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  1. Hi all, Latex support would be great. I tried notion and the possibility of writing symbols and equations inline is amazing. I never thought this would be a big thing to me, but after trying it for a few days, I changed my opinion. I was used to sketch my equations with Evernotes build in sketching tool. Bur when you just need some symbols the inline solution of notion is much better. It's doesn't interrupt typing and you can use it on desktop. This makes it very handy when you are just want to write down some ideas to solve a problem.
  2. Hi all, Drag and drop is also an important feature for me. My workflow contains editing many documents and copy/paste is very time consuming. So here is my +1
  3. For me the concept of outlining is a really important for a basic text editor. I store written concept ideas and code snippets. So mainly pure text. But this can become a big amount of lines. So an overview like a table of content or toggle lists would help me a lot. I don´t want to use a 'middle man' like a word processor because i constantly switch between MacOS,Windows and iOS. Another great way to use this concept is by reflection study stuff or preparing a meeting. Just write the topic or the question down and hide the answer. This is such an easy and useful method to remember stuff. There are many more examples, but I just want to point out, that this not a basic feature, it's concept of organizing information and I hope that Evernote will implement this possibility. Just my 2 cents. Stay healthy!
  4. Hey all, Drag and Drop was working with the previous version of evernote and ios11.0. At least it worked pretty nice with pictures. This was a big time saver, so please bring this feature back. Thanks and have a great time
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