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Easy request- Let users reorder the sidebar (Mobile & Desktop)



The ability to re-order the sidebar. This request is as simple as it gets.

Why is the sidebar locked at all? It creates huge usability issues such as:

  • Extending shortcuts buries the next option (notes, tasks, etc) off screen - on both mobile and desktop. That is bad design.
  • Prioritizes features many customers dont use - especially HOME  and TASKS
  • No reason -beside marketing - that Tasks sit above Notebooks.(!)
  • The re-order should have the option to sync on all your devices.

I'd love to have notes first, then notebooks, then shortcuts.

I don't use tasks at all, I don't use tags, sharing, and work chat are features I'd like to turn off because I don't use them and I won't be using them.

This is such a basic ask I'm very curious how this is not been implemented. Maybe this can be something done in the next few weeks because it's so basic.



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I don't know about this being so basic to implement, but it does seem like a good idea for a Personal or Professional level feature to have some customization in the side bar.

The default design and location seems pretty great to me though. I use Home sporadically, but I never notice it being there. I leave the Shortcuts expanded and it makes sense that they are at the top because those are basically your favorites... makes sense to make them a priority there.

I use the Tasks button all the time and appreciate it's location -- it's perfect for me.

I generally don't use my Notebooks or Tags in the side bar. I much prefer the 'Switch To' command to find a tag -- so where they are at right now at the bottom is pretty great.

In short: customization would be great, but I also personally like it just the way it is.


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Thank you.

The last line is key. "Customization would be great..." 

It would be. It would definitely help me stop having to collapse shortcuts to get to notebooks.

Since the top quick menu was removed, I rely on the sidebar more and more for navigation functionality. So having my most used items in MY priority order helps my efficiency greatly. 

Since im always going back to sidebar with a flick of the left hand, I always end up having to carefully move the mouse downward as to not click on home mistake - it is first. Even worse is that I dont use it... so its taking up valuable UI space in a high priority list spot. 

Tasks wasnt even always there.. it was added to the list some time ago, in a spot the devs chose.

Lastly, one would hope something as simple as flexible list of items is NOT difficult. That would be odd.. it's one of the most basic components of software. 

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