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Option to change default font / font size on Web client

Fabiana S.


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Agree. There should be an option to set the default size of text in the web client! This thread is almost 3 years, has many people upvoting it and there is still no way to do this?

The problem is, I usually use size 20. But then it often suddenly switches to the default 16. I then have to manually switch it to 20 every single time instead of it just defaulting to 20.

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I agree. The current default font, color, and size seem poor choices for my brand new 1920x1200 monitor. I keep changing the font to Verdana (as here), which was designed for digital displays. It's even better when the color is set to black. It's unpleasant to have to change these in each note. It should be possible to set font, color, and size defaults.

Evernote...please take note!


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I am on a similar laptop to the XPS. Same resolution. I concur that the font is less than ideal. Try zooming in or out in your browser (control+plus and control+minus). On my system zooming to 110% makes the anti aliasing of that font less offensive.

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9 minutes ago, lenstewart said:

And, no change. So, I'm guessing they are paying no attention to these user comments or requests.

I'm guessing since Evernote is paying for these forums they are interested in obtaining feedback and feature requests.
User comments and feedbacks are just one of many factors in determining development priorities.
One factor is user support for a feature; this request has 17 votes.  To indicate your support use the voting buttons at the top left corner of the discussion.

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Your main goal here is to create a prefix font for a rich text editor like RTF. Well .. there are some decisions that need to be taken as below.

There is a downside to the toolbar to increase font size, but that should be done for every file that is edited.

There are tools to easily replace the fonts (webclient.richtext.fontlist) that are available, but not the font sizes.

Regarding setting a large font size, we found that users complained that the font size when using the font size was too small and that the font size would be low enough Make bigger decisions each time they open and use rich text.

Maximo has no functionality to do that in the application. However, the only way to make the changes is through the .css file.

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it's been quite a few years and this simple feature has not been implemented?

i've grown to like the Serif font in the web client and have had to switch to it everytime I make a new note or even while the note was in progress as the editor keeps defaulting back to Sans Serif

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