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It's certainly useful when editing code, but code is typically edited in mono-spaced typefaces all in one point size. Not quite as useful when using typefaces that are variably-spaced (and may also contain a mix a mix of point sizes).

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6 minutes ago, Guest Mavila said:


This is a feature request and users indicate their support using the vote buttons at the top left corner.

Current vote count is 1

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Code editors are so much better for note taking.  The editor in Evernote is very lacking compared to other choices these days.  Column mode, swapping lines, multi-select, etc.  That is why I switched away from Evernote to Inkdrop for every day note taking.  Evernote is where I store scanned docs, which is rare now that almost everything is paperless.

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This post is pointless.

The legacy app is deprecated, end of life. Commenting about what it does and doesn’t is historical in it’s perspective.

A code editor is exactly that, a tool to write code. Specific features may be useful if you write code. If you use it for other purposes as well, it is a personal choice.

Note taking is not about complex editing tools, it is just the opposite. EN is not build and does not intend to support coding.

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