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  1. It stops a single time then seems to work fine afterwards. Incredibly annoying. What's odd is that this never happens on my mobile (Android) devices so it would seem to be either a setting or inconsistent programming in the background.
  2. Often when I use Evernote on the PC, I start typing in a new note and a few seconds later the app stops to sync which causing a backup in my typing and general frustration. What sync setting should I use to avoid this issue but still sync frequently enough? Many thanks for the assistance!
  3. I vividly remember changing a setting several versions ago that stopped creating an auto title from the first line of the note. I just upgraded to the latest version and now this "feature" is back. I'd really like to turn it back off again.
  4. When I change the first line of an existing note the Title now automatically changes to that first line of text. I can't find the checkbox to turn this maddening "feature" off. Any suggestions? Many thanks for your assistance.
  5. Evernote always seems to sync while I'm in mid thought. I create a note, name it, start typing and paaaausse.....then I'm able to start typing again. What sync setting do others recommend to keep timely updates but minimize interruptions? Thanks very much for the input!
  6. I've got most of the major keyboard shortcuts memorized but once I'm in a note and finished editing, I can't find a way to jump back up to the Top List view where the note headers are shown to select another note. Anyone have a keyboard shortcut for this? Thanks.
  7. DTLow: Thanks. I think using the stack parameter will work best. I'd prefer not to separate my notebooks into different stocks but I'll get over that at some point. Thanks for the help!
  8. I remember the issue now. I need to have the saved search include several notebooks. Will the OR syntax work with more than one notebook like it does with tags?
  9. Is it possible to create a saved search that includes specific tags but only certain notebook? Can't figure out how to do this. Any tips you can offer would much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. I agree with that 100% but my question is more about moving tasks/items into "Someday/Maybe" or the various contexts. Any thoughts there? Thanks for your quick response.
  11. When processing your Inbox, how many items do you move to various contexts? Just those you plan to work on soon or everything that fits? If I put tasks that I think I'll work on next week into my @Work PC context, for example, it seems like it may save me a step. While if I throw it into Someday/Maybe then I've got to review it all over again, at least in terms of deciding the context. Not sure the right answer here. As an example: I write blog posts on various topics and the topics come to me at different times. It's usually helpful to compare one topic to another to prioritize. If I only put the one I plan to work on right now into @Work PC , and the rest into Someday/Maybe, it would make that comparison difficult. Many thanks for your input!
  12. Why use symbols at the front of notebook or tag names? At first I assumed this was to keep the main notebooks at the top of the list but then I realized that shortcuts can be made and ordered however you want. Are notebook stacks just cosmetic? example: Action/Next/ the "Next" notebook doesn't function any differently just because its part of the "Action" stack does it? What are the various views on keeping next actions for projects along with support info in the same note? GTD suggests keeping things simple is important and it seems to me that having lots of supporting info in a note somewhere else that I have to check from time to time might be more complex. On the other hand, sometimes have a ton of info in your face when you go to to tackle a next action might be too overwhelming when all you need to know is what's next. Just looking for input from some users that have tried the various methods. Many thanks for your input!
  13. Note -- there isn't a section for Android Skitch users so I hope you don't mind if I grab some space here.... I am a financial analyst and portfolio manager for a firm that manages investments for individuals. I've been working as an analyst for 14 years. Such work requires an enormous amount of reading. It's not uncommon for me to read 150 pages or more while researching a single company for possible investment. In the last few years I've gravitated towards reading more pdf documents on my tablet and Skitch is by far the best option. There is no other app for Android that allows me to highlight and notate a document and then automatically create a summary of those notations. I'm absolutely confident that you could easily convert other professionals that have similar reading requirements (students, lawyers, medical professionals, etc) if they only knew of this amazing magical power! I understand your desire to streamline your focus in order to offer the best product (my whole life is in Evernote). However, I believe you can stay true to your mission and support Skitch for mobile. There are hundreds of programs for Mac and PC that allow screenshots to be notated and shared but I know of no other app for Android that can be used to notate pdf files and create summaries effortlessly. I think with some low cost clever marketing (forums, booths, etc) that you could showcase this amazing feature to various groups that would be most likely to use it and capture many new subscribers. You've already done the hard part -- created a great product!
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