to „offline“ use. On my iPad Pro I have set all my notebooks to offline, so the figure is close to what the total database is using. The only Notebook not included is the „trash“ notebook.

To see this figure, go to the Settings App, General, iPhone / iPad - memory. It takes a few seconds to calculate, and then it will show the data volume per app. In my case the EN app uses appr. 13 GB. A very small part of this is the app itself, the rest is my data.

On desktop computers, the App data is always stored in a local database. The size can be viewed using Explorer or Finder.

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7 hours ago, Raeve said:

I’m wondering what my total amount of storage space usage in Evernote is

As posted by the others, Evernote does not  provide space used information.

My Evernote data is just under 11GB
Getting information from the OS  (Mac/iPad)
With full offline notebooks, my iPad shows    05674683-B33F-4E00-952C-1C2DFEB011B9.jpeg.a2ca1d3b3f2a2ec4e43e73435ed244ec.jpeg

My Mac shows   1150802836_ScreenShot2019-12-21at7_14_09AM.png.389230175ad1c726ddfdc44947933d18.png   
and an exported full html backup 1410234948_ScreenShot2019-12-21at7_20_24AM.png.b0a5bdc7309f60a2172ff7cd90cf4559.png

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@DTLow I know your reply above is a few years old. How large is your database and how many notes does it contain? 

I only use Evernote on my browser, so I don't have access to the database size of the desktop app. 

I have appx 3881 notes, and I'm trying to estimate the amount of data they (would)take up. 

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The only possibilities are a desktop client, or a mobile client with a full download.

In both cases you can see how large the database folder or the data part of the app. I don’t know any method to check the web server data size of an account.

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6 hours ago, kgirl2d said:

I have appx 3881 notes, and I'm trying to estimate the amount of data they (would)take up. 

There's really no way to tell just from the number of notes, since it depends on whether they're mostly text notes or mostly have large document or image attachments. As @PinkElephant said, there's no way to know for sure without actually downloading it.

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