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  1. I've been a paying subscriber for several years. I've seem some good things and bad things out of the Evernote team. This latest Mac release (version 7) is a complete bomb....terrible! Very slow to start, very slow to create a note. Keystrokes are delayed. Its all but unusable. I have a few thousand notes and documents in Evernote. I'll fire it up to look for something if I don't have my phone handy, but otherwise, I've stopped using it. Needless to say, my (premium) subscription will be stopping soon too. Just wanted to take the time out to let the Evernote team they need to react very quickly to this disaster...or at least they will know why they are loosing this subscription.
  2. done...wasn't as bad as I thought to do it manually.
  3. thanks for the quick reply. I have several that I want to unshare...doesn't look like I can unshare more than one at a time. I just tagged all the notes I want to unshare and thought I could whip up a little applescript...but it does not appear that evernote has exposed the shared method/property. Ugh...one at a time I guess.
  4. Over the last few months I've shared many notes with public links. I'd like to review these notes and un share some of them. Is there a way to identify these notes and un-share them easily?
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