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  1. Same issue for me, I have 3 PCs with windows client on them and one the search is totally broken. A full notebook of 100 notes, type the letter e and you'll get 2 notes come up, on other client you'll get 90! I'll try that rebuild when I'm next on that PC, but I thought I'd post anyway as it might be something systemic causing the issues.
  2. Thanks for this, I did the same and it also shows $69.99US, so at least I can keep going at the same price (which I think I will and give Ian a chance to bring this years work to fruition). Seems the plan pages need some tweaking though, showing $9.99 with no indication of currency (is this AUD which would make the price okish, or is it USD?) and no monthly option shown on the surface is a marketing blunder. Hope they can fix it, and it isn't an indication of things to come, the last thing EN need right now is anything that discourages new subscribers.
  3. Hmm. This is what I see in Australia. URL is https://evernote.com/intl/en/compare-plans Maybe this is AUD. which makes it more reasonable, but that would be USD$6.79 so I wouldn't think so. We're used to paying the extra for exchange rate and then a bit more in Australia, known locally as the "Australia Tax".
  4. I've been an Evernote lover (and hater on the bumpy bug ride) for 10 odd years, premium the whole time. But as the product has suffered many well documented issues I've found myself using Google Drive much more, as well as taking my Task/Project management to Todoist (even though Evernote can do a reasonable job at this for me). Whilst I'm appreciative of the current move to stabilise and improve the product, and share the progress, it seems to be moving veeeeery slowly. As my premium subscription nears renewal I'm considering if I do indeed renew it, or just go basic and reduce my use even more. I've been paying $70USD the last two years, and I saw last year they 'slashed their prices' as reported by the Verge. Looking now at the Evernote website, I see the price is $9.99 per month (USD I assume) and no discounted option for annual. So am I safe to assume my renewal will be that (perhaps it will be lower as I might be grandfathered into some plan, who knows)? Anyway that price works out to AUD$175p.a. here is Oz!! Now I love Evernote and want it to succeed, but the current offering is not worth that price.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. I really wonder if the future is focused on the web interface and then wrapping that on various devices like Notion does. Sure makes development easier and the experience more consistent. Great to see these videos though, well done Evernote. I look forward to the next one!
  6. Have to say, most comments on these releases are negative by nature. Thought I'd go opposite. I am finding this release very good! The changes to the top of side list view are very nice. Everything is running nice and smoothly for me, thanks for the improvements.
  7. I'm noticing some CPU usage as well. Doesn't matter if I have the main EN window open or not, the task bar and background tasks are doing something continuously eating my battery... This is on my Surface Pro 4, Windows 10, running Evernote (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770). My other Windows 10 device, my home built PC, is running the same version of Evernote and is not doing anything even with the Evernote main window up.
  8. I have no issues with the current price of Evernote...BUT.... I expect it to be stable and relatively bug free and I don't think it is at a satisfactory level right now. The functionally of the apps, the storage it offers and cross platform abilities I believe are worth the money, I just hope they can fix some bugs do I can confidently recommend it again to others and maybe I'll renew when my subscription is due next year.
  9. I don't like this at all. This is a concern. I don't want Facebook anywhere near my data!
  10. Not mobile unfortunately but I use a chrome extension to create a keyboard shortcut which takes the text you have selected and a url link to that email (or page). I then just got ctrl-v into Evernote and done. Would love it on mobile but won't happen I don't think.
  11. If anyone would like to hear the words of Chris O'Neill directly, the podcast interview I referenced was on "The Productivityist" published 8th August. The business talk starts at around the 29 minute mark with discussion about development of AI, task management etc. I find it interesting he mentions that number one priority is product reliability and acknowledges 'they aren't there yet'. At 36 minutes he talks about spend "over half, close to 60% or 70% on R&D'. Here's a link from PocketCasts: https://pca.st/1cWW
  12. Another low tech or manual solutions is when you fill out a diary note, just set a reminder for 12 months from today. It then surfaces itself on that day. I've been doing this for my journal, is often interesting!
  13. In the windows app side view mode you can add a 'reminder time' column. Along with a saved search as suggested and makes for a good forward looking task/project list.
  14. Even though I have 25GB in my database and over 7000 notes, that is over 10 years. I'm usually on a couple of hundred Mb per month. I store pretty much everything text/document based in Evernote. Only things that aren't are my general photos and videos which are in GDrive.
  15. Interesting discussion, facts are that only a very small amount of people will have a really good idea of what is happening now and even they won't know what is coming. I heard an interview with Chris O'Neill recently where he quoted they spend 60% of revenue on R&D. I guess this isn't unusual in a growing software as a service company trying to hit that critical mass number to guarantee long term success. Seems to me though, that with well over 200 million users and being profitable even with R&D spend that high, that should things get rocky Evernote could easily reduce that spend and focus on maintaining the product with a slower feature development cycle and maintain a nice bottom line. It might not get them to 1 billion users, but a strong 300 million user product should be able to do quite well one would think. The product is pretty darn good now! I hope they don't pursue a boom or bust strategy and end up imploding. Either way I wouldn't think they are going anywhere soon.
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