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  1. I expected someone to say this. I suppose in one sense, it’s not any worse now than it has been (see below for a recent change). But, to be honest, it’s been so awful to use now for so long that I’m worn down from it and I have little patience left for this subpar experience. For tags to have been something that EN really made popular to a large degree, the fact that it’s still so hard to use in iOS is baffling. And that it’s not improved sooner. Yes, I know I can use the web experience on iPad but that isn’t where things are sent when shared between apps which is often how I get attachments o
  2. I wish they could share more about this. EN is getting harder and harder to use now with the awful tagging management in iOS, lack of ability to merge notes, etc. It’s pretty miserable. I wish I could find a viable alternative. I know that’s probably sacrilegious to say here, but it’s true.
  3. Hello, My sincere apologies if this isn’t best place to post this but it was the best I could find. I’ve been a “Premium” Evernote user for some time and I’m trying to use it to go completely paperless for all of our family. We use multiple OS platforms but primarily more year iOS on iPhone and iPad Pro as our primary devices. Unfortunately, the current Evernote apps on iOS have been difficult to use, to say the least, especially as someone who uses a lot of tags. It’s been so difficult, I’ve dabbled in Apple Notes and seriously have looked for any alternative that might work better.
  4. Hello, I’ve searched the web and not found any recent info on my question. I’m wondering what my total amount of storage space usage in Evernote is (not my monthly bandwidth usage, total disk space used). And I’m wanting to check this via iOS - either the EN app or the web is fine. I cannot seem to find this info, however, in any of the profile/settings/user data info. I hope I’m overlooking something but I fear that EN simply doesn’t make this information available via iOS/iPadOS but only via a true “desktop class” OS like Win/Mac. I really hope I’m wrong. Does anyone know of a way of f
  5. Oh wow. I misunderstood this. I thought that the hashtags were, in fact, searchable. I thought that was the whole point of those in Evernote. I guess I misread that in other posts? I’m not sure. I thought if you used, say #receipts you could search for that or many #tags at once and save those searches, too. You may have saved me a ton of work that wouldn’t in fact, actually work. I’m so happy to know that the underscore is searchable. Yes, it’s the fact that I now have so many tags that adding them on iOS is downright painful. I’m usually adding an average of 5 per note, give or take. It’s
  6. Hello, I’ve searched to try to find an answer but I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. My understanding is that one can, in addition or alternatively to the standard EN tags, also use hashtags in one’s note body or even titles. Is this correct? I like to use multiple tags for my notes with at least the basics of what I’d search for. However, I feel like my tags are getting a little unwieldy and I’m considering switching many of them to the #hashtag type tags as my notes have grown. However, I have quite a few notes now and I’m wondering if it’s possible to bulk edit/add these
  7. Hello! Thanks so much for continuing this series and for being open about the direction of the company and what is being worked on. I've been following these videos with interest. Evernote is a bit of an unusual beast on that it's original tagline was: "Remember Everything". And indeed, Evernote become more and more effective the more data one puts into it. But, to put that much data of one's life into a product/service requires a greater amount of trust in the product/service. Many of us trust EN as our online vault for spring all our most important paperwork including taxes, bank
  8. @Spongey, can I ask, is there a way to still use MergeEver (or a similar app) on iOS to merge notes in EN while we (endlessly...) wait for EN to add the feature? I’m having trouble finding it on the AppStore and wondered if you happen to know if there’s still a way to use it. Or any similar app? Thanks so much for sharing this info. You made a great post on the EN thread with the feature request for merging notes - great points made in it. 

  9. I was just going to chime in to stress the importance of this feature - especially with the upcoming features on iOS 13/iPadOS - so eloquently discussed in the quote above. The iPad is now (in beta - will be officially in September with the final release to the public) a desktop class piece of tech. And it desperately needs some of the desktop features over on iOS. I’m about to face a difficult decision. See, I’ve been using the iPad Pro as my only device now for 6 months. And, simultaneously, I’m trying to go “all in” with Evernote as my everything “online vault” for going completely pape
  10. Nozbe looks interesting. Can I ask, are you using the limited free version or are you going with a paid acct? I’m not really wanting a subscription app for this, though I certainly don’t mind paying for an app (one time).
  11. Hello, I’m really making the effort to go all in with EN as my digital vault. I’m trying to rethink my workflow to make this happen most effectively. One of the things that EN just doesn’t work well for me is the simple task list. Not being able to check off something as finished and have it move to the bottom of the list is really challenging. And it takes way too long to manually move them. I’ve tried. So I’m looking for perhaps an app that will integrate well with EN. While I might not use that data day to day within EN it would all be searched/indexed for me so that I could find it
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