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iOS 11 Drag Drop ?



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1 hour ago, VDo said:

Any drag and drop features (iOS) supported in Evernote for iOS on iPad Pro? 

Not with the current version.  A v11 version is imminent but we have no info on the features

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This morning I had to create a quick note from a long series text messages I sent a friend yesterday. For efficiency sake, I opened Notes and Messages in a split screen on my iPad Pro, quickly dragged and dropped to Notes, then copy and pasted to Evernote. Even with 4,000+ notes in Evernote it won’t take long doing that before I’m ready to entertain a switch.


Are you listening, Evernote?

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drag into Evernote would be good, but also drag out, i.e. create a note link in another application. I just tried to drag and drop a note into Todoist in split screen mode but of course it's not possible, yet. 

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Yes, the new iOS 11 drag and drop should be incorporated into Evernote iOS like Notes. I can actually drag text from another app into the Title bar but that is essentially useless. It would helpful if Evernote support could provide a timeline on when it will be implemented. 

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Hi again, I have tested the feature and it works very well! I have been waiting for this for a long time and am very happy about it.

However, I noticed when I drag a PDF file from let’s say the Files app, the file name will be identical in Evernote but when you try to drag a PDF file from evernote to the Files app, it will get a generic name « Document PDF » . Why? 

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