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  1. When you save your notes to iCloud, check your recently deleted folder: Open the Notes app and then tap Click the arrow icon until you see your folder list. Tap on recently deleted and search for your note. If you find your note recently deleted or in another folder, you can move it: In the Notes list, tap Edit. Tap the note you want to move. Tap Move to, and then select the folder where you want to move it. "for change size, style of text then use tiny text" its a free tool.
  2. Your main goal here is to create a prefix font for a rich text editor like RTF. Well .. there are some decisions that need to be taken as below. There is a downside to the toolbar to increase font size, but that should be done for every file that is edited. There are tools to easily replace the fonts (webclient.richtext.fontlist) that are available, but not the font sizes. Regarding setting a large font size, we found that users complained that the font size when using the font size was too small and that the font size would be low enough Make bigger decisions each time they open and use rich text. Maximo has no functionality to do that in the application. However, the only way to make the changes is through the .css file.
  3. When you go to the Evernote web app, select the note that you want to change the font. When you click the Edit button, at the top of the actual text column, you get the tools with the text always underlined and some other buttons + some do. Here you can choose the font and size.
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