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Has the price gone up?

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I've been an Evernote lover (and hater on the bumpy bug ride) for 10 odd years, premium the whole time. But as the product has suffered many well documented issues I've found myself using Google Drive much more, as well as taking my Task/Project management to Todoist (even though Evernote can do a reasonable job at this for me). Whilst I'm appreciative of the current move to stabilise and improve the product, and share the progress, it seems to be moving veeeeery slowly.

As my premium subscription nears renewal I'm considering if I do indeed renew it, or just go basic and reduce my use even more. I've been paying $70USD the last two years, and I saw last year they 'slashed their prices' as reported by the Verge.

Looking now at the Evernote website, I see the price is $9.99 per month (USD I assume) and no discounted option for annual. So am I safe to assume my renewal will be that (perhaps it will be lower as I might be grandfathered into some plan, who knows)? Anyway that price works out to AUD$175p.a. here is Oz!!

Now I love Evernote and want it to succeed, but the current offering is not worth that price.

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3 minutes ago, Michael Goulding said:

Looking now at the Evernote website, I see the price is $9.99 per month (USD I assume) and no discounted option for annual.

From Canada, the subscription page shows

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When I log out and go to the compare plans page, it shows that same set of options as @Michael Goulding's screenshot, but the rate is $7.99/month, US dollars, I'm sure; I'm in the US. It does not show an annual option, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Logged out and clicking on the Premium Sign Up button, I just get sent to the login page; maybe there's a cookie showing me as a logged-out subscriber. On my account page, though, it says my subscription will auto-renew next May, and my card will be charged $69.99 per year. So there's no indication of a price increase there. When I open a private, no-cookies-read browser window, I can create an account, and the default selection is for Premium with the Bill yearly slider turned on at $5.83 per month, which is $69.96/year. With Bill yearly turned off, again it's $7.99/month. So to me it looks like there's no price increase.

Note to any Evernote staffer who sees this: In the process of the above testing, I created an account using the email address fenortner@burp.co.uk. My apologies that this now-deactivated account with no notes in it will be running through your records forever. Also, apologies to any easily-offended Britons. It was the fastest not-possibly-existing email address I could think of. :blush:

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On 11/15/2019 at 5:05 PM, DTLow said:

I accessed my personal subscription renewal page in account settings

Thanks for this, I did the same and it also shows $69.99US, so at least I can keep going at the same price (which I think I will and give Ian a chance to bring this years work to fruition).

Seems the plan pages need some tweaking though, showing $9.99 with no indication of currency (is this AUD which would make the price okish, or is it USD?) and no monthly option shown on the surface is a marketing blunder. Hope they can fix it, and it isn't an indication of things to come, the last thing EN need right now is anything that discourages new subscribers.

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