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  1. And that was one of the main reasons why Apple Notes could not compete with Evernote. But the latest version DOES have search. How long until that free program/app for Apple users is a suitable alternative to Evernote?
  2. I did, yes. And "laptop" still came up in the search. As well as "overlapping" and "clap."
  3. I'm doing a search for the word "lap" on Evernote for Mac. I keep getting results for any word with those letters, like "laptop" or "lapping." But I specifically want the separate word "lap." I tried putting quotes around it but that doesn't ix it. Is there a certain syntax for doing this? Thanks!
  4. Though I couldn't solve this the first time it happened (had to create a whole new note), I have since not been able to duplicate the issue. Sigh. It's worked fine the last time I tried it. Thanks for your suggestions!
  5. I created a note and added a picture to it by taking the photo with my phone from inside the note. So now when I see the note on my phone, it shows up properly. But when I go to that same note on my computer, the picture is not there - just a blank space. Ironically, the pic shows in the thumbnail for the note. Just not in the note itself. How can I fix this? I'm using an iPhone 11 and MacBook Air and the latest version (just updated) of Evernote.
  6. Wow! At least I know what's causing it now. So weird and stupid :-P. too bad my website (and all my social media sites for HBA) is "HOMEbrewaudio.com" Sheesh. Thanks for enlightening me!
  7. I'm using the latest version (10.40.9-win-ddl-public (3494)) on Windows 10, and links to websites in notes don't work anymore (with one exception). When I click on a link (just tested this one to my own website - https://www.homebrewaudio.com/) it merely jumps to my Evernote app's Home page. It does not actually open that page in Chrome. See attached vid. I'm forced to highlight and copy the link and paste it into a browser. I think you'll agree that is not acceptable. Is there a setting I need to change or something? Or is this a bug? Oddly, it works for https://www.google.com. That's the only website I've found so far where clicking on the link in a note takes me to the site on Chrome. So why does it work for that site and no others? Evernot Links Not Working.mp4
  8. My hope is that they will put the function back. I mean, come on. There is practically no typing function on any device that does not at least offer it as an option. In most cases, it's the default. And modern education has nothing to do with it in my case. I graduated from university in 1987 and followed on to grad school in 1999. Perhaps younger generations have little experience writing in any context except text and social media. For them? Maybe. But I write a LOT and I type really fast. I've never been able to maintain accuracy when I am typing at speed. It's just something I never got good at. My misspellings are all "fat-finger" type mistakes from just hitting multiple keys, getting letters in the wrong order or caps timing being off. I know I am not alone in wanting and even relying on autocorrect to some degree. Fortunately, the support person said they were passing the feedback on to the devs. So hopefully they'll add the functionality back in.
  9. Yes! Woohoo! Thanks. Perfect. I now have autocorrect in Evernote again and won't waste a ton of time correcting typos like I've been having to do with v 10.30. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks, but not the note. I mean the full Evernote. Is that the way to do that? Did I misunderstand? BTW, I am a Premium subscriber.
  11. I need to revert back to a version of Evernote (as recommended by Support as a solution to my problem - v 10.30 not have autocorrect) on My Macbook? I can't seem to find how to do that?
  12. I'm not a fan of this whole "we got rid of that feature you liked. Deal with it" thing.
  13. That is not the same thing. I got used to relying on the auto-correct as I'm typing. And now I have to stop, right click, and choose from a list of "suggested" words.
  14. I have found multiple requests for auto-correct (autocorrect) on the forum, scattered around different subfora. I rely on autocorrect automatically correcting my misspellings. But it no longer seems to work in the latest version. I am using. Mac. Has it been removed?
  15. I know this is a year later, but I have the same question and need. I rely on autocorrect. Did they do away with it entirely?
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