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I've been using Evernote for the Vetter Productivity system for years and it works great. I just started reading David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) to see if there is something I could learn there and realized I've been dropping the ball as it relates to non-work tasks.

Does it make sense to have a single "Inbox" in Evernote and then add a tag for work and another for home then use a saved search to view home items in the inbox and work items in the inbox. Ultimately, I'd use those tags and a saved search to show next actions or to-do items for work and home separately. Right now I have two separate notebook groups setup from Home and Work which I think may cause the weekly review process to take much longer.

Thanks so much for your input!

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28 minutes ago, kentshaw2010 said:

Does it make sense to have a single "Inbox" in Evernote and then add a tag for work and another for home

I'm not a notebook person, so my vote is Home/Work tags

I have a single Inbox notebook and process the notes periodically (at least daily).  It's in this review that I would assign Project, Task, Home/Work tags

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Why you need to separate Home's notes from Work in the Inbox? 

The inbox is a BOX where you empty your pockets any moment: simple and fast

After you can process in a task or projects and so you can separate between work, home, hobbies ect. by tagging.

I think so

hope i help you

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I have a "0 - Collection Bucket" notebook which is my default and it is not part of any notebook stacks. 

Everything I capture as part of GTD, whether personal or work, goes into the collection bucket. 

When I am processing my "inbox" then I decide what it is and if it is a personal action item it goes to the personal actionable notebook which is under a "Personal Notebooks" stack. If it is a business reference material, it goes to the business reference notebook under the Business stack.

I am firm believer in tags and I use them extensively but I did find having personal and work notebooks separate useful to me as it shifts my mindset depending on which one I am reviewing.

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