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  1. hm. Evernote ( don't seam to check the hide status. On my machine it list all installed fonts.
  2. hi, in the Windows desktop client for Evernote I would like to filter my font list. E.g. only show a list of selected fonts in the font combo when editing a note. Or sort my selected font on top of the LONG list of font in Windows. Yes I know I can uninstall font in Windows but I don't like to start doing that. And seeing 250+ font in the combo when I only need 2-5 is a BIG distraction when editing a note in Evernote.
  3. Make evernote editor support Column Mode Editing. See https://notepad-plus-plus.org/features/column-mode-editing.html
  4. I'm using the desktop version of Evernote ( (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494). And when pasting text into a note I get some focus issues. Steps Open an existing note Move the cursor to the end of some line in the middle of the existing text. Open 'ditto' (external clipboard tool) with keyboard shortcut => and paste text into evernote. Should be the same as CTRL-V. The cursor is moved in evernote. And the text is pasted in the start of the note. Sometimes in the end. And sometimes it's OK pasted when I get the cursor.
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