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  1. True. My comment was entirely my own speculation based on the lack of activity on this front, and before I had read rezecib's explanation of why they have been reluctant to put significant resources towards such a feature.
  2. Would LOVE boolean search as well. I'm surprised that with this many votes already we haven't gotten anyone from Evernote to weigh in on this, although I understand such a feature would likely only be utilized by heavier users. Still, not having it available would seem to be quite the headache for a majority of us. EDIT- Apparently we did get a staff member to weigh in back in 2018, but I must've missed it on my original scan through. Still would like it though!
  3. I have a bit of a workaround for those interested. In my case, this worked with trying to capture Washington Post comments. Let's say the goal would be to capture all currently visible comments. What I did was: Highlight any portion of text starting from the first comment. Continue to hold down the mouse/left-click. Hit the "End" key on your keyboard. This should bring you down to roughly the end of the comments section. Extend the highlighted section a little bit in order to ensure the last comment would be completely highlighted (you can let go of the mouse/left-click at this point). Right-click on any section of the highlighted text, then select "Print". Save as PDF. It's obviously not an ideal solution nor an elegant one, but at least it works without too much fuss. I'm going to test this method with some other websites I frequent in order to determine if it could potentially represent a more generalized solution rather than for a select few use cases.
  4. I've noticed how article comments hosted via external services (Disquis, etc) often cannot be brought into Evernote via the Web Clipper, which is a great shame since sometimes the content within the comments section is better than the content within the article itself. At the very least, I would hope to have an official explanation as to why such content cannot currently be captured, as previous threads I have seen discussing the topic have gone unanswered by Evernote employees over the years.
  5. For notes created in-house, I understand that this sort of action could be accomplished through the duplication of user-created "Template" notes with pre-existing tags. However, for content brought in via the Web Clipper, such functionality would be entirely missing. For instance, I may want to apply different sets of tags to incoming clipped content depending on the source, content type, etc. Although the web clipper does allow specific tags to be applied to all clipped content, this would not represent a sufficient solution. If we could utilize our own named tag sets via the Web Clipper, this issue would be instantly resolved. As of right now, the only alternatives would be to apply tags one by one or to handle content from within Evernote, neither of which would be ideal when applying several or more tags.
  6. I would also like a solution to this, as the same issue applies to Washington Post comments.
  7. Thought I'd provide a quick update. After going back and forth with support for the last several weeks, it seems they are as stumped as I am, as none of their solutions has resolved this issue. Ultimately, they recommended that I move my database folder back to the C drive, although I would prefer not to have to do this for a number of reasons. One interesting thing to note is that an Import Folder set up on my external H: drive worked just fine; it's only with the F: drive that this issue is present. Granted, I'm not sure this observation would bring me closer to any sort of potential solution. At this point, I might be content with setting up Import Folders on my H: drive and manually moving content into them from their mirrors on my F: drive. It'd be an extra step of work, but wouldn't be the end of the world either.
  8. I understand why it wasn't working now. I must have had one or more tags already applied at the time, so whenever I would click on the caret it would simply add another tag to the group, often leading to no notes being returned. Thanks!
  9. Is it possible to visit specific tags through the applied tags visible at the top of each note? For instance, I have fantasy basketball player notes to which a variety of tags may apply. Among these tags would be one for each respective player's team; "LAL" for the Lakers would be an example. Ideally, when looking at a specific player's note, I would be able to click on this tag and be taken to its list of notes rather than having to search for the tag or locate it within my hierarchy. Using the aforementioned example, when looking at the note titled "LeBron James", I may want to visit the applied "LAL" tag in order to quickly access the player notes for all of his Lakers teammates. It's a minor thing, but when time is of the essence and/or you would be repeating the same action often, it adds up. If this would not be possible, might there exist a similarly quick option for visiting specific tags? Thanks.
  10. I understand the at-best skeptical and at-worst irritated reaction to this self-proclaimed and entirely vague refreshing. However, I can also understand the thinking behind such a refreshing effort despite its lack of initial substance. Consider the following two scenarios: -An introduction of several user-requested features along with general performance improvements followed by a rebranding marketing campaign. -An initial rebranding marketing campaign followed by the introduction of several user-requested features along with general performance improvements. If I am Evernote, I would go with Option B over Option A every time. Or, better yet, Option C, where Evernote would have announced this refresh alongside a description of meaningful changes. I guess that would have been asking for too much. /s Without a doubt, we should be highly skeptical of Evernote suddenly doing a 180 with regard to long-standing performance and functionality issues, but maybe this truly is the start of a change in priorities. The combination of this announced refresh, a few high-level executives leaving the company and the aforementioned glaring issues which, I would suspect, have impacted Evernote's bottom line give me at least some hope of them having finally seen the light. With that said, there remains the risk Evernote will instead make the choice to put fluff innovation first before core functionality, which will only alienate us moderate-to-heavy users even further. Just how important we are to Evernote compared to new and/or casual users remains to be seen, but we should find out soon enough. I won't be holding my breath obviously, but I'm willing to give Evernote a bit of time to show us something. If they are truly serious about this rebranding effort, they should follow up with something of substance soon. If nothing comes of it, I think it's safe to say Evernote will never put reliability first.
  11. Previously, I had Evernote installed on my F: Drive (an SSD) with my local files continuing to being stored on my C Drive. When attempting to add an import folder from the F: drive, I am able to select the desired folder from the Browse window, but reopening the Import Folders dialog box would show that Evernote had set the drive location to the C Drive. This happens whether I select a folder from the F drive or manually change the letter "C" to the letter "F" after such changes have already occurred. In response to this, I decided to move my local files onto my F: drive, which is something I had been planning to do anyway. However, even upon reloading Evernote, my import folders continue to default to the C Drive. Any thoughts on how I could fix this?
  12. Not shared unfortunately. I had one notebook in particular that was shared awhile back, but had ended that some time ago.
  13. I know similar issues have been reported in the past and that at one point a workaround existed for it, however I believe said workaround no longer works. Thus, here I am. Here is my situation: -Sync causes Evernote to freeze anywhere from 5-10 seconds. -I have my Sync interval set to 10 minutes. -Evernote continues to sync automatically. -Evernote constantly freezes as a result. I've also attempted to tackle the root issue of the freezing itself, but to no avail. If I could just minimize said freezing to every 10 minutes instead of every 30 seconds, that would be good enough for the time being. PS- I've noticed that Evernote occasionally WILL obey its own sync settings, but most of the time will not. I cannot pinpoint why.
  14. I just recently began using the Windows version of Evernote after having used the web version for a couple of months, and while it is in an improvement in many respects there is one deal-breaking bug for me that has happened on more than just a multiple occasions. Basically, a list of items will lose their space formatting and combine into a single line for seemingly no reason. For instance, this: -First Entry -Second Entry -Third Entry Will become: -First Entry -Second Entry -Third Entry Obviously, for Notes with a lot of these entries this type of bug is a huge headache to deal with. I've tried restarting Evernote, restarting my computer, using a different font and/or font size but nothing has worked to fix this other than to manually move everything back to their original spots. It is worth mentioning that the text for some of these entries originated from Notepad, as I often place content there on a temporary basis until I decide to which Notes I would like to move specific pieces. Windows 7 user on Evernote If you have any questions for me fire away.
  15. Windows 7 user here experiencing the same issue with my Lenovo M705 Mouse (on "3" Evernote jumps about 9 lines), but I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent suggestion. I still hope Evernote will finally come up with a solution for this long-time issue, but in the meantime this is a perfectly functional and painless workaround.
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