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  1. Yes, I've managed to download the smaller notebooks, its the bigger 10k notes notebooks I've got to work on now. Can't help feeling it should all be easier really. There is no way I can click on all the attachments.
  2. It has. I only discovered this a couple of days ago, and it works for all apps with a print function on iOS I've tried so far. Go to your note. Click the share button. Select print. On the image of the note in the print dialog, do the 'pinch out' gesture. You now have a PDF version of the note you can use in any other app, including email I'm astonished this wasn't better advertised. And I don't know when it was introduced in iOS. If it turns out it was a couple of versions ago I'll be seriously discombobulated.
  3. New iphone 7 and fully updated ios Evernote 7.17 I'm having real problems getting my offline files downloaded. I've got a lot of notes ( 17k) in about 20 notebooks. Download 'all files' didn't come close to downloading everything, even if left overnight a couple of times. Trying to download individual notebooks is hit and miss. I emptied my 'inbox' down to a single note and it still wouldn't download the whole notebook. Anybody else having problems?
  4. A workaround for this. Copy your link. Paste it into your note. Move the cursor to the centre of the link and type in the text you want. Delete the text you don't want. And you have your custom link. It isn't elegant but it works.
  5. Unless you've unticked the box in options for each file, there should be an 'annotations summary' at the beginning of any PDF you've annotated. Each of your annotations is referenced in the summary, and pressing on the reference moves you to that annotation. That works pretty much like the bookmark you are looking for.
  6. An alternative is to use a tally app on your iphone to give an incremental unique number for each important note, and copy that into the title of the note. That means I can also use the number in workflowy to refer to a single note. And I know that I can change anything else in the title and not worry about finding the note. I used to use a number based on date and time of note creation eg 160623142333 but that was just too long and unsightly
  7. Just tried this out. Linked from Chrome to a google drive pdf. Link working fine. Then edited the pdf in Goodreader on my iphone and synced up the changes. Now the original evernote link no longer works. It seems that the edited file has a different google file link and so the evernote link is broken. This works fine on Dropbox by the way. Presumably its a google issue? Correction: Actually I've never used direct links from dropbox to evernote, so their links may change when the file has been edited as well.
  8. mac

  9. I can see back and forwards on the note window, but not the main window (v6.0.4)
  10. Same for me. Can't see anyway to go back or forwards. (and whilst we're at it, can we have a keyboard shortcut on Windows for back and forwards? It exists on Mac....
  11. Okay I understand having seen the forum now. They have re-implemented "nested" tags in the same way as they are "nested" in the Mac and Windows desktop versions. I was thinking of the ways in which other apps use nested tags where a search on a parent tag brings up that tag and its children. It was a source of heated debate on this forum some years ago.
  12. I don't know, they've recently implemented nested tags in the new web version of Evernote, thus making it available in almost all platforms. Bringing it to mobile "should" be the next logical step. Really? Where? I can't see it. I've been using Web evernote quite a bit recently, so if they've done this I'd be very interested
  13. I agree entirely. You can do a complex tag search on ios by typing "tag:person tag:agenda" or doing an initial tag search and then typing 'tag:agenda' but you have to remember the tags exactly. I suspect we'll never see nested tags. that being said, handwritten notes is greatly appreciated, and for my purposes probably more important.
  14. When sharing an evernote to omnifocus; If I select 'public link' i get the 'https://...' link in omnifocus, as expected. If I select 'private link' I get the 'http://...' link again. I'd expect the 'evernote://...' link, which is indeed what happens if I try just to copy the link. This would seem to be a bug. Nic
  15. Just as an aside if anyone is still having trouble with classic links; I have been recently using the web version of Evernote on a work computer and it is now surprisingly robust. The copy note function in particular will provide you with the classic link and it is all set up to very easily edit the text of the link. It's worth a look.