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  1. Suggestion: Evernote Android to be able to drag up and down checkboxes, similar to the Evernote for Windows functionality. This is a very convenient work flow. Tasklists naturally and frequently need to be re-arranged in terms of priority Drag up/down is a superior workflow to cut/paste Drag up/down is a superior workflow to cut/paste especially on mobile devices
  2. I would argue that Evernote is still a master of none right now. It's not a must-have, and many other apps possess many of its features. If I had never used Evernote, I wouldn't have a hard time getting used to the workflow of alternative apps. Nor would I have a hard time migrating old Notes, which I'd been slowly migrating to MS Office and G Drive since year 2015. As for Notion being heavyweight, I might have confused by using the wrong term. I meant, better featured. Notion is okay for personal projects, as it has free advanced features like custom typed properties, calendar view, mult
  3. You could also say that: Evernote looks like OneNote... Evernote drawings does the same thing as Google Keep drawings... Evernote serves the same function as Google Drive/OneNote/Google Keep/Notion... Evernote tasks is a weaker version of ToDoist/Notion Board... Getting Evernote to be like Trello isn't impossible. Notion had done it with their boards. I am currently using multiple tools together. But I do wish Evernote (or someone, anyone?!) could do it all. Then I wouldn't have so many apps... Google Keep: Super responsive, lightweight, temp notes / simp
  4. Have never joined any beta program for any app whatsoever. Much less Evernote which stores important notes that I wouldn't trust a beta version with.
  5. It looks like the latest update fixed it for me. I'm not sure what they updated cos the version remains unchanged at 8.9, but i most certainly received a new update on Google Play. Thanks for the fix!
  6. Samsung S8, Android 9, Evernote version 8.9 Someone should really work on this ASAP because it's a show-stopper glitch. I'm literally unable to see any of my notes with a black on black font/background. As far as the current state goes, Evernote on Android is completely dead to me, and impossible to use.
  7. After receiving the error, I had to reload help.evernote.com twice to get it to work. But it's a valid workaround 👍 Thanks for the responsiveness!
  8. @Nick L. I'm still encountering the problem. I've even tried using Incognito mode in Chrome but the error still appears.
  9. When logging in to Evernote Support through Help & Learning, through the following steps: Go to Evernote.com Click on Help & Learning Click on Send Us an Email Anytime (lies....) Click on Continue with Google See the blank error page below: {"success":"false","reason":"csrf_failure"} It's not possible to login using Google credentials. This bug has been present for over 2 years - I'd submitted this exact ticket back when I was a Premium User. It wasn't acted upon then - literal radio silence. So I thought I'll just put this up in the forums where it'
  10. This feature shouldn't really be hidden under the title "Set up passcode lock"... You should rename it as "Additional Security"
  11. Use the right tools for the right purpose. If you're on Android, use CamScanner. Or Adobe Scan.
  12. My Android Widget isn't displaying anything at all, and is completely unresponsive to touch. (see attached image) This often happens when I reboot my Samsung S8, and I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause at all. Manually launching Evernote via the app icon, then exiting, will cause the Widget to become functional again. But it is still an annoyance, having to do this first thing in the morning, on every other day.
  13. I have the same problem too. Also a Galaxy S8 that recently underwent a Android Pie upgrade. Me thinks Evernote wasn't ready to handle Android P on older phone models. In the meantime I'm resorting to using alternative note-taking apps.
  14. It's been over 4 years since this feature was last suggested, it is the Top 10 most popular Android features. And in the long while since, I've unsubscribed from Evernote Plus due to the low value it provided. Ideally, Evernote shouldn't be used to annotate anything complex. This includes color formatting and tables. The viewing and writing format isn't good for long documents, and formatting is messed up between desktop/Android. Instead, use one of the heavyweights like Google Drive, OneNote, or even MS Office Online. EverNote is best for short-form notes/bullet points.
  15. I'm pretty much always disappointed when i receive new app updates from Evernote, both in Android and Windows. The most significant update recently is a logo change, now that was new. Instead of feeling disappointment, it was incredulity and annoyance instead.
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