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  1. +1 here. Freezing and crashing in Windows, significan slow downs in Android. Used to be fine, didn't even think about it. Something changed in the last few months. I now know how to really close EN in windows in order to reopen and get back to work. Very slow at times in Android. Getting harder to use. That's MY experience.
  2. I just saw this thread again (missed getting notified) and realized I just sorta double posted a new similar suggestion. Sorry, but it's got a more useful aspect also. Thanks for your suggestions, but I'm not ready to spend the time to tag everything and frankly don't have a good system for that. Not my way of thinking. Later, when I search, I can usually think of what tags but then that's contextual to my needs at the moment of searching. My other biggest issue in EN is dealing with copied "rich" or html text in a note. My favorite method is to gather info on the web by clipping key excerpts manually and compiling my own note of many of these plus my own text. I often find that the complex text is very difficult to edit later. I wish there were an easier way to get in there and deal with it. MS Word or even Wordpad work far better than EN in this sense. I understand that it's probably a big mess importing web clippings with all the formatting. And my workaround is to sometimes cut and repaste as simplified, but often too much formatting is lost to make it usable.
  3. Hi- thanks DTLow. I know how to find the documentation but I am not asking for help, I am making a suggestion for EN to improve it's interface and help regular users search successfully. These people (us) are different from power users or programmers in that we benefit greatly from a path forward within the UI. What I am suggesting then is a method that allows you to filter without needing documentation or memory. Do a search for a product on Amazon or Ebay, checking the bar to the left and you will see that they have evolved such an interface that works for users without documentation or memorization such as I'm suggesting. That is a good way to do it. And yep, "Tags" is one filter that is already present by the search box. Never used it personally as it's not been my system approach to add tags. Prefer to depend on notebook organization and/or search if it were more workable for me. cheers
  4. I know EN search is supposed to be great, but I've been using the internet since the beginning and am somewhat of a power user but I can rarely find what I'm looking for in EN using search. Especially in Android. It's amazing how seldom it works for me! I KNOW something is there, but it's buried and I just want to search for a note but I will often get everything but what I'm looking for or nothing. Then I start drilling down through my notebooks and there it is. Mostly given up on search in EN. I know it's me because there are a host of people on the forum who will tell me that it's great, they use it all the time etc. So, assume I'm somewhat stupid and have a poor memory for learning special search terms, but perhaps I'm a typical EN user. One thing I've learned is that EN search is not selective unless you tell it to be. It just brings up every note with the words or letters you searched for, usually somehow the oldest and least useful. It's kind of like the old search engines (Alta Vista?) before google- if you searched for something, you'd get a lot of noise mixed in with what you were looking for and just be swamped with poor results. I can think of two ways to make it better: 1) Intelligent search, more like Google: Put more recent and more "popular" results at the top. Notes I rarely visit or that were last edited years ago would not show up far up the list from the note I made last week. Give the title of a note priority over the body. If I search for "home AC" show the note that has home AC as a title or part of that waay above a note that has "home" and/or the letters "ac" somewhere in it's body. Build some forgiveness into it like a search engine does. Example: I just looked up how to search within titles only again. intitle: I had tried title: and failed. Then I went to help and found it was "intitle" yet it still failed, because my syntax was off by one space between intitle: and the term. Wow. I was floored that it was that literal without even adding quotes. Build some humanity into this. Google can find a term even if you don't spell it right. Not to mention have a space in the search that is not literally important. 2) Offer more sophisticated filtering in a menu form for what can currently only be effected by coding within the search box (ie using code terms like "intitle:") - this is probably a far easier way for EN to help us. A filter menu/icon that drops down and has check boxes for most (or all) filters along with any related limits. ie Search Filters "title only" "body only" "date last edited _____to _____" etc I seem to remember that there is now a way to have Google search my notes....hmm...maybe that's the trick.. but it's not showing up lately on websearch although it's checked. Thanks
  5. Thanks. I was hoping not to come off contrary or irritating - as your help/guidance here on the forums is golden ! And I do hope that if Antone exists, they are not so offended that they cannot come back and clarify. Occasionally somebody is misread for a shill, bot or advertiser on a forum or comment thread and then returns to show otherwise. I don't see any personal attacks that would discourage that.
  6. Respectfully disagree. If anyone at EN reads this discussion, then they are getting input. There are valid points to be made about announced marketing moves, especially ones declared to be in flux, and especially when they declare: And with our feedback, as certain considerations are repeated or reinforced by various then they will naturally have more weight and value than than the passive silent stance you suggest we users should assume. OK, you contend that we users have no place in the decision process. Is this because user/public reactions have NEVER had any effect on corporate decisions? Or that EN in particular has a history of fully ignoring user feedback more than most and that will never change? Better to offer dialogue and input and if they weigh little or not at all in decisions than so be it. They might serve in the process, and at least we spoke up. Again, accessibility to EN as a service and their long-term viability as a business are important to many of us. If you truly feel that all comment on this key aspect of Evernote as a service is completely pointless, then...well, silence is an option we each have open to us without the need to belittle nor silence others. In that vein, I don't think that reducing all discussion here to common categories of (the all too typical- agreed!) poor reading comprehension questions is accurate nor terribly generous to those of us who might have something to say. cheers
  7. Reading this one, I immediately thought "shill!" I checked the user profile and they had just signed up right before posting this one post. Draw your own conclusions, but as reviews go, this would have been flagged for fake by any algorithm.
  8. No, it's not reconcilable at face value. This is what led me to immediately read between the lines and conclude that it's corporate PR speak for "we think we can make more money by eliminating the Plus option " "but we don't think it's best to frame it in those terms to our users" And the "gathering feedback" translates to: they are going to see how the numbers go without Plus and if it doesn't yield more income, then they might reinstate a lower price subscription tier with a few changes so it doesn't look like they just made a mistake and are back-tracking. That is, IF this move doesn't pan out well. It'll take some time for them to find out as they watch the subscription numbers in the next few quarters. If they come back with a new tier, then we might infer that offering a lower subscription rate did produce more overall income than only offering a Premium tier at the current price. They could decide to lower Premium's price, but that seems far less likely. The claim that Plus is not popular could be true or it could be part of the framing. Plus could just as well be too popular, as some have suggested, and they think that by removing the option many more will be driven to Premium than to free.
  9. Yes, that's the trade-off to sort out. We went to a free event the other day downtown and parking in the garage right at the park was $20. Everywhere else it was $10, but less convenient. Those $10 lots were filling fast. The big $20 garage was nearly empty, 10% full maybe by the end. That garage still had to pay security guards not to mention the all their other overhead. Would 100% full at half the price been a better decision in that case - absolutely! In hindsight. On another day, with a more popular event, (or wealthier/lazier attendees) the garage may have filled at $20. Marketing decisions. In my case with EN, I started out at the free level and then concluded that I wanted AND could afford a plus account. Once a plus user, I went all in with EN. I now recommend it to others as a key service they should try out. I definitely would not have made the leap to the premium account price level, so, like, CramII, I would have remained a free user and probably not have integrated EN so thoroughly into my information management approach. Before that, I was using a simple folder system on my desktop that worked fine and was synced and accessible using free dropbox. Having a Plus account in my price range available made the difference in my case . I'm glad I got in before they closed the gate! Our (Cramll and I as two examples commenting here) situations are different from forum experts such as you and Gazumped and do offer up examples of casual basic account users who become motivated to go to the next level, if accessible price-wise. Time will tell how the numbers of Premium subscribers grow sufficiently to justify this decision. It will be hard to know precisely but if the ratio of new Premium to free users stays as high as Premium + Plus to free ratio has been historically, then they made the right move for the bottom line.
  10. This is ongoing revenue that EN is leaving on the table. It's a risky decision to only offer one paid level. It might increase income or it may result in decreased revenue, driving more people to live with the free version or look elsewhere. Me, I believe that they are fixing something that was not broken and breaking things as they do it. But I repeat myself. Again, just want to see EN do well, make wise decisions for the long run.
  11. I retract that. It's not helpful. But I do think it's clear that you yourself are a seriously committed user with so much time invested. A good thing, just perhaps less representative of the larger base out there.
  12. Yep, exactly. The move seems most likely to be a way to eliminate competition of Plus with Premium. But then you add another interesting direction that competition might come from. Not just new users but users fleeing a future increase in Premium. I could not imagine an increase since it seems so costly already, but it's a good preemptive strategy. I don't think discussion with speculation is pointless before we know. Evernote just came out and gave a reason for eliminating Plus. An important aspect of my comment is that the publicly stated reasons are not necessarily the real ones for business decisions made in private. So we're bringing up more credible reasons for discussion. EN doesn't have to validate that speculation necessarily for it to be useful input, another data point for decisions under consideration. Perhaps reasonable but dissenting and/or questioning opinions and discussion actually help management to gauge potential reaction in the larger, less vocal base towards such decisions being contemplated. Silence while awaiting the fate of our lives' databases from above is less helpful, I think. Announcing an upcoming move while leaving the details open is a way to gauge reactions. I comment because I'm invested in this system myself and I want to see it continue functioning at a sustainable subscription rate for all. Not too cheap to be a good business model, but not so expensive it runs off users. I have no desire to go through the trouble of porting it all over to One note or wherever else.
  13. Thanks -great to know the way the two device limit works! I misunderstood. I ran into the offline notes issue trying to use my android devices "in the field" where there's no data access and it was a critically needed feature for me. But yes, the upload limit also was significant motivation to upgrade. Absolutely. I'm always trying to point friends to EN because it's so useful to me, I think many more folks could benefit from using it. I'm an advocate. Now I know that I'm not getting them into something unsustainable - that they won't have to "go big (Premium) or go home. Free could work forever for many users - just not for me. I'm happy in the sweet spot of Plus. Still, my speculation about what's behind the elimination of the Plus option remains valid. Not complaining, just observing. As long as I can keep Plus, I'm on board !
  14. I wonder if I would be an Evernote user if my only option was premium or basic. Basic is almost fatally limited as a cloud service (only two devices, no offline) while premium is prohibitively expensive for people who have to control their bills. I'm ok with paying for the ongoing cloud service, but that's it - I can't afford and don't need anything that premium offers over Plus. Plus is the sweet spot and most attractive subscription level to me, so naturally I imagine that most users go for Plus as well. And that far fewer EN users go for premium. So pushing new users to Premium is an obvious reason to eliminate the Plus option. I mean, keeping Plus on offer costs nothing- it's not like there's inventory taking up space on the shelf.. Nor is it extra work to get Plus into the subscription system, it's already there. It's actually cheaper for EN to leave Plus subscriptions on offer. Period. Unless they believe that revenue is being left on the table. That enough of us would pick Premium if it was our only option.. That's the gamble this marketing moves makes. Make more money off less clients? How many less? How many will be lost due to prohibitive cost versus how much gained in higher margin? Dropping Plus forces all new users to spend significant ongoing $ if they want into the ecosystem, or just go elsewhere. But fine, EN already has it's base. OK some new customers lost, but by also allowing existing Plus subscriptions to stay grandfathered in, that keeps the current (and I'd guess substantial) Plus base from fleeing. A strategy. I know Evernote is directly stating the opposite, so.... maybe I'm off the mark ....or maybe the original post is corporate speak. It's naive to discount that possibility. It would be interesting to see the true numbers for the three subscription levels.
  15. +1 Always find myself resizing. Rather have that than, say "pixelate"
  16. Yep, agreed, it would be a welcome feature. You probably already know that text passages within a note can be password protected. Obviously, the developers recognize the value of having some protection within Evernote as well. PW protection for entire notes or notebooks would be a logical extension, but may not be possible within the database design, I suspect.
  17. One of my two biggest issues with Evernote is finding things. It's kinda like using one of the older search engines before Google came out. I often spend an undue amount of time searching, and then failing reforming my words, phrases, listing orders and often giving up and drilling down through various notebook stacks to find a note. I know that many experienced users here are able to use EN search reliably but I have had very poor experience over the years. I really depend on EN and wish it's search would work like Google and not be too literal, give me useful sort orders etc. More intelligent for average users versus programmers power users. So, given that it's a quite mature product and there seems to be little interest in overhauling the search, I wonder if there would be a way to use Google to search my EN database and as can be done with many websites and forums that also have (to me) inadequate or difficult to utilize search engines. I know that EN is not a webpage, so perhaps it's not possible to apply it's outside search to my personal database, but if it were, I would love the option to use a different search engine. Even if it's something else, just something designed differently than EN. EN just does not yield the results much of the time.
  18. I am amazed that you are calling use of stored note history for solving EN sync issues a feature though I agree that it WOULD be a feature if it saved us from poor USER practice. And that you think that we should have to pay more to recover an important note when the product fails and loses our info due to buggy syncing. Syncing is THE core service I'm ALREADY paying for. Just because the business wants to create more expensive payment levels does not mean that they are not obligated to do their job right for the products sold at another level and deliver what was sold. To charge me a second time to fix my note after EN broke it is horrible, as the other poster said. That's effectively selling customer support at a level when support was to be included. Now if they put that out there as a clear condition of service for their other paid levels then that might be acceptable. Something like: "Evernote Silver may lose data upon syncing on occasion and if your data is important to you , then you should only use Evernote Gold" Explaining away bad practices (charging to save our data from results of program bugs) gives the company, who's livelihood depends on providing a reliable cloud sync service, well, it gives them a pass when they really need to wake up and make sure their ship is not slowly "syncing" (ha ha) due to inattention to the most important aspect of keeping it afloat. Think about that, guys. We want this software to work and stay working. Ignoring core issues while constantly offering new features is far more attractive to the company and programmers. They need to be reminded that there are bugs to iron out, especially when our data is at risk. Personally, I was able to open EN on another pc disconnected from the net, copy the note that was over-written by EN and rebuild it as a new note before the sync messed it up. So, for me, I'm fine. But I do feel the need to push back against what I feel is often excessive explaining and excusing here - for everyone's benefit Steve PS. I find backup on EN to be confusing and not automatic in anyway like Office or my email programs. Yes I do it every month or so, but really, every few hours? EN needs to : 1) create an auto backup (with quick, selective restore) function that constantly saves where directed. or 2) keep note history and allow paying users (at least) access to it as a backup alternative. Protecting our data should not be the most complicated aspect of using the software.
  19. Thanks, those new shortcuts (sorta) work now and do follow the Microsoft shortcut assignment standards as well as allowing your new zoom shortcuts to follow browser custom. I say sorta works because Ctrl+Shift+> and Ctrl+Shift+< does not actually behave like EN's old ctrl + and ctrl - did for all these years, nor does it behave like any other "upsize/downsize" command in Windows software. Before, in EN, one could select mixed text and as long as it was "clean" text and not constrained by web markup baggage, it would scale the text up and down from it's current size in increments while keeping the relative size differences among the text selected. Now, in the latest version since the new "zoom" feature, if I select a block of text that has, say, an 18 point title, 14 point subtitles and 10 point body and try to upsize it all one notch, everything becomes 19 point. If I then downsize, it's now all 18point. Or, if the 10 point text is first, then it all is sized up or down from 10 points. So it has the undesirable effect of removing any relative sizing already formatted and homogenizing the size of all selected text to match the first text in the block selected. Not what you want when using an up or down size shortcut and not what MS will do in Rich Text, or Word, for example. MS does it the way one would expect and the way that EN did it up to now. I don't know if you guys actually decided to change over to this new odd behavior or if it 's a bug due to the change but text sizing really should work as it was before the "improvements". That's the standard and that's what users need with this command. As an aside, for general input, I agree with others that EN often seems to be ahead of itself trying to do more and more, sell more new features before it's truly mastered the fundamentals and associated bugs. It's a complicated task just to do what EN basically does, with mixed media and syncing and must require both brilliance and dedication, no doubt. And it's understandable that both within EN and outwardly, it's more rewarding to move on to new stuff than to slog away ironing out the details of features introduced back at the beginning. But, as you start pushing users into paid versions and then also raising the price to us existing payers, it becomes even more important that you do the main things right and well for the long-term users, even if it isn't as sexy.. MS understood this with their office software and it's the same attitude needed for turning EN into a new stalwart of productivity like the Office suite. It's headed there, if you guys can truly stabilize it and make sure all the basics really work well. Hope that EN can take that to heart, or at least get the text sizing back working correctly ! Cheers
  20. Actually, those shortcuts you offered don''t work, not in windows anyway, but thanks for the link to EN's shortcuts page which now seems to reflect the change they just made. I do appreciate it when any shortcut is standardized to the rest of Windows or browsers, whatever. I had grown accustomed to Evernote's non-standard approach to text sizing up to now, but as long as there is a text sizing shortcut, I'm happy.
  21. For me, the update was uninteresting except that I lost a function I constantly use which was apparently sacrificed for something I see little need for and can do almost as easily otherwise. What i do ALL the time is paste text in from various sources while composing a note. I then go through and select text to be titles, hit cntrl - B to bold them and ctrl + to upsize them. This organizes the information and makes the note readable for me Now on this latest release, when I do that, it changes the whole note not just the selected text. For me, this is a loss. It's a move I make 20 times a day if not 50, to up and downsize text as I format notes for future reference. As far as changing the text size for a whole note, I just don't see the need for that much. If I did, I would hit ctrl-a and then ctrl + to do it. Currently i do that once a....year, maybe. I would appreciate it if you returned the ctrl+ for sizing text selected. If other users really care about zooming the whole note, then maybe add a zoom button or something, but please don't cannibalize good longstanding functions for new ones. Not considerate of users. The ability to quickly format selected text within the note is important. thanks
  22. Good idea. I'm not that unhappy with Evernote, but I will keep in mind that OneNote is there if EN keeps up this trend of disrespecting it's users. And the more you use Evernote the more annoying it is to have endless repeat marketing in one's face. And it's to no end. If I haven't needed to use Chat for the first 100 times I opened EN to be told that it was a new feature, I don't think that pounding it into me for another 1000 times will get me to need it any more than the first 100. It's just not something I need. And if I did, I still wouldn't want to see and click the popup everytime my pc starts. If paying for higher level got rid of these nag screens then I would be satisfied but I went to premium and STILL get nags. Please Evernote, don't do this - respecting your users is key. This constant repeat marketing within the program is quite inconsiderate.
  23. +1 Looking for ways to keep the interface I use clean. Work chat is somehing that would have zero value to me if they didn't clutter the interface with it. That clutter gives it a negative value. Evernote was cleaner before work chat came along. Now it's got pop up that I have to click every time I open. Evernote - I think that marketing your features inside the program negativly affects the usability of your interface. Maybe I'm misreading, but in general, this is a sign to me that EN is now entering the phase in a software company where they've realized the killer app people need, It's matured and while it always needs bug fixes and tweaking, it's there. Still, no matter how mature, there's a whole team of people charged to come up with more and more features or changeup the interface so they can keep reporting "advances" to the boss and marketing and keep versions with something new cranking out. Eventually, the app gets ridiculously burdoned with options most don't use and less functional for it's original purposes. At that point, we can only hope that the market will open up for somebody who does a clean Evernote, one of which will take off, and the cycle starts all over again with them. I encourage EN to resist that and find other ways to keep themselves busy and justify salaries. Cheers.
  24. OK, it's happening again. I got a better internet conection so I was using camera in EN Android again. This time it's not so bad, only 4 copies and the pics were low res, but it has done it several times in the last few days. I just searched the forums and now see that this is not just me In 2012, three people reported this issue: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30032-duplication-of-image-notes-in-android/ April 2013, five people reporting issue: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37191-multiple-duplicate-notes-created-unwanted/ In Nov 2013 two users discuss problem and suggestion to reinstal: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40955-multiple-copies-of-a-note-being-created/ Personally, I never got any answer on my support ticket, they offered me a month of premium to get me going again (2 weeks later, but hey, it's free!) and that was it. Just reporting in so it's noticed as an ongoing problem.
  25. I just found this topic because I have the same experience and wondered why. I just took a doc photo and it came out with the top inch cut off and placed at the bottom of the page. Very weird. I went back and took it again and it worked. Not a problem, just so you guys know that this happens.
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