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  1. +1 I have the exact same problem. "clip failed." using the share function. Android 7. Samsung s8 plus. Tried Opera, Samsung browser. Tried logging in/out Evernote app. Restarted phone. Emptied evernote cache. Been going on since at least Sunday. Best, Selim
  2. It's laughable that anyone would even think this way. As has been stated more than a few times, with every big change, there will be people who don't like it. And...there will be people who do like it or don't mind it. I fall into the second category. The move from V4 to V5 has been painless. Just as the move was from 3.x to 4.x It seems you have a lacking understanding about people's legitimate concerns regarding various "upgrades" that in realiity have downgraded features they use and value. Just because you dont use/value these features doesn't mean others dont. Even the main man himself Phil have said everything isnt all and well in the lands of Evernote ATM.
  3. Maybe there has been a switch of people making design/functionality-decisions in the Evernote-team? I find it hard to believe this is the one and same person making these decisions. The new design, while more SHINY, does sacrifice functionality?
  4. +1!! I too REALLY want this feature back. Ive started using a note as an improvised "toolbar". I drag my shortcuts to that note, and keep it open. Not the most elegant solution but I need shortcuts (where I dont have to scroll upwards past hundreds of tags).
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