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  1. Me too. I'd be interested to hear what other options you find.
  2. If a PDF attachment has a space in the file name it adds a %20 to the name where the space should be. Mac version
  3. In the new Evernote why do I have to hit command option F for Find? What happened to just command F?
  4. In the new Evernote how do I export all notes? In the old version I could save all notes at once. In the new Evernote it says I'm limited to 50 mnotes at a time.
  5. So you are looking to fix this? What editor does it work with now?
  6. I think I figured it out. If you single tap the sheet it brings up the share window. If you double tap the document opens.
  7. Can I request this be changed back? Or at least have it as an option?
  8. On ios how do I View an Excel spreadsheet attached to a note using the Evernote app?
  9. When I save a PDF in a note it saves. But if I try to update the PDF it does not save over the PDF in Evernote. It saves another copy to my computer. Instead of updating the copy in Evernote. I have noticed this in version 10. How do I restore the old way where it saves over the copy in Evernote?
  10. Ah ok my mistake. I was thinking of stacks as more like folders.
  11. I see notebooks can not have the same name. I wish there was a way to have two notebooks with the same name if they each were in a different stack.
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