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  1. Michael Goulding

    Can't Take it Any Longer - Migrate Out of Evernote

    For me the issues are the constant bugs. Windows editor bugs with cursors jumping around, Windows inconsistent behaviour especially with check-boxes, bullet lists and indenting (and combining these, OMG!), Windows drag and drop of files in and out of EN works one version and is broken the next, also often places files not where dropped, the sync issues, The Windows app freezing for seconds at a time, and sometimes just closes itself The android app display reminders in the list when there aren't any Android app notifications come up if you change the reminder time in another app before the notification time was due Android app widget shows ALL future reminders rather than just the same as the app settings (it used to mimic and worked fine) Work chat is useless. Tagging of shared notes doesn't work (ie I can't tag notes in a notebook that is shared with me) Saved searches is missing some key functions like AND and OR's (you're forced into one or the other) Bugs in saved searches, sometimes it displays things you don't expect, hit the same search again and it is correct Still can't have more than one layer of stacking notebooks or stacks No native google calendar integration (Cronofy works ok, but does shift my reminders by minutes at times for no reason) Doesn't have the editing and tagging functions within a note like OneNote (which would be very welcome) Rick click menu in tables is different to in normal editor (ie no access to right click, attach files in there) Google integration is hit and miss, sometimes it displays rich links, other times just shows error I'm sure there is more I can't think of right now... Sure there are probably three times this list in features that are awesome with Evernote! I've used it for almost 10 years!! But it has deteriorated so much in recent times. At a time when other products have improved to the point they can take it's crown.
  2. Michael Goulding

    Can't Take it Any Longer - Migrate Out of Evernote

    I'm moving on too. Transitioned to Google Drive where I spend a lot of time anyway. Using GQueues to integrate with it which gives me the tagging, task creation, collection from web clipper and emails etc. GQueues is a quaint little product, underrated in a lot of ways. Could do with a design refresh, and I always fear the small business factor. I like the look of Notion, it has a lot of potential, I'll watch it with interest. As with Evernote, I want it to be great!!!
  3. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    Seems 6.13.14 public is now the latest. Yet all is quiet here?!?! Has every jumped ship?
  4. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    I have to agree with this. I've been a long term Evernote support, and went through the ECL program. But I too can no longer recommend it. They never sorted out note sharing, work chat is unusable and now these sync bugs have tipped me over the edge to look elsewhere. I'm curious what you went too? I found Notion.so which has an amazing editing environment, streets ahead of evernote there, but immature in other areas which hold me back from switching. If EN don't lift their game very soon, they will be dead in the water.
  5. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    Just wanted to report in the same as other users and the previous beta issues with note metadata like tags and notebook not being sticky. I'm prepared for a few bugs in beta, but this one is major and needs urgent attention.
  6. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 2

    I'm experiencing issues with Tags and Notebook settings on notes not being sticky. I'll add a tag to a note and after a sync it will disappear. Similar with notebooks. I'll move a note to a notebook and after a sync it will be back where it started. Seems random, I can't reproduce it reliably.
  7. Michael Goulding

    False notifications

    I've had this issue for years now on multiple phones. If I have a notification due today, then I edit the note on another platform to change the notification to say tomorrow, when my android syncs the notification comes up at that point. So I end up with all these dodgy notifications when they shouldn't be coming up. My work around is to disable all Evernote notifications on my Android, and just use my google calendar to create a notification by default for evernote notes synced via cronofy. Maybe these issues are somehow related to Cronofy sync, since others aren't reporting this fault, is it just me? Can we please fix the notifications, it would be far more useful to have these working for direct access to the note rather than the workaround.
  8. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 3 Released

    Cursor Display Bug When editing a note, if I hit the delete key on any empty line the cursor disappears. Sometimes it shows at the top of the note, sometimes not at all. If you go ahead and do any other action the cursor does continue from where it was (not the top or elsewhere), so it seems to be just a cursor display issue, rather than the cursor actually moving.
  9. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 2 Released

    I often see this. I think it is when I go from using EN on my laptop and then going to being docked and looking on a big screen. I just drag the window off the top to 'restore' it and then maximise it again and all is back to normal. Edit, sorry just saw you're earlier post. Yes I agree and confirm the issue. It has been around for many months I believe.
  10. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 2 Released

    Yes I have also seen this. I reported a few days ago in the Beta forum (seems that place is a ghost town though). Has also been confirmed by another user.
  11. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 2 Released

    Bug: Issue with basic pasting... I copy text from a note: vwau-fs I can paste this into other notes and it works ok. But in some notes it doesn't paste correctly...if I paste at the end of an existing line, it works... Darwin office vwau-fs But if I click after the existing line, hit enter and paste onto a new line, I only get the first line of the clipboard... Darwin office vwau-fs After much fiddling with one note that appeared to be nothing more than basic text in it, after I right clicked the note and hit 'remove formatting', the paste functions work as expected. There seems to be some basic fundamental issues with the editor especially around copy and paste. Basic, but serious. I'm loosing confidence!!
  12. Michael Goulding

    Evernote for Windows 6.6 Beta 2 Released

    I use indented text a lot and I've found a bug in the editor that scares me! type some text
  13. Michael Goulding

    BUG: Jump to title

    Same here, please fix this bug!
  14. Michael Goulding

    Reminders Bug

    Hmmm, I did wonder when I looked at the two options...I picked here because I don't need help, I wanted to provide feedback on a bug. But neither forum really look like a place to report a bug do they.
  15. Michael Goulding

    Touch navigation in Windows - use standard UI

    I agree, the touch interface on my surface pro 4 is horrible. Been reported here many times and not getting any attention it seems.