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  1. That's true. Never really thought about it from a spam perspective. I'm programmed to be on the lookout for fake Yelp reviews, fake Amazon reviews/ratings, Reddit brigading, etc., but it never struck me to apply the same discerning eye here despite my surprise. Then again, I'm not a big phone user. I reckon a bit of bias was also in play, as I've always had some issues with Evernote on my phones despite other apps working just fine. Some of my notes are rather big, however, so that's likely partially my fault. Out of curiosity, what would be the vague "normal"/non-extreme range of values you would expect for the above observations?
  2. And your post was 18 days ago. Still no fix. Is Evernote trying to self-destruct and/or be sold at lowest possible value? And no follow-up from staff here or anywhere else? Maybe they see the writing on the wall, too. I don't get it otherwise. For fun, I scanned through all of the recent Google Play reviews and I couldn't find a single positive review out of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of them. Even the worst of apps usually have some positive reviews lol. It is truly breathtaking to watch unfold. Thanks for this.
  3. For instance, I have some notes with webm files that play without issue when opening them from my Windows computer. They also play without issue when I would choose to download them from their respective notes on my android devices. The issue is when I would want to open them from Evernote on Android directly. Even with having downloaded software that can play such files (in this case, MX Player), Evernote only offers to open them with apps like Sketch, ES Note Editor, News Suite, etc. There is no option for selecting MX Player or any other capable media app. While I could choose to download such files to my phone as a temporary workaround, this would, needless to say, not be an ideal situation in the long run.
  4. For example, I attempted to clip a specific product page from Amazon, but when I clicked on the Web Clipper, the "Loading Web Clipper" popup appears for a second before disappearing and nothing happens afterwards. The same result occurred on other Amazon pages. However, on others still, there were no issues loading the Web Clipper. And on other domains, I have not had such issues. At least, not yet. Any ideas? Already tried cookies, reloading Web Clipper extension, updating Chrome to the latest version, etc. I'm on Windows if that helps. EDIT- On further testing, one of the affected Amazon pages did load the Web Clipper in Opera. However, it remains to be seen if the Web Clipper would load on all Opera Amazon pages, although this seems to be more likely than not.
  5. Good point. It's definitely not a solution for all cases. True. Personally, I tend to shy away from screenshots in cases where the desired clipping would exceed the range of a single screenshot (although you could just take multiple screenshots) as well as in cases where OCR might be less reliable and/or cumbersome. Otherwise, they are another option as well.
  6. When using the Web Clipper to bring in content from the web, I noticed that content from certain sites was coming in in an undesirable fashion, with issues ranging from colored backgrounds to poor formatting. None of the potential solutions I read about quite fit the bill for me. And then I realized, why bother using the Web Clipper at all in these instances? Certainly, the Web Clipper offers a number of useful features, but most of those features would be available within Evernote itself as well. In these particular cases, what I decided to do was: Open up the Print window Set the Destination as "Save as PDF" Save the web page Bring the PDF into Evernote through the most desirable means Obviously, this process is a bit more time-consuming and cumbersome than simply utilizing the Web Clipper, but in cases where the latter would fail to do an adequate job it would represent a decent-enough workaround. Another possible use case for this type of workaround would be to capture web page comments that the Web Clipper would not be able to include within its clipped content. In these cases, all you would need to do is: Select/highlight the comment(s) in question Right-click Select "Print" Repeat the above steps. Hope this helps someone out there! EDIT- I'm a Windows user so the above steps are for a Windows browser, in this case Google Chrome, but the gist of it should be similar across different platforms.
  7. Fair enough, although it's still only a copy and paste action at heart. It just feels like one of those more basic features you would expect to be available.
  8. Despite the various workarounds referenced in this thread, I still think it would be worthwhile to have this option available, particularly for anyone who deals with a lot of tagged content. Having to, for instance, duplicate a note with the desired tags, wipe the note contents, and finally paste into this note the content from a desired template note could be quite the annoying process when performed many times. Other workarounds would seem to be similarly annoying, even if effective. I can't imagine such a feature being difficult to implement, even though I'm sure the Evernote team has better things to do with their time.
  9. I understand. Thank you for the information. I guess I'll have to go with one of my alternative options then.
  10. Right. I actually have something similar to this in place already, but the ability to order notes by location could still come in handy in certain instances. For instance, when traveling within a large metropolitan area like NYC, a location tag or set of tags may still be too general for my liking. Of course, I could always go deeper with my location tag(s), perhaps down to individual areas, which may help to alleviate such concerns. One of my expected use cases for location tags would be for individual food and dining, hence why I would prefer to be able to sort by location; If I'm looking for a quick bite to eat in downtown Manhattan, I may want to know the closest place I've been to versus all of the places under the relevant location tag(s). While I know I could use other services for this purpose---I've considered using Yelp Collections in order to have access to a map as well---my goal is generally to utilize as few services as possible if feasible. Any ideas why I would not be given the option to sort by location on my android device?
  11. That was what I had suspected. If that is indeed the case, so be it. It isn't a big deal in the end. My idea was simply to be able to sort notes by their location relative to the current location of the device in question, whether that be desktop or mobile. The reason I do not have the "Add location to new notes" setting currently active is because I know there will be many times when I either do not have time to or would forget to create a note at the relevant location, so I figured it best to leave location-setting to my own manual process once a day in order to minimize potential confusion. Of course, I could always change that moving forward. Worst case, I can do what I had intended to do on my desktop on my android device. However, for some reason I'm not seeing the option to sort by location on my android device (version 8.12.3). Any ideas?
  12. My apologies for not including that information originally. I'm using Evernote for Windows If these sorting options wouldn't work for location purposes, I'm wondering what purpose they would serve? I can't come up with any logical alternatives.
  13. I'm trying to understand the various location sort options, but haven't been able to figure them out thus far. I created a set of ten test notes, each of which contains Google Maps coordinate information from various locations around the globe. However, only the "Address" sorting option would have any effect on the order of the notes, and even then the sorting order would seemingly be random. For instance, I live in New York but was getting further international locations appearing before closer domestic ones. The other sorting options---"Location", "City, State Country" and "Country, State, City"---had no effect at all. I feel like I'm missing something obvious here but can't put my finger on it.
  14. True. My comment was entirely my own speculation based on the lack of activity on this front, and before I had read rezecib's explanation of why they have been reluctant to put significant resources towards such a feature.
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