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  1. Hello, My sincere apologies if this isn’t best place to post this but it was the best I could find. I’ve been a “Premium” Evernote user for some time and I’m trying to use it to go completely paperless for all of our family. We use multiple OS platforms but primarily more year iOS on iPhone and iPad Pro as our primary devices. Unfortunately, the current Evernote apps on iOS have been difficult to use, to say the least, especially as someone who uses a lot of tags. It’s been so difficult, I’ve dabbled in Apple Notes and seriously have looked for any alternative that might work better. I read through the recent posts by Evernote CEO detailing where things stand with Evernote and the new mobile and thus has given me some hope that things might get better. Truly, much of my work to move everything to paperless and Evernote has stalled the last year as I realized how difficult Evernote was to use on iOS. But no service can compete with all that Evernote can do leaving me stuck. When I found out about the beta program from that article, I signed up immediately, hoping to be able to participate, having beta tested software quite a bit in the past. However, after a couple of weeks now, I’ve still heard nothing about participating in the program leaving me as deflated as I was before. Can anyone please tell me how long it takes to be “approved” or when I might expect to hear more? I’m really wanting to contribute in ways that I’m able to and since we use iOS so much, I’d love to try the new app. Any info would really help. Thanks so much in advance.
  2. Hello, I’ve searched the web and not found any recent info on my question. I’m wondering what my total amount of storage space usage in Evernote is (not my monthly bandwidth usage, total disk space used). And I’m wanting to check this via iOS - either the EN app or the web is fine. I cannot seem to find this info, however, in any of the profile/settings/user data info. I hope I’m overlooking something but I fear that EN simply doesn’t make this information available via iOS/iPadOS but only via a true “desktop class” OS like Win/Mac. I really hope I’m wrong. Does anyone know of a way of finding this info out? I’d so appreciate hearing anything you might know on this. Thanks SO much in advance for your assistance in this regard. I really appreciate it! Raeve
  3. Oh wow. I misunderstood this. I thought that the hashtags were, in fact, searchable. I thought that was the whole point of those in Evernote. I guess I misread that in other posts? I’m not sure. I thought if you used, say #receipts you could search for that or many #tags at once and save those searches, too. You may have saved me a ton of work that wouldn’t in fact, actually work. I’m so happy to know that the underscore is searchable. Yes, it’s the fact that I now have so many tags that adding them on iOS is downright painful. I’m usually adding an average of 5 per note, give or take. It’s bad enough when you can search and select (still takes forever) but when you can’t do that and have to scroll down, it’s miserable. Plus, I was under the impression that there was a 250 tag limit and I don’t want to bump up against it. My goal is to be able to search for _Amazon _receipt _2018 hairdryer and have it bring the receipt right up, if that makes any sense. And, just to be able to type at the top _Amazon _Receipts _2019 etc seems like it might even be faster. I could also copy/paste if I were doing several similar notes at once, which often happens rather than selecting each tag one by one per note. I can’t even tag in bulk in iOS - at least that’s my understanding. At least then, I could add several notes then just select them all add the tags at once.
  4. Hello, I’ve searched to try to find an answer but I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. My understanding is that one can, in addition or alternatively to the standard EN tags, also use hashtags in one’s note body or even titles. Is this correct? I like to use multiple tags for my notes with at least the basics of what I’d search for. However, I feel like my tags are getting a little unwieldy and I’m considering switching many of them to the #hashtag type tags as my notes have grown. However, I have quite a few notes now and I’m wondering if it’s possible to bulk edit/add these #hashtags to many notes at once (for instance search/bring up all notes that have the regular tag “receipt” then add the hashtag #receipts to all of them (whether in the body or in the title - I’d rather it be in the body, I think, (preferably at the top of the notes?). Regardless of those specifics, is it possible do this somehow? With over 7k notes (soon to be many more once I finish the import process), I can’t possibly edit them one-by-one. If this isn’t possible somehow the way that I’m hoping, how might I go about doing this? FWIW, I typically do everything on my iPad Pro but I’m extremely certain that this functionality (if it does exist) won’t be available on iOS. Could you please let me know if it is possible on Windows, Mac, Web, or ??? Thanks so much in advance! Looking forward to learning from you all!
  5. Hello! Thanks so much for continuing this series and for being open about the direction of the company and what is being worked on. I've been following these videos with interest. Evernote is a bit of an unusual beast on that it's original tagline was: "Remember Everything". And indeed, Evernote become more and more effective the more data one puts into it. But, to put that much data of one's life into a product/service requires a greater amount of trust in the product/service. Many of us trust EN as our online vault for spring all our most important paperwork including taxes, banking and other financial information, receipts, paystubs, bills, healthcare records and bills, that proverbial dream novel, everyday task lists and so much more. I'm in the process of "going all in" with EN and adding years of paper files to the EN vault. Thanks largely to these videos, I'm finally feeling comfortable enough to go through with adding so much more to EN. I also want to reiterate my support for what PinkElephant stayed about the new iPadOS and desperately needing more desktop class features for it. I've completely stopped using my laptop and gone over to using the iPad Pro as my only device but the EN experience is really lacking in what we're able to do. Things like merging notes, copying attachments from one not to another, seeing attachment previews (at least for PDF and jpg) are all basic required features that are non-existant. I really hope to at this improved in the future. I do have one question which I'm hoping someone here can elaborate on. I've done multiple internet searches and was unable to get an answer. At around 8:08 in the video, Shane asks Ian if he likes check boxes or checklists. Ian responds that he used to use check boxes as there was no alternative but now that checklists have been introduced in the last few months, he's a total convert. Can Simone please elaborate on this? The check box implementation is one of the biggest sticking points (frustrations/problems) I have with EN and I'd love to try out the new checklists feature, regardless of whether I have to use a beta product to do so. Could anyone over share more about this and the improvements that come with the new checklists feature as well as how I can start trying them out? That would help so much. Thanks Ian and Shane for taking the time to make this video and share more of what EN is working on. PS Another massive vote for Firefox compatibility from me! I switched back to FF from Chrome due to many concerns and issues about the latter's info/data harvesting and lack of privacy, bloated memory hogging slowdowns, and going in directions that were against user benefits but that profits the company, to name just a few. Firefox puts privacy and user experience first with speed a close second and the browser syncs brilliantly across the different OSs. Really looking forward to having EN work with FF. Thanks for taking the time to work on this when that browser is still the minority. That means a lot.
  6. @Spongey, can I ask, is there a way to still use MergeEver (or a similar app) on iOS to merge notes in EN while we (endlessly...) wait for EN to add the feature? I’m having trouble finding it on the AppStore and wondered if you happen to know if there’s still a way to use it. Or any similar app? Thanks so much for sharing this info. You made a great post on the EN thread with the feature request for merging notes - great points made in it. 

  7. I was just going to chime in to stress the importance of this feature - especially with the upcoming features on iOS 13/iPadOS - so eloquently discussed in the quote above. The iPad is now (in beta - will be officially in September with the final release to the public) a desktop class piece of tech. And it desperately needs some of the desktop features over on iOS. I’m about to face a difficult decision. See, I’ve been using the iPad Pro as my only device now for 6 months. And, simultaneously, I’m trying to go “all in” with Evernote as my everything “online vault” for going completely paperless - including all my important scanned documents. But, without a few key features like merging notes, moving attachments from one note to another, etc, Evernote just isn’t usable on iOS as a primary note app/vault. This is a critical feature. Case in point, I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 to scan directly to Evernote. I use their cloud scan feature so that I don’t have to use a desktop computer at all. The setup does a great job of scanning and applying OCR to the files then sending them to EN. However, they do 1 receipt/note or 1 doc/note. Sometimes, one needs to merge all of those receipts into a single note for simplicity and organization. But this isn’t currently possible on iOS. So, unless Evernote rectifies this, I find myself with a difficult decision: Do I keep a laptop around that I’m otherwise not using at all, simply to be able to organize Evernote notes for features that are missing in iOS, or do I look elsewhere for an online vault that will actually have feature parity between the versions? I’m about to put in a massive amount of work scanning in years and years of paper documents into Evernote but it makes it a much less enticing project with major features like this missing. And, it’s been requested since 2011 - for EIGHT YEARS! With all the growth that EN has experienced and with iPad/iPhone adoption skyrocketing over that time, this vital feature has not been added in all that time. Is this something that will, perhaps, be available with the advent of two instances of the same app open side by side on the iPad? Maybe drag and drop onto a note to merge? Without EN having to actually implement the feature? Surely, the Evernote team sees the frustration of not having almost any real features added in the last several years. I know you’re working on the stability of the product now, and I’ve watched the videos on that. It’s vital to do that. But, to be honest, that should have been in place the last few years. I know the team knows that and they’re trying to rectify that. But after innovating so much initially, there has been almost complete stagnation for new features (or existing features from desktop apps included in iOS/iPadOS) - save for a much hyped new logo that was apparently agonized over by those in the company. I’m honestly not trying to be a jerk saying these things. But as Premium/Pro paying customers, we’re just desperate to have everything work as it should. We shouldn’t have a lesser experience on Evernote because we choose to use an iPad. In fact, part of why I switched over to iPhone/iPad was because Evernote was so darn slow at adding features to their Android apps vs the EN apps on Apple products. And now, that’s not continued. Please, bring this feature (and moving attachments to another note) to iOS/iPadOS. Please! And some of the doc preview/PDF preview that is available in the desktop software. Basically, we desperately need more feature parity between iOS/iPadOS and the desktop products.
  8. Nozbe looks interesting. Can I ask, are you using the limited free version or are you going with a paid acct? I’m not really wanting a subscription app for this, though I certainly don’t mind paying for an app (one time).
  9. Hello, I’m really making the effort to go all in with EN as my digital vault. I’m trying to rethink my workflow to make this happen most effectively. One of the things that EN just doesn’t work well for me is the simple task list. Not being able to check off something as finished and have it move to the bottom of the list is really challenging. And it takes way too long to manually move them. I’ve tried. So I’m looking for perhaps an app that will integrate well with EN. While I might not use that data day to day within EN it would all be searched/indexed for me so that I could find it in EN later on (similar to the Noteshelf integration). Does anyone know of an app on iOS that might work for this? I’ve tried Todoist and it works OK for me but I’m not in love with it. I would only have 3rd party EN integration through something like IFTTT or possibly Pleexy. But I’d love to be able to use something like Things 3 for this and still have the data somehow over in EN. Is that possible? If not for Things, perhaps another app? I’d really appreciate any info and thought. Thanks so much!!
  10. I guess it seems like I should have been able to find the info in web searches but after trying for weeks, I found very little. However, the information you provided and some of the search suggestions are great as I clearly wasn't finding what needed. The other thing that this has helped me to see is that I should just start moving towards something different. Being completely stuck with a layout that isn't working isn't getting me nearer something that will. I'm also getting a good perspective that there's a fair chance my workflow/layout may change again in the future and adapt to wherever I need. I'm trying to embrace the fluidity of that rather than wanting a perfect fit initially and trying to get that by guessing what I'll need in the future. If there are any other specifics that anyone wants to share, I'd love to hear. I'm trying to soak in as much as I can. Thanks again for all your help.
  11. Thanks so much for all of your replies. Rather than finding it too much, I've found it very helpful, even in the divergence of ideas. It's helping me see that there isn't a right way or wrong way, just what works best for any given user. And I'm seeing that is part of the genius of Evernote.
  12. Hi, I'm a somewhat new Evernote user and started using it because of a desire to have a paperless household. Over and over the recommendations for going paperless almost always included Evernote in some part of their workflow. As the time has passed, I'm realizing that my current notebook setup is not tenable for the the future (or now really). I don't have tons of notebooks but just enough to be unwieldy. And, the names are too complex in an effort to be broad enough to cover what I hoped to. But it's a mess & getting worse with each day as more information gets added. I've stepped back on scanning till I can get a handle on this so that the problem doesn't get any worse. For specifics, I probably have 25 notebooks, give or take, no stacks, lots of tags. I feel like I need a little more organization than just a couple of notebooks. I just have some documents that I'd rather not get mixed up with every single website or article saved, interesting shopping products, gift ideas, or sentimental stuff. Conversely, I don't mind if a lot of those things are together, minus the sentimental stuff. In addition, my husband and I both use the account since it's our family paperless solution. I'm using it way more than he is due to familiarity & me being more of the techie in our family. So, I should also give him a separate notebook. I hope to start doing some blogging this year, just for my own sanity & don't know how to treat stuff like that. I also have sort of a huge mess call health which has a bunch of stuff from Healthcare to research/learning since I'm dealing with a rare genetic disorder. I don't know if records, bills etc should be split off from the articles or if they should stay as is. I wonder if receipts should have their own notebook (current setup does) but then should I expand that to purchases and have product warranties, manuals and other information all in the same notebook. Then I wonder I bills & receipts should go together but that doesn't seem to mesh somehow. I've found a few people on blogs who post their general notebook setup & it's helpful for ideas. Several said that, like me, they found they needed to make changes in their notebook setup from when they started. I emailed a couple of people who had said they'd be happy to help with such things but no response. So I decided I'd turn to the Evernote community for ideas. I'm actually embarrassed to write this. I know I should be able to figure this out but I just can't get my head around it. Trying to figure out what works both now and looking into the future is do complex. Any thoughts you could give me, whether a way to get my head around this,sharing some of your setup or any ideas or advice would be amazingly helpful. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks so much.
  13. I know this is an older thread but I think it's worth mentioning that I can understand the reason for wanting to save the whole article in Evernote. If you save the link, and a year from now you revisit it only to find that either the structure is different or the article has been removed, it can be impossible to find that information again. Whereas if you save the whole page in Evernote, you'll always have it to go back to and to search through from Evernote. It may take up more space, but if you have the bandwidth, it's worth it. I just wanted to clarify for those who may come across this thread in the future and want to know why one would prefer the entire article vs just the link. Having said that, I'm looking for an easier way to migrate from Flipboard to Evernote myself. I've used Flipboard as a make shift Evernote until I found the real thing and am in need of a way to migrate all content over to Evernote.
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