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  1. I really appreciate the effort, DTLow. However, that didn't work. Search results still include future reminders. I pasted your syntax directly into the search bar. I'm in Windows which I hope isn't an issue. Any other thoughts? Looks like I should contact the Evernote support directly. I thought this would be easier. Seems like a simple enough request.
  2. Is it possible to use a saved search for the reminder criteria alone? So use the stack criterion below and include a search for reminders that occur today or on a previous date? I can't find any decent guidance on the syntax for something that simple. I tried "reminderTime:day" and it returns items from future dates also. stack:"Actions - work"
  3. Right now I have the text below which works great. I would also like to include any notes in the same stack that DO NOT have the "tag:.1" but DO have a reminder time of the current day or any previous day. stack:"Actions - work" tag:.1 Any suggestions? I've tried lots of different variations and no luck yet. Many thanks for the assistance!
  4. It stops a single time then seems to work fine afterwards. Incredibly annoying. What's odd is that this never happens on my mobile (Android) devices so it would seem to be either a setting or inconsistent programming in the background.
  5. Often when I use Evernote on the PC, I start typing in a new note and a few seconds later the app stops to sync which causing a backup in my typing and general frustration. What sync setting should I use to avoid this issue but still sync frequently enough? Many thanks for the assistance!
  6. I vividly remember changing a setting several versions ago that stopped creating an auto title from the first line of the note. I just upgraded to the latest version and now this "feature" is back. I'd really like to turn it back off again.
  7. When I change the first line of an existing note the Title now automatically changes to that first line of text. I can't find the checkbox to turn this maddening "feature" off. Any suggestions? Many thanks for your assistance.
  8. Evernote always seems to sync while I'm in mid thought. I create a note, name it, start typing and paaaausse.....then I'm able to start typing again. What sync setting do others recommend to keep timely updates but minimize interruptions? Thanks very much for the input!
  9. I've got most of the major keyboard shortcuts memorized but once I'm in a note and finished editing, I can't find a way to jump back up to the Top List view where the note headers are shown to select another note. Anyone have a keyboard shortcut for this? Thanks.
  10. DTLow: Thanks. I think using the stack parameter will work best. I'd prefer not to separate my notebooks into different stocks but I'll get over that at some point. Thanks for the help!
  11. I remember the issue now. I need to have the saved search include several notebooks. Will the OR syntax work with more than one notebook like it does with tags?
  12. Is it possible to create a saved search that includes specific tags but only certain notebook? Can't figure out how to do this. Any tips you can offer would much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. I agree with that 100% but my question is more about moving tasks/items into "Someday/Maybe" or the various contexts. Any thoughts there? Thanks for your quick response.
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