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  1. If you're using an iphone / Mac, i can recommend Drafts app for this. There are plenty of 'copy to a specific evernote note' actions in drafts. I have one for my weight and one for my runs which gets copied in every day.
  2. Multiple crashes following install of this new version. I cannot use it on iOS at all now. Been a paying user for over 10 years. Works great and love the app as I (mostly) always have on Windows and Mac. The iOS version has been a pain to use for the past 6 months (search not working properly, multiple crashes) and today is not usable at all. I keep putting off the pain of moving to another app, but unless iOS version improves some time I'm going to have to.
  3. I agree, the source of the note should have no relevance. However, it does - that's the bug. And yes I confirmed that the omitted notes were there on the windows machine and pulled out by ordinary text searches To reiterate, the search works fine on iOS and Mac and pulls up all notes created or updated on the day in question On windows, the search misses out notes created by the mail in process.
  4. I have a saved search for all notes updated today, and another one for yesterday. It finds notes created or updated on that day. "updated:day" and "updated:day-1 -updated:day" On Windows, it doesn't pick up notes that have been emailed into evernote - ie created by email On iOS, it does pick up those notes and works as expected. Those omitted notes are revealed by other ordinary text searches on windows
  5. doesn't work with mail. You get something that looks like a link in evernote, (in blue, underlined) but has no URL so it is just formatted like a link.
  6. Okay, here is a sort of solution having fiddled around with it in case anyone else has the same problem The web version of the "corrupted" note remains usable and editable. So if you edit a note on your Mac or iOS and it becomes unusable, go to the web version of the note, edit it and then re-sync. The web version will then sink down to your Mac, you will get a sync conflict and you can delete the corrupted note. If however you delete the corrupted note before you have revived it on the web you will lose the note everywhere. This is a major pain.
  7. Very prompt response from Evernote, but unfortunately it just sort of restates the problem: This error message indicates that the note that's referenced isn't properly syncing to the Evernote server. If you have file attachments in this note, such as PDFs or audio recordings, please reply to this email for further assistance. Otherwise, to resolve this: 1. Copy and paste the text content out of the referenced note into a new note 2. Delete the referenced note by swiping across it from right to left, then tapping the trash button 3. Go to your 'Trash' notebook at the bottom of your notebooks list and delete the note from there so it's entirely removed from your account 4. Sync Evernote If you need additional help, please reply to this message. To which I replied Thanks for the response. Often (if not always) most of the text disappears from the note so I can't copy it. Anyway, this isn't so much of an issue with current notes. At the end of the day I can go back to the exchange server and copy them into Evernote by a print to pdf or similar. More important to me is the question of whether I can trust forwarding email into Evernote. If this doesn't work robustly I'm going to have to stop using it for this purpose, which is one of the main reasons I use the program. I'd stress this seems to happen to every note I forward from this server
  8. Yes, I'll submit to support. I can be a bit more specific about this now. I routinely use 2 exchange servers. Only one seems to be affected. The initial download of the forwarded note works fine. It downloads to all devices and seems to be OK. Once the note is edited however, it adds this line to the top of the note ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"? and it stops syncing. The note remains fine on the other devices, unless it is edited on them, when again it goes bad as above. I shudder to think how far back this problem goes.
  9. it gets a little worse.... The failure to sync only happens once the Note has been edited in some way. I'm not sure how far this goes back but notes that go back a couple of days turn out to be unsinkable once had been edited.
  10. Ive just started getting error messages when forwarding emails into evernote. This has happened on a Mac and also on iOS. Forwarding into my usual evenote inbox starts off fine. The note arrives and appears to sync down into evernote. Then I get an error message 'could not sync note XXXX the content is invalid' and the note wont sync and has to be deleted. Anybody else seeing this?
  11. Update here. A recent data error reminded me that I had used tools/options to move my data in evernote onto a SD card on my surface pro 3. So I bit the bullet, uninstalled and reinstalled, then had to uninstall again as evernote was now insistent that everything HAD to be on the D drive, and finally persuaded it to keep everything on the C drive. After a few hours now, the experience is worlds away from what it was before. No search pauses, no hangs, and it zips along in an entirely useable fashion.
  12. I have frequent freezes on my surface pro with Windows 10. Enough to make it unusable. However I never see a freeze on my standard work PC running windows 7.
  13. yes i meant they are all notebooks that will sync. and they all say they are syncing ok which is why it took me some time to realise i was losing data
  14. sorry, should clarify- all notebooks are syncing- i don't have any purely offline notebooks
  15. I've no idea. I can't remember whether I had an internet connection when I updated these notes. Although I do have all my notebooks marked as for offline use, so they could well have been offline. Actually on the phone they are almost never offline, as I have 4G when I'm not connected to wifi. To emphasise, I wasn'tgetting a 'note conflict' creation. I could cope with and understand that. It was just replacing the previously edited note.
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