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  1. Update here. A recent data error reminded me that I had used tools/options to move my data in evernote onto a SD card on my surface pro 3. So I bit the bullet, uninstalled and reinstalled, then had to uninstall again as evernote was now insistent that everything HAD to be on the D drive, and finally persuaded it to keep everything on the C drive. After a few hours now, the experience is worlds away from what it was before. No search pauses, no hangs, and it zips along in an entirely useable fashion.
  2. I have frequent freezes on my surface pro with Windows 10. Enough to make it unusable. However I never see a freeze on my standard work PC running windows 7.
  3. yes i meant they are all notebooks that will sync. and they all say they are syncing ok which is why it took me some time to realise i was losing data
  4. sorry, should clarify- all notebooks are syncing- i don't have any purely offline notebooks
  5. I've no idea. I can't remember whether I had an internet connection when I updated these notes. Although I do have all my notebooks marked as for offline use, so they could well have been offline. Actually on the phone they are almost never offline, as I have 4G when I'm not connected to wifi. To emphasise, I wasn'tgetting a 'note conflict' creation. I could cope with and understand that. It was just replacing the previously edited note.
  6. I have a few notes that I regularly update with things like my weight and which runs I have been on. I have recently seen that some of my edits seem to have been lost and on further investigation this appears to be edits made on my iPhone. I can change these notes on the iPad, on the web and on my MacBook and everything gets synced up fine. However on the iPhone this note will not update and any changes I make to it overwrite any previous edits made on the other platforms. So I get the old version with the iPhone edits but have lost all the other edits. This is not a major problem for these notes as I can look up their histories on the web and re-download edits. However I now have an uneasy feeling that any changes I make on my iPhone may delete other changes. Is this a recognised bug? My confidence in the robustness of notes taken on the iphone is shaken.
  7. This problem appears to be specific to preview. So saving seems to work okay if you use another PDF viewer, such as Skim (which does have some advantages over preview and is also free)
  8. Not sure if this is a Sierra problem or Evernote. Running 6.9.2 and just gone to Sierra No longer can I edit pdfs with Preview directly in evernote. Preview insists on me making a copy and saving that elsehwere. Just about the main advantage of using a Mac for Evernote over my ipad was the ability to annotate pdfs inline. (and I don't want to use the evernote Skitch-style pdf annotation). This doesn't seem to be a problem with Word files.
  9. so first announced October 2nd, and I get an email October 13th?
  10. We have identified a bug in some versions of Evernote for Mac that can cause images and other attachments to be deleted from a note under specific conditions. We believe you are one of a small number of people impacted by this bug. Please update Evernote on your Mac to the latest version as soon as possible: • From the menu, go to Help > Check For Updates… • If you do not see this menu option, update through the Mac App Store or from our website The bug can occur in the version of Evernote for Mac released in September, and less frequently in versions released since June. In these versions, certain sequences of events, such as skimming quickly through a large number of notes, can cause an image or other attachments to be deleted from a note without warning. Text in notes is not affected. Once we identified the problem, we worked quickly to implement a solution and attempted to restore all lost data. Unfortunately, some of your attachments couldn’t be automatically restored. However, you may be able to recover your attachments using Evernote’s note history feature available through Evernote Premium. We are giving your account one free year of Evernote Premium to make amends and give you access to priority customer support via chat or email. If you already have Premium, the gift code can be used to extend your subscription for one additional year, or banked as Points to use for later. Redeem your code » If you run into any difficulties redeeming your code, follow these instructions. We understand how important your notes and attachments are, and we apologize. Again, please update your app as soon as possible to prevent any further loss of data. The Evernote Team Account • Products • Blog • Support This email has been sent to you by Evernote Corporation (or its subsidiary) Evernote Corporation, 305 Walnut Street, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA Unsubscribe
  11. I've just got an email with the above title. It tells me there is a bug in evernote for Mac causing loss of attachments and I need to download an update. However when I go to download an update it tells me that I'm 6.9.2 and uptodate. It would be super useful for the email to tell me which number is the most uptodate version. Furthermore it tells me I may have lost attachments, but they can be regained by going to the note history. I have 18000 notes and I'd guess a half of them have attachments. Is there any way I can find out which are at risk? A parallel post in this forum might have been a good idea.
  12. Yes, I've managed to download the smaller notebooks, its the bigger 10k notes notebooks I've got to work on now. Can't help feeling it should all be easier really. There is no way I can click on all the attachments.
  13. It has. I only discovered this a couple of days ago, and it works for all apps with a print function on iOS I've tried so far. Go to your note. Click the share button. Select print. On the image of the note in the print dialog, do the 'pinch out' gesture. You now have a PDF version of the note you can use in any other app, including email I'm astonished this wasn't better advertised. And I don't know when it was introduced in iOS. If it turns out it was a couple of versions ago I'll be seriously discombobulated.
  14. New iphone 7 and fully updated ios Evernote 7.17 I'm having real problems getting my offline files downloaded. I've got a lot of notes ( 17k) in about 20 notebooks. Download 'all files' didn't come close to downloading everything, even if left overnight a couple of times. Trying to download individual notebooks is hit and miss. I emptied my 'inbox' down to a single note and it still wouldn't download the whole notebook. Anybody else having problems?
  15. A workaround for this. Copy your link. Paste it into your note. Move the cursor to the centre of the link and type in the text you want. Delete the text you don't want. And you have your custom link. It isn't elegant but it works.