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  1. I've been a paying subscriber for several years. I've seem some good things and bad things out of the Evernote team. This latest Mac release (version 7) is a complete bomb....terrible! Very slow to start, very slow to create a note. Keystrokes are delayed. Its all but unusable. I have a few thousand notes and documents in Evernote. I'll fire it up to look for something if I don't have my phone handy, but otherwise, I've stopped using it. Needless to say, my (premium) subscription will be stopping soon too. Just wanted to take the time out to let the Evernote team they need to react very quickly to this disaster...or at least they will know why they are loosing this subscription.
  2. I must feel like a grumpy monkey (sorry grumpy monkey) - I have to write something. First, I do appreciate how the Evernote continues to innovate and improve the products. However, I feel they are slowly missing the mark with each new update. For example, I was excited when they first purchased Skitch, thinking they would incorporate seem-less PDF annotation and ink into the product. After this latest Evernote update for the Mac, I'm really disappointed in the direction the product is heading. Yes, now I see the skitch icon embedded within Evernote. Cool. Let's grab a PDF note and click the button. Nice - my note opens up in Skitch. Ready to save? How do I save my work back? Of course, "Save to Evernote" But this creates a new note instead of updating my existing note. Why? This is really whacky and counter-intuitive. Want to add more annotations? Sure, edit your new note and create yet another note...huh? This doesn't make any sense at all and a total step backwards. Evernote should have purchased Noteworthy and incorporated the seemless ink and editing functionality found in that really great iPad app rather than fooling around with skitch and Penultimate. Another example - the highlighter. A nice addition in the Mac client. You can't select colors for the highlighter, but still a nice edition. Even so, I would have much rather have had font size, color, and style drop downs though. The editor on Mac is very clunky unlike any other other Mac client. What about improvements in tables? Not so lucky. But at least I have a highlighter that I'm unlikely to use very often. Evernote continues to just barely keep enough functionality improvements to keep many of us around. I worry, though, that Evernote's product direction, as evidenced with these recent updates, are loosing their edge and not focused on creating real value.
  3. The master note with note links inside is something I use to pull together a "file" (e.g. my house papers). You may also want to give some more thought to your tag system. Tags became a lot more user friendly to me once I created a good naming convention. For example, all my projects have the naming convention "prj-project 1", "prj-project 2", etc. I also group information for my vendors using a similar system "ven-microsoft", "ven-salesforce", "ven-oracle", etc. and on down the line.
  4. done...wasn't as bad as I thought to do it manually.
  5. thanks for the quick reply. I have several that I want to unshare...doesn't look like I can unshare more than one at a time. I just tagged all the notes I want to unshare and thought I could whip up a little applescript...but it does not appear that evernote has exposed the shared method/property. Ugh...one at a time I guess.
  6. Over the last few months I've shared many notes with public links. I'd like to review these notes and un share some of them. Is there a way to identify these notes and un-share them easily?
  7. Yes - you are right...the web shows correctly. I've changed other notes, added new notes, change the notebook around, synced again, restarted my computer, and a few of the notes are still in the wrong place on the Mac. Just for the sake of completeness, here is a screenshot showing an example: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s19/sh/bc157bb3-c2c8-4e56-b33a-fa1e79565092/a9d91cd0e356ad284b6fc6b8c64bd9fe
  8. Not sure if anyone has this issue...I also opened a ticket with support and will post back with any answers. I am cleaning up my inbox. It is named "!!inbox". I currently have about 200 notes accumulated that need tagging and moving. I select only the !!Inbox notebook, then tag a note and move it to the appropriate notebook. Expected behavior is that the note disappears from view as it moves to the other notebook. However, about 50% of the time my notes are staying in the !!Inbox, even though the note metadata says it is not in the !!inbox. I try moving these notes to other notebooks, then back to the correct notebook, but it still displays in my !!Inbox. I've tried syncing, restarting, and a few other things. Seems to be a bug with 5.x.x since I have not noticed this problem before.
  9. Indeed. They have kept it secret for some reason, despite being (at least on the forums) universally popular and loved by the Windows users. It seems like such a waste to hide a great feature that the developers spent time creating. What is the point of hiding your work? Oh well. We recognize your efforts Windows developers! And, so Jack doesn't feel left out, we should also recognize his new, hidden Mac feature: navigation by hot keys. I haven't tried it yet myself, but it looks like users are liking it. Why is it hidden? Evernote developers are funny like that So...what is the new hidden Mac feature? What are the secret navigation keys? I find myself doing the same thing every 6 months or so...looking for alternatives. There is *just* enough (but barely) functionality to keep me using Evernote. At the same time, there is just enough frustration with this product to keep me searching for something better. It's going to be a nightmare when I switch away, but I feel that almost certainly I will at some point...only a matter of time. I haven't been on the forum in quite a while, but the latest couple releases brought enough problems that I, like everyone else, am here looking for answers. But there aren't any. Ditto... I sort of like the *look* of the new interface, but its like it was designed by an artist...not a UI expert or real designer... since much of the usability and efficiency is lost. Add my vote to the others AGAINST the loss of functionality, loss of efficiency, and new UI, and overall bugginess.
  10. So many apps are coming out that that have restful API's...as I read your comment, wouldn't it be a great feature to be able to create a link with search criteria? In other words, your saved search note would have URL's in them...something like: evernote://search/notebook:inbox&tag:lookhere&!tag:"don't look there" Then we could edit all we want and save searches (and note links) wherever...
  11. thanks Mike, looks like I have to use it outside of evernote itself, through their web UI? is that correct, any 3rd part apps that work within the Evernote app themselves? Interesting idea...but don't like it.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm paperless/digital with most things. But its hard to tape an iPad to my monitor @ work. Even if I use duct tape, it looks a little awkward. . The reminder keeps it top-of-mind during the flurry of the day. I may fire up the Windows version to see if that works.
  13. Interesting - I've been collecting bible verses in Evernote for some time. I decided to start printing them out on 3x5 cards to help me memorize them. I'm trying to print to this format, but I cannot get it to work with Evernote. There is no "scale to page size" option like there is in most applications. There is a scale option...I've tried everything from 50% to 100%. The text is either itty bitty tiny or runs off the cards. Can't seem to get it right. I have an option on my HP photosmart printer options to scale down to page size. This too just looks like a microfiche of a full page print. Anyone else try this and figure it out. Seems like it should be so simple! Maybe I should install a Windows virtual machine to see if Evernote works better on that platform?
  14. Thanks for the tip...I did try that and noticed that the attachments are exported. However, I then need to rename the PDF attachments anyway to get them in chronological order (by title). I found it easier to select the note title text, copy to clip board, right-click on the attachments, save-as, then past the new name, repeat a few hundred times. Its been mentioned elsewhere, but if Evernote had an export option where the attachments could be renamed to match the note title, this would have been a good option. Thank you. I offered this to the attorney, but he did not use Evernote or want to deal with it. They would just have their paralegal do what I did, manually exporting the content, and then charge me for it. I'm dealing with a mid-size firm so they are probably a little less flexible.
  15. I get a real kick reading through these threads ... especially at the replies of the "evangelists". Some of the "evangelists" are actually helpful and have great attitudes. If I were to generalize, most are not and typified by your answer. If I owned Evernote, I would not want posters like this on my board representing my company.
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