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  1. Correct, when i use more notebooks apperes that list
  2. When i look the notebook's list i need to check my stacks, not recently notebooks, like this:
  3. Not in the icons bar, in the up, when i go to chose the notebook:
  4. Why you need to separate Home's notes from Work in the Inbox? The inbox is a BOX where you empty your pockets any moment: simple and fast After you can process in a task or projects and so you can separate between work, home, hobbies ect. by tagging. I think so hope i help you
  5. Hello, I need to don't have or delete the list call Recent Notebooks before the Notebooks Organized in Stacks. In Mac is possible close, but in iOS I don't know how. I Hope I can resolve because I need to have immediately in evidence the notebook's organizing before any think. Thanks a lot 4 your help
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